In a first for the series, Fire Emblem will be coming to smart devices. Fire Emblem Heroes will have a number of different features, including Hero Battles, with characters ranging from the entire franchise. Players will assume the role of a summoner and call upon heroes to fight together, level up and grow in strength. Maps are strategically designed to fit your mobile or tablet screen, giving players ample room to think tactically.

A Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legends event will be launched on the official website as a way to work up to the game’s release for fans. My Nintendo members will also get the chance to earn platinum points for joining. Fire Emblem Heroes launches on February 2 on the Google Play Store, with the iPad and iPhone launch coming soon.



  1. I don’t normally say this about mobile games but… WHY ISN’T THIS ON THE SWITCH ITSELF!?!?!? D: And sweet! Art of their outfit taking damage pops up after they’ve been attacked! Could we see this as a thing in future Fire Emblem games? That would be awesome since I think Senran Kagura is famous for doing it!

    *cough* That aside, I’m glad the trailer had Lyndis as a focal point in a few spots! If this is anything to go by, I have some hope that Lyndis will be playable in Fire Emblem Warriors!


    • Actually, units’ garments showing damage (rips, tears, stains, etc.) happens in Fates- if one unit takes enough damage, they can even get stripped down to nothing but their undergarments! It’s hilarious seeing a strategist on the field in nothing but a bra and panties while her opponent is in full armor.


      • Because I can use Lyndis! @.@ I’m a Lyndis junkie! if I can’t get Lyndis as a playable character in Smash, I want her in Warriors & this game. But like I said, I won’t go out of my way to get this game since it is still a mobile game.


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