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Super Bomberman R Made By Internal Former Hudson Developers And Hexadrive

One of the titles that we know is coming on launch day to the Nintendo Switch is none other than Super Bomberman R. Siliconera recently had the chance to play the game and also learn some brand new information about it. It is a Konami title but its made by a team of former Hudson developers who worked on previous Bomberman titles. There’s another team at work too which is Hexadrive who you might know were responsible for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. The game will be a 4GB download.

As for when led to its development, was told that both Nintendo and Konami came together to help make it happen in the first place, and the team responsible is comprised of Konami’s internal team, which is comprised of former Hudson folk who worked on past Bomberman games, and Hexadrive (Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and The 3rd Birthday).

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    1. I THOUGHT I saw something similar to 64 in the trailer but I could be wrong. I would love that though. That game is awesome lol. I love how it made you think to solve the puzzles. Getting those gold cards on Hard mode was a pain though on the bosses haha especially if you went for the costume that requires you to collect all 120 gold cards under 5 (maybe even 3) hours.

  1. The most important part should be noted:This only happened because Nintendo helped make this happen.I really doubt that Konami would do this on their own “goodwill”.

    That could also mean this is exclusive.

    1. It is exclusive. And nintendo most certainly pushed them. And it IS goodwill cause they are taking a risk with a game that isn’t exactly popular to modern gamers, on a console that has a huge uphill battle facing it.

  2. I want this game so badly. I’m really happy that Bomberman has another game and it will be a part for the launch of switch. Thank you Nintendo, I am a huge fan o Bomberman since I was a child..

  3. Us die hard Bomberman fans have waited a very long time for a proper Bomberman release. With Hudson in Konami’s grasps, I think we all expected a slot machine. But maybe it’s them turning a new leaf. The game truly does look wonderful and I’ll be buying it day one.

  4. So the newest Bomberman is made by members of the company that used to handle the IP…

    This gives me hope, because (for the most part) they know what they’re doing. Looks like I’ll get this on launch day with BotW after all.

    1. Theyve already confirmed physical retail and digital releases. The box art is beautiful. Buy the retail release.

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