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Nicalis May Also Be Bringing Hydra Castle Labyrinth To The Switch

Further to our previous post about 1001 Spikes and Cave Story coming to the Nintendo Switch, it appears that another game was featured in the picture, but was cropped out at the end.

Although the original Tweet has now been deleted, a Reddit user named Bopoe has compiled some images together, to prove that the icon we could see at the end was in fact the 2D adventure game Hydra Castle Labyrinth.


It appears that the title may well be coming to the Switch, although it hasn’t been officially confirmed. We will soon find out after the consoles release.


Thanks, Ani Meister


      1. I look forward to it, but I better have to pay for them all again…all the VC games that I purchased on Wii and Wii U and the originals… I need at least 4 copies of each to feel like a real Nintendo fan.

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