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Reggie Gives Two Reasons Why Nintendo Switch Won’t Struggle Like Wii U Did

After the Wii U there’s some gamers out there who are cautious about the Nintendo Switch, and rightly so. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has sent out a message to alleviate their fears and says that the console will not have the same struggle on its hands as the Wii U did. Reggie says that firstly marketing for the console is clear and on point and secondly the Kyoto based company will have games coming out frequently.

“Nintendo Switch is a home console you can play anywhere, with anyone. Clear. Compelling,” he said. “We see the reaction by consumers whether it’s measured in Twitter trending topics or views of videos on YouTube or just the frequency with which I get called by old high school buddies that I haven’t heard from in 30 years who are asking me how to get their hands on Nintendo Switch. We have communicated the proposition clearly and it is compelling.”

The second piece, that of strong games coming out frequently, is a “critical” component to selling Switch consoles and to keep existing users engaged, Fils-Aime said.

“Wii U will go down as having fantastic content–the issue was as you look at the reality of exactly when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between,” he said.



    1. Even though third parties are interested in the switch, i’m sure they’re waiting to see how well it sells for the first months. Then they’ll want to port their games over. I don’t blame them, I’d do the same thing. But you’re quite right, they could have produced a better lunch line up then this… Let’s hope they announce more game in the coming weeks.

      1. yes it will, it will appeal to “casuals” as well and I do think the system will sell above 2 million before the end of April, or maybe more. Even Nintendo are going on about third party and how important. Let’s also wait for E3 and see what the third party developers announce, that is the real test for the switch.

          1. It’s looking good here in the U.K. also! If the first party is strong in the first year, then it’s bound to do well. I do think they’ll be a Pokemon game at the end of the year also, along with Xenoblade, Mario and maybe Fire Emblem Warriors (I have a feeling we’ll get a new main series FE game tomorrow but not for 2017). Also in regards to third party, Japan is gonna be hungry for this system, so companies like Square and Capcom are 100% gonna put their games on here, so give it some time and we’ll see FF and hopefully Resident Evil in the US and Europe, like, why not?

          2. Ah! My preorder canceling is looking real good now. You have to wait for the details to fully grasp how much of a rip-off this monstrosity is. If it were priced cheaper, it’d be cool. If it came with a game bundled, it’d be cool. But none…to have a “complete” gaming package of all-things Switch…plus two games minimum…better have $800 cuz otherwise you’re not getting the “expected full experience”
            2 games
            Controller pro
            Bigger memory
            2nd cons for garbage like Arms (and hopeful non garbage)
            Charge station, can’t play it docked and charging
            I know I missed more accessories

            After getting shafted with the Wii U. I’m holding out for a retailer bundle, retailer price drop, retailer gift card bundle…fuck you nintendo if you think you’re getting $800 from me (yes, idiots, I don’t NEED all accessories, but to have smooth sessions and be ready to go for multiple of occasions, yes)

            And, the biggest issue. I canceled. So what??? I don’t care about selling it in eBay. It cost a lot, but I got the money, I just ain’t gonna comply to their terms…gotta humongous backlog…including games I want to replay…dating all the way back to NES ha!!! I can wait!!!

              1. Oh right! I forgot you gotta pay for online also…guessing $50…

                And we can repurchase the same games over again. Mario kart 8, skyrim, lego city undercover and so much more…wow! The Homer I mean The Switch is sooooo enticing and revolutionary…

                Only 3 games interested me.

                Whatever Travis Touchdown might appear in (if it’s not single-player adventure then I don’t have interest)
                Mario, which is standard
                Zelda…but I have Wii U…even then I wouldn’t play it cuz I’m so behind on Zelda and other games…

                Ah…Nintendo, I always win…I ain’t paying your suggested retail price for anything…all on the cheap…gotta send a message…and if my sale don’t matter to them…it does to me…I value my self-worth…ZERO brand loyalty. Consumer power! Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy…here I come (only ever owned part 3 on psone)

                And nobody is typing to you Pokémon boy.

            1. What the hell do you mean $800?

              No one’s making you buy bigger storage (yes, storage, not memory), nor 2nd joycons, nor another controller… and what’s that about a “charging station”?

              As it stands, it costs $360 to play BoTW on Switch, plain and simple. That’s no more than the Wii U, and FAR less than PS4/XBO.

        1. 5 AAA games a year is great. In 2017 we have so far: Breath of the wild, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Odyssey, and whatever else we get at E3. Some good ones like snipperclips, fe warriors, arms, and skyrim special edition will fill us in the month space between the next AAA release. Tbh I’m actually VERY impressed with 2017. Already more AAA’s year 1 on switch than the Wii u’s lifetime.

            1. The Wii u had splatoon, mk8, smash 4, and Mario maker. That is all its huge triple A titles. Some may say bayo 2, but I’m not a huge fan. And if you say zombi u or sm3dw then …..BEGONE TWAT!!

          1. Wii U had more AAA games on day one than the Switch has announced for even the first year.

            Wii U day one consisted of Assassin’s Creed III, Batman Arkham City, Call of Duty Black Ops II, Darksiders II, FIFA, Madden, Mass Effect 3, NBA 2K13, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Nintendo Land, Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, ZombiU, New Super Mario Bros. U, just for example.

            That was day freaking one.

            We have been given a glimpse of some of the titles that are coming to Switch between March and Holiday 2017 and beyond.

            Let’s just say we stick to the same time frame. Between March and December (Switch’s release to Holiday), we have 9 months. During that same time period, in addition to the releases I mentioned above, the Wii U also saw 007 Legends, Amazing Spider-Man, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Need for Speed Most Wanted, Injustice, Lego Batman 2, Resident Evil Revelations, Sniper Elite V2, New Super Luigi U all come out.

            People have such short-term memory. I really hope Nintendo turns it around like they did with the 3DS but so far, nothing is giving me confidence that we aren’t just repeating history.

            1. How many third party triple A publishers you know that would willingly go against Zelda?
              And why would Nintendo release another major title to compete with it, when they will sell out their initial 2 million shipment regardless?
              Snipperclips looked like a fun filler, and I will probably get it, there will most likely be other smaller filler titles like it as well.
              I do agree that they could have very well put another major title between Zelda and Mario Kart, early adopters would have most certainly bought it.

              But I’m pretty sure we have not seen everything yet.

              I’m not really that sold on third party commitment on the system yet.
              Mostly because of pricing of the titles confirmed so far, though they could be temporary prices.
              But pricing is ranging between 60€-65€ for old third party ports like Skyrim, Lego City: Undercover and Rayman Legends.
              And on that note, I will not be getting any of those games for that pricing, and I doubt the games will end up selling that well.
              It will be a repeat of Wii U’s situation, because if proven to be huge seller like Skyrim does not sell, nothing will.
              And 60$ Skyrim will not sell a year later when you can get the same game on competitors systems for 30$ new.

            2. Half of those are 3rd party games that looked better on the xbox 360. nsmbu was trash, nintendo land was boring. Mh3u was on 3ds, didnt sell the system. And do you think we have all the confirmed games yet?? Nintendo merged their handheld and home console divisions is 2013 I believe. COME ON, ZOMBI U WAS TRASH!!

        2. Put it this way…I think but could totally be wrong, gamestop had 500,000 pre orders. So I imagine walmart, best buy, amazon, etc sould bring them past 2 million?

      2. Its quality, but its quantity too. Reggie makes a good point and the Switch absolutely NEEDS a constant stream of content. The Switch will not survive on two or three quality titles a year. It needs a least 5-6 quality titles every year or people will not buy into it. Software and a price drop is the reason the 3ds is was successful.

          1. as much as I would like a price drop, I don’t think there will be one for the system, it will be entirely dependent on sales obviously and I think it will sell well. Nintendo are far too stubborn. However the accessories, they’re just ridiculously expensive and they’ll get a price drop! The console will sell because it’s a gimmick, look at the wii, mainstream consumers like that shit and they will respond the same way. Also they’re advertising this thing loads, I’ve had plenty of adverts showcasing Mario Kart and Zelda. I prey it gets the constant support, it just needs to sell and sell and sell! But if there is a price drop, that would be awesome and I’m sure many more people will buy and third parties will develop for it. That is most crucial!

              1. They did, but it was because it was struggling to sell AND Sony had just announced the Vita, which was priced the same as the 3DS to compete with it.

            1. Nobody wants this console anymore, since the presentation. We all thought it was going to be a powerful home console that is portable and with all the fixin’s. Instead, its a decent portable console, and a weak home console tacked on the side with a ridiculous online app, 32gb of storage with a high initial price tag and high (pretty much mandatory) extra costs.

              Also, You cant say “Oh, look at the wii….blah blah blah.” Its the Wii U, that you look to now for comparison, as the Switch is much closer to wiiu 2 then it is anything else and just like the Wii U, no real 3rd party support will ever happen. Do you guys not remember them saying the exact same thing with WiiU? Know this, ME4 and RE7 (just to name a couple of games) would be coming to the console if they believed in the Nintendo Switch. That is fact. Like last time, Nintendo will get the bare minimum support from 3rd parties…some crazy old ports that nobody will buy because …they have already played them for hours and hours and are done with them and games like just dance. If this console sells even close to the amount of total Wii U’s sold, I will be shocked.

              After 5 years of almost everyone complaining about the Wii U, the abysmal sales, all of the criticisms, talks about votes of no confidence by the share holders etc….They go ahead and make another F’kin one…

              Actually its the greatest console to have ever been made…Sold out…Didn’t get one? Today is your lucky day … I have for sale a preorder of Nintendo switch (grey version joy cons version, not that awful neon blue and neon red combo, wtf lmao) Anyways, it also comes with a preordered BOTW game…you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Taking offers…

    2. Go look at the history of launch titles for consoles. They’re essentially all quite bare, with MAYBE 1 really good title, which is what we have here with BOTW.

    3. Omg, is he fucking stupid? He wants me to look forward to Zelda. Okay, I do. Then, it’s fucking downhill. Mario Kart 8 is an old game. Arms looks stupid. Splatoon is in August. So March to August is a gap. From Splatoon to Mario is another gap. Unless I’m missing something, Reggie is bugging.

      1. HAHAHA you hater! Zelda is a masterpiece, you dont need anything else for months, heck even years! This is zelda, id pay a thousand dollars for the switch to play this.

        If you dont like nintendo than just leave. We nintendo lovers dont need people like you to pick on the switch!

    4. To be honest that was what I initially thought too. I was left feeling very underwhelmed by the presentation when I watched it live, but thinking about it over the past few days I feel like it’s actually maybe a good thing that they aren’t launching all their heavy hitters right off the bat. There looks to be a steady stream of first rate Nintendo games throughout the year, and I’m sure there are some we don’t even know about yet. There looks to be a lot of third party games coming throughout the year also.

      Buying a console is expensive. It’s my thinking that if you have a lot of high-profile games launching at the same time that some of them are going to suffer from low sales simply because people can’t afford to shell out money for a new console and several games at the same time, I know I can’t. I’m going for Zelda at launch (of course) because not many of the other launch titles interest me. I may pick one or two of them up down the line, but for me the launch is actually kind of ok.

    5. I think its good enough in my opinion.There will be no doubt that Zelda is going to be the killer app for the launch.Period.But then, to acconpany it and for smaller play sessions, there will be Bomberman, Snipperclips should be close enough to the launch day(Its launch day on Japan, so I guess march for worldwide), then Arms
      will come, then other smaller titles, then MK, and so on.

      I really got the impression by the presentation and the treehouse that they are playing the Splatoon tatic here:Release the system with enough content out of the door to interest people enough for them to jump in, but to keep them hooked, and to make the system like a worthwhile future purchase to the more skeptical consumer, they will keep releasing information and new games throught the year, so that not only peoples eyes are kept on the Switch, but also their interest.I mean, look no further than FE Direct.Barely a week from the presentation and we already having a direct about more games.

      Its going to be interesting to see how the folowing months shape up.

    6. It’s absolutely puzzling me how Nintendo could have messed this up so bad. Either they’re still holding back some major announcements, or they’re just plain stupid. The Switch is a bombshell and has an insane potential. Nintendo knew for years they had to prepare a new console as the WiiU wouldn’t do any better and they knew they should learn from the WiiU’s devastating launch period. And what did they do? Hey we could just port Zelda. Because that’s hyped. And will carry the console for months.

      Wow. I mean… that’s genius. What’s next? A zelda season pass to carry us even further?
      I mean I fell for it and I’m buying the system just for Zelda. Just saying there’s so insanely much potential wasted. So many ppl would buy 2-3 games along with Zelda. there’s a lot of money to be made here. No wonder Nintendo’s stock took a beating once again. They are just that stupid. And after the WiiU era, this really means something.

    1. I highly, highly expect Xenoblade as well as Mario’s Odyssey to be delayed into 2018. It sounds like the typical thing to happen to a Nintendo console. By the end of the year we will have a lot of excuses and looking back we will have Zelda, MK8Deluxe and Splatoon carrying that system through that year and Nintendo might give away something for free again to apologise for that mess. Like free Online play for the rest of the year (which will also be seen as a joke).
      This scenario would just fit so perfectly. Let’s hope I’m wrong ;)

  1. How many others can say they had a title like Zelda at launch? Yes, it’s also on Wii U, but how many people have Wii U? How many of them kept with it? I can also see not many wanting to compete with Zelda.

      1. That is simply not the point…
        I will hereby state the obvious then:

        Important is, if someone who doesn’t have a Wii U wants Zelda, he will automatically be at least interested in Switch. So the important question isn’t how many Wii U owners there are in comparison, but how many interested people do NOT have a Wii U. The fact that no one has a Switch yet (duh), is completely irrelevant, as Zelda is supposed to help change exactly that.

        1. I cancelled my switch order and choose to get Zelda on the Wii u just because Zelda is the only game on the switch until 4 months after. So after Zelda, my switch will be dusty like the Wii. And buying the tech demo 1,2, switch is not worth 60 bucks. Even if I wanna arms, I’ll have to spend 85 dollars (tax and all) on another controller. Sounds like the switch is awesome.

    1. still it’s just one title. it’s just a stupid strategic move. it’s one hell ofa hige launch title, but Nintendo could earn much more money with a good pool of games to let ppl choose from plus it would look better. Many gamers don’t see a point in having a roadmap maybe offering just 1-2 games for them. Sure, real fanboys might buy EVERYTHING and won’t complain but most ppl will see gaps of 6 months between titles they are interested in and that’s ridiculous for a new console.

  2. I very much agree with the marketing. Ever since the announcement video, there’s been a lot of buzz and hype surrounding the Switch. On YouTube, I’m seeing lots of videos in my recommendations of popular gaming channels showing off the Switch. That’s seriously good advertisement, and that alone should contribute to far better sales. It might also be a good first step in mending their bad relationship with YouTubers.

    In regards to the games, though, it certainly doesn’t look to be the case yet. 2017 seems like it’s going to be just as gameless as 2016 at this rate.

      1. I’ve also seen a lot of YouTube videos that are very critical of the Switch (Hell I’m making one) and ProJared was able to use the thing and he liked it, but he also said it wasn’t the kind of system you have to buy on day one and that the gameplay experience (no counting the motion controls) was pretty standard.

        1. Yeah, the Switch has definitely garnered more negativity than the Wii U (prerelease). Whenever I saw people talking about it, which was always in dedicated communities for gaming or similar, they were mostly talking it up and saying stuff like how it had such a huge advantage being released a year prior to the Xbone and PS4, and how it would probably be the best system to complement PC gaming and all that. Due to the Switch’s further reach, and the resulting backlash well AFTER the release of the Wii U, not everyone is as optimistic, understandably. I’m still convinced we’ll see lots more sales, though.

      2. The Wii U had nowhere near this level of marketing or reach to consumers. It’s likely one of the central reasons behind its poor sales.

      3. not as much buzz with the WiiU. I really can remember, the WiiU left ppl really asking what this thing really is and if it makes any sense at all while being very disappointed by its specs.
        While the Switch (like most console releases) also gtriggers many negative reactions, ppl immediately understand the advantages and most ppl also understand that a portable system can’t deliver PS4 graphics at that pricetag with all the other stuff being in the package. It’s just easier to understand what it does and what it doesn’t do and then ppl even get surprised by some of the little things it can do as well.
        And Nintendo’s work with bloggers, press and even late night shows is so much better. Just because the WiiU created buzz at all because it was a new console and the successor to the Wii, it doesn’t mean you can compare that to the Switch. The Switch had over 20Million views for releasing a short videoclip and about 90% of its reactions were positive. Casey Neistat posted how he attended the Switch-Event in NY, liked it and got 3Mio views in a view days. And I don’t need to get started with the Jimmy Kimmel appearance.

        If the Switch fails, then because of the stupid, stupid, launch-lineup. But I don’t believe that. I think it’s gonna be sold out immediately and 2 months later ppl will start ranting because Nintendo got no strategy for a constant flow of software releases (never had one). But if the system sold millions by then, no one will really care and at that point, its generated momentum might have been enough to mobilize third parties. And noone can say what happens then.

    1. Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Skyrim, Mario Odyssey, and that’s just the currently announced titles.

        1. Being old games does not mean they’re not strong games.
          Mario Kart will sell, maybe not as many as Wii U version did, but in long term, but 1/2 of Switch households will have the game 3 years from now, 1/3 if Switch ends up selling better than I’d estimate.
          Skyrim won’t be very strong title, for the reason I mentioned on earlier post (tl;dr: too expensive for old port)

    2. Is the Switch out at your house? Maybe you know something we don’t. The Switch is gaming as should be, games of high quality. Except 1-2 Switch.

      1. You’re either a kid or a really stupid kid.

        How the fuck do you expect this corporate jackass to respond to the fucking obvious???

        Especially considering the “acknowledgement” timing is to elevate the standing on a new system. They weren’t acknowledging shit when the droughts were happening…Standard procedure…ALWAYS LIE AND SAY ALL IS GOOD UNTIL IT IS BENEFICIAL…THEN ACT LIKE YOU LISTEN TO YOUR COMSUMER…hahahah this shit is too funny…

        Stupid kid, stop guzzling their yogurt…all your posts you defend Nintendo as if you were Reggie himself…they fuck up and fucked up, and still continue to fuck up

        To the electrode boy.

    1. Stop hating on reggie , he has done nothing but good for nintendo….. your ungrateful, all you haters are! Ughh im so mad! Im going to take a bubble bath and rubby dubby myrubber ducky while thinking about reggie and all the great this man has done for nintendoand im going to explode into the breath of the wild!

  3. There is no compelling reason to buy a switch unless you like Nintendo games and want to play more updated versions of the same content. Just like players who like an annual release of their sports games, or COD, or Monster Hunters etc, but if you don’t care about Nintendo games or are sick of Mario Kart etc, there is absolutely no reason to buy a switch as it does nothing important to the majority of gamers.

    The only reason the switch has potential to do better than the wii U is because it’s easy to program for. This will result in more generic ports than the wii U had, but most gamers will prefer to own the system the game was originally programmed for and besides Nintendo titles, most big games are made for Sony or MS systems.

    If Nintendo wanted 3rd parties to make games for them, they should have focused on a home console that did more than current offerings instead of another in between system which is a semi portable handheld and a somewhat competent home console.

    1. “There is no compelling reason to buy a switch unless you like Nintendo games and want to play more updated versions of the same content. Just like players who like an annual release of their sports games, or COD, or Monster Hunters etc, but if you don’t care about Nintendo games or are sick of Mario Kart etc, there is absolutely no reason to buy a switch as it does nothing important to the majority of gamers.”

      This was kind of a garbled mess. Sure, if you don’t like any of the content, you won’t want to buy the system that gives you access to the content. Duh. The problem is, you’re taking it as assumed, based upon nothing, that the content will be unappealing to a wide audience. You could make essentially this same paragraph about the NES, and sure enough, hardcore gamers of the day said many of the same things you’re saying now. They were clearly on the wrong side of history, just as you may well be now. It is entirely dependant on the quality of content nintendo produces in the next 18 months.

      “The only reason the switch has potential to do better than the wii U is because it’s easy to program for. ”

      This is an embarassingly stupid statement. The only reason? The ability to consolidate their handheld and console development assets alone gives the Switch a dramatically stronger position than the Wii U.

      “If Nintendo wanted 3rd parties to make games for them, they should have focused on a home console that did more than current offerings instead of another in between system which is a semi portable handheld and a somewhat competent home console.”

      This is not how drawing 3rd party support works. 3rd party support comes from market share and profitability, period. If the Switch takes a strong chunk of market share, it will have 3rd party support regardless of how focused they are on “current offerings”. The market doesn’t revolve around who has the strongest gpu and it never has.

      1. Seems like you mask your inability to understand points of view with insults. While my only reason statement may have been over stated for people like you on the internet, because it is an opinion. Your extrapolation of the last critical paragraph is completely unfounded in any fact. No where in that paragraph do I mention strong GPU being a requirement for success. That’s you drawing a conclusion out of nothing and making fact out of something that doesn’t even exist.

        I tire of attempting to cover all possible angles to please all those babies on the internet who can’t accept others are capable of having strong opinions based on the same information they have accessible to them, but your attack itself is so pathetic and full of BS I couldn’t resist pointing out that strong opinions are not embarrassingly stupid, but people who make up things in order to further push their agenda are.

    2. Nah, Nintendo still has a chance to turn it around. If Reggie is telling the truth and the Switch has a constant feed of new games with no large gaps inbetween then people will buy into the Switch. Software sells hardware and I seriously doubt Nintendo is just going to give up or just make updated versions of the same content. If the Switch can land 5-6 big titles a year it will attract more than just Nintendo fans. For this to happen Nintendo has to create more than just rehashed games. There is only so many times you can make Donkey Kong Country, or Mario. They will have to create new IP. I personally think they can do it. I dont think Nintendo is just going to lay down a quit, and I dont think they are going to handle the Switch the way they did with the Wii U.

  4. In all seriousness, this guy needs a reality check ASAP. Does he think we are clowns or that que have oysters IQ? His stance is really disrespectful. Those droughts we’ve seen on Wii U were due to the inability of Nintendo in designing a future-proof console, and managing adequate 3rd party support. These are the real causes of Wii U’s struggle, not simply “when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between”.

    Be a man, and give the name and shame of the real problem, Reggie!

    Finally, I won’t say Reggie needs to go — I’ve said that too many times and I don’t want to sound like a broken record.

    1. ” Those droughts we’ve seen on Wii U were due to the inability of Nintendo in designing a future-proof console”

      ““when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between””

      Your statement and his aren’t incompatible. Yours just goes into more detail. He’s not insulting your intelligence, he just isn’t answering the same question you’re answering. More importantly though, your answer isn’t correct.

      Nintendo’s inability to get 3rd party support for the Wii U doesn’t draw from the system not being “future proof” (whatever that means in a generational industry). It stems from never having developed enough of a market share to begin with to make porting even the games the Wii U could handle worth it. Moreover, if you recall, the Wii U’s draughts were more than just lack of 3rd party games to fill the gaps. Nintendo’s titles themselves suffered major delays as they struggled to make the programming jump from SD to HD. They said so themselves for example when Pikmin 3 got bumped for the second or third time. They overestimated their own ability to get 1st party titles out the door.

      1. I meant that (i) Reggie always uses euphemisms, which are pretty irrittating (at least for me); and that (ii) inside Wii U — a 2012 home console — there is tech from 2007. Wii U was never on par with Xbox One and PS4, technical wise. I know that several 1st party games were pushed back, contributing to the gaps between major releases. But, in the end of the day, that elicits how poor was Nintendo’s strategy to manage their pipeline for the Wii U. External support could have alleviated the situation, but we all know how stiff is Nintendo towards 3rd parties.

        The fact is. either Nintendo assumes a different attitude this time around, of this is going to be Wii U all over again.

        1. I think you’re right on many points, but don’t you dare express an opinion other than what people want to hear in their virtual reality on the internet. Reggie is nothing more than a figure head that Nintendo thinks gives them a better image in his market. He contributes nothing and if you’re paying attention, he should annoy you imo! lol, better say imo or people will attack you for thinking differently than them….

  5. I just hope there isn’t truth to this August date for Splatoon 2. Zelda in early March, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in late April, I would assume Arms in May, then wait until August for Splatoon. That would be out there a ways.

    I would like to see Splatoon in June. Then something else in August, maybe Fire Emblem Warriors or Pikmin 4 (wishfully). Mario is probably in November. XC2 will be there somewhere and maybe a Smash port. That would be good stuff.

  6. What an absurd statement. You make it sound like the whole life of the Switch will be nothing but better ports of existing games or sequels to games you already have.

    True, if you’re tired of Nintendo games, then duh the system isn’t for you. But receiving Wii U games isn’t something the Switch will endure for a lifetime. We’re already seeing new ips like Arms, which look like a lot of fun (and don’t require motion controls for those who don’t like them), along with new original third party titles like Octopath Traveler. Take into consideration games like Mario Odyssey which also won’t ever grace the Wii U, and isn’t like anything we’ve had in the MARIO universe for generations.

    That’s not even mentioning sequels like Splatoon 2. Games like Zelda and Mario Kart are merely stop gap software for the first few months as a transition, which to be fair, EVERY console has games like that at their launch. People have the memory of goldfish, I swear. I heard the same complaints from people going from 360-xb1, ps2-PS3, nes-snes, and even between all the game boy generations.

    Two years in though? You’ll have a Switch if you want Nintendo games, or third party exclusives. Period.

    1. Exactly.

      People who are bashing Reggie for his stance on launch day line-ups are clueless. Rarely do systems release with huge games out of the gate. Heck, Breath of the Wild is arguably one of very few times that a AAA game will be available at launch (even though it’s a Wii U game as well).

      Mario Kart is more of a stop-gap as you said. Splatoon was a huge seller for the Wii U and I imagine it’ll be the same for Splatoon 2. Games like ARMS could be fun for the whole family and they show Nintendo still bringing new IPs to the table.

      I think the Switch will be more of a slow burn, with content slowly coming over the months. As long as they can at least be consistent with big releases, I think it’ll work.

  7. We need a solid update of releasing games from fall to the holiday season if this thing is going to pick up steam for success by the end of the fiscal year in 2018. Otherwise, it is going to look very shitty

  8. Hopefully they still to what they said of at least one major AAA release per month.

    If they can pull that off and the library of games consistently gets better, it’ll help.

  9. When the Gamecube released, the only launch game that was worth getting was Luigi’s Mansion. But look at all of the awesome games that came out later. I still love the first Luigi’s Mansion SO much. I lost interest in the sequel. I planned on getting back to it, but never did.

  10. they need to market on the tv ,on buses, and actually in game and toy stores call of duty do it time for nintendo to follow suit.

  11. The thing is 3rd party maybe hyped like a cow, but lets wait 8 to 12 months from now.

    EA made one game, and then left for sony and microsoft like other developers all the same. Yet promised they were going to continue to support the Wii U all the same. Now they making the same promise with Switch,how lame.

    I mean did Nintendo learn from the past to make a console that can last?

    Thats why im not so iffie to pick up this system on the quickie.

    The trust of 3rd party support gotten dimmer when they abandoned the Wii U
    no longer a winner.

    Nintendo has themelves to blame
    Should had made Wii U tech futur proof all the same.

    Now because of their idea to make Wii U like PS3, they had no choice but to quickly make another console, a must I see.

    1. Most people seem to be unaware of the fool me twice wisdom and choose to be sheep following what they choose to be fact. Like you say, this isn’t the first time all the nonsense has been spewed. Words mean nothing. Where is this great launch line up Reggie has been pumping for so long? I see nothing. Xenoblade 2? lol, yeah right. How many years did I have X on pre-order for? People just don’t remember the lies and normally I don’t get involved but I’m feeling it today and tired of seeing people with opinions such as yourself being attacked for no reason other than having a different opinion than the attacker.

    1. And you call yourself a nintendo fan!? Im loosing all fsith in humanity!
      After all nintendo has given you, you call yourself a fan…. i think…. im going to be sick.

      Sickr! Please ban this fraud! I think i may have to be sick, this is truly disappointing.

        1. Its from a game from a nintendo system!?
          And you call yourself a nintendo fan! I think im going to be sick, i wish i was never born in times like this.

          1. May I ask, in all honesty, what exactly you get out of this? Whatever it is doesn’t seem worth the effort.

            Oh and I never called myself a Nintendo fan; at least I don’t recall ever doing so. Honestly, I feel Nintendo is complete and utter trash. They’re a shadow of their former selves. The last truly great game they made was 15 years ago.

            1. Complete utter trash……. you fucking brat! I think im goimg to have a stroke…… nintendo are the gods of gaming with innovation others only hope for.

              God if i have a heart attack tonight befiore i get my hands on such clsssics that the switvh will offer, i swear im going to haunt you till the day you respect nintendo.

              Sickr please ban this guy, we dont need FAKES like him, i cant handle this, i seriously cant stop crying out of rage! Im going to have a heart attack!i cant breath!

              1. Lover of All Things, you should had rhymed, that first paragraph had me coughing right on time

                “Complete utter trash……. you fucking brat! I think im goimg to have a stroke…… nintendo are the gods of gaming with innovation others only hope for.”

                Correct way” you fucking brat I think I’m going to have a stroke,
                Nintendo gods of gaming with innovation others only hope. “

              2. ||A true Nintendo loyalist would have a real core character as its gravatar…||

    1. That’s not really anything to brag about when the game they’re bringing is going to be 6 years old this year and most people who wanted to play it have already played it over the course of two generations on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, PS4, and Xbox One…. lol

      1. The point is that that is Bethesda’s best Game in the last two generations. Those that refused to make games for Nintendo now do, they actually need Nintendo to survive. Nintendo has seen companies come and go, ask capcom why the grew again ( monster Hunter 3DS ). It was a matter of time. Gaming is beautiful.

  12. What do Nintendo Faithful who invested in a Wii U get as recompense? Those who bought dozens of games on the system and got shafted by killing it? Will they be neglected while Nintendo courts Xbox and PlayStation future prospects?

    1. LMFAO. Why would you get something? You bought the games, Nintendo didn’t force you to. They don’t have loyalty for their gamers…look at how they have treated the core fans that made them what they are, just dropped us and then scooped up the casuals because they can just jingle their keys over there faces and they will swat at them. The Wii U 2 will be right up your ally though, just make sure you buy a bunch of games so that you can ask this again at the next Nintendo console launch.

  13. The switch is already the greatest console ever made! All you nintendo haters need to gtfo this website…… now! Sickr im sick of seeimg all these haters hurting us nintendo loyalists feelings, with games such as 1 2 switch i smell abother phenomenon like wii sports. Another millions of consoles sold and a rich lineup, its a good time to be a nintendo fan.

  14. Then there’s the fact that we may not get a new Rayman game if the Switch port of Rayman Legends doesn’t sell well.

    God damn it, Ubisoft. I don’t want him to be replaced by the fucking Rabbids again.

    1. My retailer is listing Rayman Legends for 65€.
      If they really think its worth premium price, I’m going to lose all faith in ubisoft, even that little glimmer that came with BG&E 2 teasers.

  15. Sorry to hear about the Switch Nintendonians. I really thought Nintendo was going to show love to their veteran fans this round. I feel the pain in the air. No headphone jack in either the joycon grip or the pro controller and you have to connect using a smart phone. (Quadruple Goro facepalm). An under clocked tegra x1, 32 gb of ram. $400cdn for this already underpowered console and with no game included. I just don’t think Nintendo cares about core gamers anymore or even competing in the industry or if they do then they are just not paying attention and its cost them again. This console is going to crash so hard and its because of such obvious mistakes. Nobody cares about jiggling their controller to play games anymore…it was a fad Nintendo…everyone else knows this…sigh. At least some of us will make money on our preorders … I have a switch preorder for sale if anyone is interested…I will sell it for $650.

    1. I can’t believe you didn’t go with “Nintendrones”. It sounds so much better than “Nintendonians”. You also should’ve used the USD price. People would take it more seriously than that silly Canadian currency.

      1. Nintendrones is used to single out Nintendo fanboys. This news effects all Nintendo fan types.

        Also, Please don’t insult Cdn currency…I mean, after I read that, my eyes teared up and I got all sad and felt like you burned the shit outta me…

        1. Correction :”Also, Please don’t insult Cdn currency…I mean, after I read that, my eyes teared up and I got all sad and felt like you burned the shit outta me…”

          Also please don’t insult Cdn currency,
          I got all sad and felt like you burned the shit outta me .


  16. I’m waiting for Kirby, than I’ll buy! Too bad Kirby games come out late in a console’s life. I’ll be waiting awhile!

  17. Well, I really like the idea of console gaming, but I need exclusive games to justify paying for it, instead of just hooking my PC with Steam to the TV and use, for instance, my pro controller with that. PS4 and Xbox one has 1 and 0 exclusives that interest me, respectively (Bloodborne). The Wii U had around 10. Choosing Nintendo is not a difficult choice for me.

  18. Many Zelda game runs at 30 fps or lower. Ocarina of Time, I think is around 20 fps.

    △ ▽




    Duddis> Nikola • 33 minutes ago

    You compare it to a game that was released 20 years ago

  19. “The Kyoto based company will have games coming out frequently.”
    Sony said the same thing too. I mean at least it not a problem anymore, but I can still remember people mocking how the PS4 had no games on social media.

    ” Strong games coming out frequently, is a “critical” component to selling Switch consoles and to keep existing users engaged, Fils-Aime said.”
    You do know you need a LOT of third party support for that, right? You don’t see to know that considering the lackluster amount of third party games shown.

  20. the server sucks and always will until they fix that problem they will never get my business after the last 2 systems had the problems with the server,this one will have it as well……

  21. I love how a bunch of people think that waiting until the console launches before judging it is such a crazy idea. Wow. Yeah, I’m a biased Nintendo BOT. Why would there be supportive nintendo fans on a nintendo website? Such madness! The Xbox One(e-chan) totally kicks our asses bc it has so many FANTASTIC titles besides the numerous shooters… right? That stupid Reggie. He can’t fool us! ;)

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