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Super Bomberman R Has A 50 Stage Story Mode And Supports 8 Player Online

One of the surprises of the Nintendo Switch presentation was a new entry in the Super Bomberman franchise. More details about the game have emerged this morning via a press release sent out by Konami which confirms the game has a 50 stage story based mode and supports up to eight players online. Super Bomberman R is coming to the platform at launch and looks set to be an entertaining title.



31 thoughts on “Super Bomberman R Has A 50 Stage Story Mode And Supports 8 Player Online”

  1. Guys jokes aside The Switch is Dead on Arrival and i’ll tell you why

    1: All the issues that led to the Wii U’s Failure havent been fixed.

    2: Lack Of 3rd party games that are found on PS4 and Xbox1 (no 3rd party support.)

    3: Overpriced

    4: Too Weak and Underpowered to Run 3rd party Games,whats worse is its even Now too underpowered to even run Nintendos own games (eg Zelda BOTW) with its Framerate issues

    5: Once again Cheap Nintendo is selling outdated old last gen tech for even a higher price then current 8th gen consoles like PS4.

    6:Still using uneccessary Gimmicks to sl thier product. (JoyCons and HD rumble)

    7: Still not sure who thier target market is Casuals or Real Gamers

    8.Poor Battery life

    9.Poor Launch Games.

    10. Still ignoring fans and releasing games they didnt ask for (No Metroid,No F-Zero)

    All of the above issues are what made WiiU Fail and will likewise make Wii U Fail.

    1. You could have made this easy and just said that you’re not buying one. I’ve pre-ordered two, one for me and one for my son. For us, being able to play the games already shown on the go is good enough. While I could poke holes in several of your bullet points, you’re not worth that much of my time.

      1. Best response ever. I was gonna roast that worthless troll but after I read your comment I decided not to. The Switch’s year one lineup of games already destroys what both the PS4 and Xbox One had to offer year one of those consoles’s releases. He’s ignorant and stupid but then again he’s Aeolus lol

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||You don’t need to do anything as I was directly responsible for his demise all those years ago when he was the main enemy troll back when N-Dub Nation and Nintedward needed assistance…||

          ||Now I have even more power and so he is reduced to a simple annoyance with no worth at all…||

            1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

              ||I know, he wants my attention because I still detect pain inside his primitive cerebro when I banned him all those years ago…||

    2. Sounds more like you’re just desperate for attention, and the fact that I’ve pre-ordered 2 Nintendo Switch consoles already. Also, I forgot to mention I play on PC so why would I waste my time with worrying about graphics when I can just play the games on PC with Ultra Settings.

      PS4 and XBox One have nothing on the Nintendo Switch and that shows good competition (Despite Nintendo not competing against those two).

    3. A pretty blatantly disingenuous list, showcasing not much other than your own bias.

      1. In order for this to be relevant we need to agree on what led to the Wii U’s failure, I doubt we do, and you haven’t told us what you think did.

      2. Lack of multiplatform titles is not, historically, a very strong indicator of success or failure in video games. The Wii had essentially zero multiplay titles, certainly fewer than the Wii U, and it did extremely well.

      3. Overpriced compared to what other launch system? It’s actually quite reasonably priced compared to any launch console price ever adjusted for inflation. You’re confusing your own personal cost/value feelings with some kind of objective measure. An object is only overpriced if it prevents people from buying it. The NES was “overpriced” by your style of reasoning (top end price for less than top end hardware) and it was a colossal success.

      4. Framerate issues are not necessarily indicative of weak hardware, particularly in the case of a port which BOTW is on the switch. PC’s are generally much more powerful than consoles and ports from consoles have framerate issues all the time. I’ve already established that the kind of 3rd party support you’re talking about isn’t necessary for success, and if the switch has success they’ll get 3rd party support anyway by virtue of having marketshare, just as every nintendo handheld ever.

      5. The PS4 is more than 3 years old. It has long since passed its point of recovering R&D costs. The Switch hasn’t. The Switch is being sold for less than the PS4 did at launch by a large margin. Really though, this is only relevant if you think the PS4 and Switch are in direct competition with one another. They really aren’t, so the comparison is silly. They’re marketing to decidedly different demographics.

      6. You mean like a camera for the system? Or VR? Or maybe design it to function as a cable box? Maybe you could market it as a blu-ray player, or sell an add-on adapter to play HD-DVDs? How about a toy robot that plays the games with you? Or we could call the graphics “Blast” processing? Gimmicks have been used to sell just about every console ever. This is just an excuse to bash nintendo for something everyone does (many of them copying nintendo after they do it succesfully). Honestly, I find this point particularly idiotic. If the Wii was ONLY successful because of a gimmick (it wasn’t, but let’s pretend that this is true), then why does having a gimmick guarantee that the Switch will fail when clearly gimmicks can succeed? Nonesense.

      7. That you use the term “real gamer” goes a long way towards disqualifying you from having a respectable opinion, but I’ll do my best to respond. They’re targeting lapsed gamers (and kids, because microsoft and sony abandoned younger demographics years ago). Gamers who played during the classic era of consoles, but stopped when consoles became little more than stripped down PC’s. This is evident in a few respects, possibly the most notable of which being adding online play to virtual console games.

      8. 2-10 hours depending on game. Who is this unplayable for? It isn’t a phone or 3ds where battery life is necessary 100% of the machine’s use, it has the docking station for a reason. Who has a span where they need to play 8 hours of Zelda all of which away from the home but they ALSO refuse to buy an aftermarket battery booster? This is a made up problem that in actuality can only happen to spoiled children away on vacation.

      9. Why aren’t you comparing the launch games to any other systems? Is it because almost every system has lousy launch titles? Seriously, aside from maybe the Super Nintendo virtually every console ever has had a weak launch lineup and it’s never made a lick of difference.

      10. And if Metroid and F-Zero were ever huge sellers, that would impact the overall success of the system. Though beloved by fans, there’s a reason Nintendo doesn’t care about them, they don’t move hardware. Since they don’t move hardware, they can’t possibly be relevant to your list of “reasons the switch will fail.”

    4. OMG! Youre back (if you’re the original Aeolus) man, you come here at Nintendo launches to shit on their consoles. You were wrong for the 3ds, but right for the Wii U.

    5. Metriod Prime 4 was confirmed by federation force (3DS), but 4 will be on Switch or Wii U, most likely Switch. The Swith has over 80 third-party games for the next year or 2. Switch runs such engines as unreal & havok & vulkan & open GL & frostbyte & crytek & all; at 100% capacity each. The joy-cons can be play like a regular control. The battery life from hands on presentations, last 3 to 6 1/2 hours. No gimmick, its a home console you can play on your TV and then you can continue to play on the go, then you can continue playing on your TV again. The Xbox one can only do pseudo unreal engine 5. The original ps4 can’t handle vulkan. Cartridges require half as much everything then optical disc do for the exact same thing. Nvidia is half the coding then AMD for the same exact everything. The Switch needs 25% as much power as the computation to do the same exact everything. The Switch tech is 100% brand new and custom made, of the worlds top performing GeForce graphics card & tegra & pascal & Maxwell combination. GPU extremely similar architecture to the ps4 & Xbox one, so easy and cheap and fast to port to Switch. Third-party developers say it’s easier to make games for switch with 1/4 effort and time and money require.

  2. Nintendo fan since the 90's

    Aeolus Really is that why it’s getting ports of ps4 games lol steep, skyrim special edition and also rumors point to dark souls 3 running on it so although it is weaker than the ps4 and xbox one its still powerful enough to run the 3rd party games plus it’s a beast of a handheld it’s more like a ps vita successor than a 3ds successor that’s how big the jump is from the 3ds. Plus the Japanese love handheld so it caters to the home console crowd and the handheld crowd I think it will do really well and get the support it needs. They are alot of games coming from Japan that are coming to ps4 and the switch since like I said it’s a ps vita successor more than 3ds in the sense the Japanese that made games for ps4 and ported a copy on the vita. Now it’s ps4 and switch for me nintendo switch will do really well

    1. Nintendo has confirmed that over 80 games are being developed by 3rd parties for the Switch…they have never been that specific as far as quantity goes before in regards to 3rd party support. Developers have been raving about how easy it is to develop games on the Switch as oppose to the Wii U. The Switch will be a success…it has too much potential not to be

      1. I think it would have been quite a bit more expensive if it was really as strong as Xbox one. I think Nintendo has chosen a very good level of performance with regards to price, without forcing developers to cut away much graphics to port games for it. But probably still a bit weaker than Xbox one.

    2. The original 3DS does 120 million polygons and has a multi-core 1 ghz cpu, with a gpu at 400 mhz. The Switch is confirmed to be more powerful than the Wii U in everyway.

  3. Aeolus is a complete joke!😂Guy posts the same crap on every new article.
    The guy is actually jealous that the Switch has 10 times more hype behind it than the PS4 Pro.😂
    The Scorpio is better than the PS4 Pro.
    The PS4 has been out for 3 years and the Switch launch title Zelda is better than anything released on the PS4 and it’s a day 1 game.
    We all know Sony will copy the Switch with the PS5 just like they copied the Wii Mote with the joke Move.😂

  4. If only I can look forward to seeing a new Cstlevania game, but Fuckonami is too good to make that shit.

    They were lucky to get other teams to help provide us with this. This is probably one of the few launch titles on the Switch that’s worth a damn. If only the games weren’t so released far away.

    1. Castlevania lords of shadow 3 (mirror of fate) is the only one I’ve played. And I love that 3DS game. I would play a new one. I also loved the graphics and 3D of it too. Boss battles & the environments really shine in 3D.

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