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Fire Emblem Revelation Switch Port Thought To Be An Error

You may remember that yesterday everyone was thinking about the possibility of Fire Emblem Revelation coming to the Nintendo Switch. The rumour circled the internet as a line of code was found on the Nintendo website which seemed to suggest that the game will be ported to the Nintendo Switch and will be announced during today’s Nintendo Direct. However, SerenesForest¬†believe this particular line of code to be an error. We shall have to wait and see.

However we have every reason to believe this line of code is merely an error, since the section of the page it corresponds to is for the 3DS version of Revelation. In addition, a similar error can be found on pages for other Switch games.


Thanks to awesomeaussie27 for the tip!


  1. I believe this to be a reasonable assumption. I see no reason as to why Nintendo would port over the 3DS game. Aside from this supposed “leak” we have no other information that would support even the idea that Nintendo is bringing over 3DS games to the Switch at all.

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