Eagled-eyed NeoGAF member Mr. Pointy has discovered a mention of Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation for the Nintendo Switch embedded in the source code for Fire Emblem Warriors at Nintendo.com. Nothing has been mentioned about the critically acclaimed game coming to the Nintendo Switch by Nintendo, but we do have a Fire Emblem Direct coming on January 18th at 2:00pm PT.


Thanks to takamaru64 for the tip!



  1. Could be the first signs of mobile dev team support? Or just porting stuff over so switch owners have something to play?

    I’m a huge, huge fire emblem fan. I’d would be awesome to see a switch FE bundle, but I know that’s unlikely. Would be pretty great though!

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    • I’d be down with an FE Chronicles bundle. (Take the GBA games, DS Shadow Dragon, and maybe throw Awakening in there.) Gamecube/Wii VC games will suffice for the console FE games, (though remakes would be fantastic too.)


  2. I just want a new Fire Emblem. Fates did too much waifu and stuff. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE were okey, but not the Fire Emblem Droi– games you’re looking for. Fire Emblem Warriors is kind of a wet dream come true, but I know that gameplay from plenty of other games like… Hyrule Warriors and Fist of the North Star 1 & 2. I don’t know that for sure; but come on… KT always makes the same games with different skins…

    I would rather appreciate a collection of Fire Emblem 2-6 which we never saw in the west. A VC of Roy’s game would be something. But a new entry to the series on Switch would be awesome. I just hope tomorrows Direct won’t be focusing too much (or at all) on Fire Emblem Mobile.

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  3. The Direct will be about Fire Emblem Warriors… we might get a one liner announcement for a Fates port.

    None too excited about “Warriors”, though. Even as a huge “Zelda” fan, “Hyrule” did little for me.

    Hopefully, they use an improved engine for “Fire Emblem Warriors” – not the last-gen engine we got with HW. Even then, I don’t know if I’ll ever be sold on the gameplay style.


  4. Hope its a brand new fire emblem for switch with nice graphics.

    Is been a long time since we got a non-portable fire emblem game.

    My tv hunger for fire emblem!


  5. I’ll take Fire Emblem Fates Revelations on 3DS since it’s most likely the canon ending future games will follow. Sure I hated the censorship of the original but since the Switch is region free, hah! NoA can kiss my ass!

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