The senior designer over at Respawn has laughed off the idea of Titanfall 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch. You can see his over the top reaction in the video but if you don’t want to watch it NeoGAF member perfectchaos007 has provided a transcript which you can read below.

Mohammad Alavi: …I was excited about it. Nintendo’s been in such a niche market recently, catering to the handheld and the kids, they’ve been so underpowered that they don’t have the support of the third parties because they’re all making for the PC, Xbox One and PS4, and it’s no different.
Micha: I am going to drink to it mainly because, I understand. It will be underpowered. I’m not going to be play Titanfall on it. Like, can you tell me?
Mohammad: F**K no! No, you’re not going to be able to fit Titanfall 2 on the Nintendo Switch. That’s the same Zelda from the Wii U?

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  1. Regardless of what he thinks of the Switch as he’s entitled to feel however he feels about a particular plastic electronic box, saying something like this sounds incredibly shallow and stupidly unprofessional.

    You’re a senior designer. These are words you simply can’t get away saying within the industry without tarnishing your own reputation.

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    • How inconsiderate of him not to ask your permission before saying anything.

      Listen, the switch isnt the type of system to have Titanfall and Nintendo has never boasted it’s power as a main selling point. The idea is somewhat laughable because Titanfall is a graphically intensive game M rated game and it doesn’t fall into Nintendo’s target market. Not to mention these guys are drinking and alcohol brings out blatant honesty.

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      • He needs no ones permission. The point I was trying to get across was the fact that he sounded unprofessional given his position within his company. The Switch is by no means perfect and regardless of whether or not it can even run Titanfall, I’m not going on a raging fanboy rant on how evil of them it was to not choose Switch.

        He can have valid points of why it wouldn’t work and I’m sure they could’ve been logical and valid, shame though that he opted to sound like a fool instead.

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  2. ||A prime example of what the main disease known as Xbox and its infected cattle slaves gives birth to other diseases like that Respawning filth…||

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  3. Ah, such a gracious reaction. It nearly mirrors the exact same attitude that many xbox fans exhibit when they interact with the average nintendo fan. They literally know EVERYTHING that there is to know about gaming and what is superior vs inferior. Haha. 🖕

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    • After the recent news of online from Reggie opening his stupid fucking mouth, I’d have to laugh at anyone expecting this on Switch myself. Will it turn out Reggie wasn’t telling us the full story on online stuff on Switch? With how hush hush Nintendo is still being with the damn Switch even after the presentation when we should be getting more details about the Switch, not left with more fucking unanswered questions, I honestly don’t know. They need to clarify some shit & not wait til the day of the fucking launch! *hopes Nintendo being at GDC, which is taking place between Feb 27th & March 3rd which is the launch day of the Switch, means more info on the Switch’s features & internal tech before launch day* Please don’t wait til the exact launch day of Switch to finally do their stuff at GDC. I can’t remember if they mentioned what time & day they’ll do their shit…

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    • Ugh! Fucking WordPress!

      Ignore my comment, miguelino88. It wasn’t meant for you as it was meant to be a direct reply to the article.

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  4. (Let’s try this again! Hopefully sickr or whichever mod posted this article removes my comments to miguelino88 since it wasn’t meant for him. Remove this parentheses crap from here, too, if the other comments are deleted so this won’t be out of place.)

    After the recent news of online from Reggie opening his stupid fucking mouth, I’d have to laugh at anyone expecting this on Switch myself. Will it turn out Reggie wasn’t telling us the full story on online stuff on Switch? With how hush hush Nintendo is still being with the damn Switch even after the presentation when we should be getting more details about the Switch, not left with more fucking unanswered questions, I honestly don’t know. They need to clarify some shit & not wait til the day of the fucking launch! *hopes Nintendo being at GDC, which is taking place between Feb 27th & March 3rd which is the launch day of the Switch, means more info on the Switch’s features & internal tech before launch day* Please don’t wait til the exact launch day of Switch to finally do their stuff at GDC. I can’t remember if they mentioned what time & day they’ll do their shit…

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    • Lets say that this senior designer doesn’t really deserve a job if he acts like this. There plenty of other reasons but the console being underpowered? The PS3 ran Source, the Switch could run it in a heartbeat. The problem is that the Switch is close to launch and Titanfail 2 isnt exactly in the scope of finances for games currently far in to development… Besides, wait instead of going off all half cocked like you know the Switch. Patience is something very few people have these days…








  6. This man isnt wrong, nintendo only did it to themselves.
    This is nintendo, a joke. They kinda are like that really awkaward kid that eats his own boigers……. and rips ass in class, and doesnt shower or use deodorant. The switch is a joke, they didnt learn shit and i honestly was hoping for nintendo to get it right for once.

    The best thing the switch does is offer humour lol but as this guy isnt wrong this is completely childish and retarded, your a grown man, this is no different than these fanboys who wantto have sex with the consoles.

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  7. Yea that guy was kind of obnoxious in his talking but they were drinking as well so wt can we expect. But this is simply the type of mentality that many developers have and that’s why there’s not much 3rd party support

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  8. If he really wanted to, he could get Titanfall running on the Switch, but he has a point that Nintendo seems to be making some serious mistakes with their new console… again. SO why would he ‘want’ to port the game if it is more likely than not, to sell poorly.

    The Switch would have been fantastic IF it was released way back in place of the Wii U, but the problem is, I think it has come at a bad time. It is releasing too early, because not enough games are coming to it, but the concept itself should have been what the Wii U was in the first place.

    It is in a very weird place. Consumers recognize this and probably won’t be willing to bite right away. The Switch will sell better at a price reduction of $50.00.

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  9. This ignorant moron is a prime example of why a lot of Nintendo gamers don’t support a lot of these western 3rd party publishers/developers. They either disrespect Nintendo’s fanbase with ignorant statements, don’t acknowledge Nintendo’s fanbase at all or get lazy and release sloppy ports with missing features. He was so unprofessional to make the comments he made… regardless of how he feels. I wouldn’t dare support him or the company he works for ever again. He’s ignorant has no class…he’ll have himself to blame when Titanfall 3 flops

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    • Do you really think the number of people who let silly comments from developers be an important factor to decide against buying a game is even remotely close to being noteworthy? Haha.
      I couldn’t give two shits about developers having different opinions than me, if it doesn’t affect the game they are working on, and I am interested in the title, I will buy it. To give an example, I love cats, but I’m sure there’s at least one person working for Nintendo who absolutely hates them – will that stop me from buying the new Zelda? No. There probably are people at SE who hate cats too. Will that stop me from buying KH3? No. There must be someone at Sony hating them as well. Will that stop me from buying Horizon? No.
      If the personal opinions of individual developers mattered to me, I probably wouldn’t have any games to play. That just seems really petty.

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      • I honestly question these peoples mental state lol, i imagine these people really are clowns
        In the real world…….

        If such pointless things get to you and you act like this over it, i think its best for these people to just be locked up in the nut house out of everybodies way.

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        • Why would anyone take what you say seriously anyway? You are nothing but a worthless ignorant troll who loves to talk shit about Nintendo and its fanbase and if you are so sick of Nintendo then why in the fuck are you even here? What? You think Nintendo fans aren’t gonna respond to you negatively when you insult something that they’re fans of especially when you dont have a justifiable reason to be negative in the first place? Go take your stupid ass to a Sony fanboy site where you belong. Up there talking about you’re not a fanboy but you deepthroat Sony on Nintendo centric sites you fucking loser. Go sell your bullshit elsewhere clown…nobody is buying it here


      • That wasn’t the point I was making. Bottom line he was being unprofessional and inconsiderate towards the Nintendo fanbase. If other Nintendo fans want to buy the games he helps designs then they can but for me I won’t because of his ignorance and lack of professionalism. I don’t support unprofessional ignorant thoughtless idiots regardless of what games they make or what platform they decide to put those games on. I have my own mind, I’m my own person and your point was invalid to the one I made


        • No, this comment of yours is proving that it was valid indeed. You are letting insignificant opinions of developers get to you, and stop you from playing games you might actually enjoy, which is petty in my opinion.
          So what if he was unprofessional? Does the behaviour of one individual developer represent the entire studio? Does it influence the games they make? No and no. It’s not gonna make that person be my favourite developer, but he’s free to think and say whatever he wishes to, I really just don’t care.
          I wonder if you’d stop supporting Nintendo if one of their hundreds of people said something unprofessional.
          Just kidding, I know you wouldn’t.
          And I never claimed you’re not allowed to stop supporting them, so I’m not sure why you feel the need to tell me you are your own person, haha. I just said that I think it’s petty, and how I see the situation, I didn’t tell you to stop thinking the way you do. Do whatever you want.
          However, you did speak for others as well, you said “he’ll have himself to blame when Titanfall 3 flops”, meaning, you assume that there’s enough people who will care about this one dumb thing he said and not buy a game that’s still years away (if it’s even going to exist), which is pretty funny to me, I’ll admit.

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    • ||Titanfall 3 will fail even more considering Xbots barely bought the second one despite being their core targets…||


  10. Next year, when there’s like 50 million Switches in everyone’s hands, respawn is going to be there asking Switch fans if they would like to see TF2 on the Switch… BTW, didn’t that game flop hard during release? This guy is a joke, to sit there and laugh about a piece of plastic being under powered after your game flopped is like bragging about getting a punch in during a boxing match after getting knocked out, and Respawn just recently took a huge KO late last year when they got beat by that crappy COD war in space lol:D
    Little do these fools realize is Nintendo’s main goal is to get the Vita’s 3rd party supporters, not western AAA supporters. Just look at all of popular Vita exclusive games released in japan, like all of those Gundam and Macross games, If Nintendo could get those 4rd party devs to create Switch exclusives, similar to how they were on the Vita, the Switch won’t need western AAA companies, whose games have been a bunch of lack lusting annually released flops as of late mind you.
    Just look up all of the the Vita games exclusive to Japan, there are a s!@# ton of extremely popular games that the western audience have been asking for. Gundam games may soon be a Nintendo exclusive along with many other popular franchises.

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  11. What the hell does Zelda have to do with it?

    “That’s the same Zelda from the Wii U”? Does he think they’re porting the game over to the Switch with no improvements…?

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    • They didn’t just port Zelda and add Switch features, they changed the fucking gameplay, how it’s fucking played on WiiU so poor switch users don’t feel bad and so it would push hardware sales.
      I think they forced the producer to do it, he was trying to side with Nintendo’s decision, but you can tell he was disappointed that his big WiiU Zelda got slashed and lost the custody battle with Switch. Fuckers spent so much time making an incredible WiiU game, only to delay it so the controls could be reworked for switch. Total and unforgivable bullshit.

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    • People even said the switch version was better and that it is different from the wii u and he thinks its the same game this guy is idiotic and ea should fire his ass! Zelda looks much better than titanfall 2 anyway.


  12. Well that kills any interest I had in the game. I’ve had the chance to play some of it, and I really enjoyed it. I’m not gonna support them though if their lead designer is going to be an unprofessional ass. I don’t blame the guy for having his own opinion, but the very least he can do is be professional about it. Look at the heads of EA, Ubisoft, etc. They often get a lot of hate for not fully supporting Nintendo, even though they are fully justified in being cautious. They don’t badmouth the company’s products though. They don’t come out and say they’re not going to support the system because it’s trash. Thankfully, the majority of 3rd party devs don’t seem to be like this. I really believe that most of them would like to see Nintendo succeed.

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  13. I’m going to love the turn out of this. Whether the Switch is successful or not either side is going to be met with a lot of bashing. If the Switch IS successful people like him will be working on the console.

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  14. This console will be a complete joke again, when looking at all the fanboy reactions i’m glad i’m not like that anymore. Most people here aren’t true gamers eather if your really happy that games like this won’t come to the switch lol.

    Don’t bother responding eather unless you agree I couldn’t care less really ;)

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  15. People complains a lot about how unprofessional this is yet Nintendo is the most unprofessional company to date going around the internet banning free to play (no in game pay for DLC extras included) and taking youtuber’s ad rev money for let’s play videos of their games. Releases underpowered system after having a huge failure with their last gen system mainly due to it being underpowered as well. Nintendo has a history of not listening to anybody but themselves, even with inputs coming from devs developing games for their systems. They ditched Sony for Phillips at the collaboration announcement day for the Nintendo playstation attachment for SNES.

    Don’t wanna hear “unprofessional” abut anybody or anything else from a nintendrone again.


    • ||Everything you just said is irrelevant and has nothing to do with being professional or not…||

      ||Xbot, go home…||


  16. Who cares? These western “triple A” games are mostly garbage, we can count only a few as good games, such as The Witcher, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, some of Ubi’s games. Sports’ games and shooters are game marketed towards dumb people.


    • Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean its aimed at dumb people, infact what your saying sounds pretty stupid if you ask me. And witouth those games you won’t get The Witcher, Dragon Age, and Mass effect eather, I don’t give a damn about cars, but I can see why Gran Turismo is a great game altough I will never play it. What we need is a gaming console that plays everything, support everything like Netflix, and play’s everything like blu rays, Dvd’s and so on. The only difference really should be the first party line up.

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  17. I think those behind titanfall are jerks… something worst than the kids they mention in their statements. Titanfall is on xbox360 and switch is far superior than that.. But they do point its underpowered. So… I believe they are money ho#$rs more, less educated.

    I am not a nintendo freak and most possibly wont buy it, but I dont even own or need a ps4 and x1. I am a pc user. Though, reading statements like these from those “developers” money h$%$s makes you laugh. And guess what, I am not interest about titanfall installed in my pc as well! :)


    • Hey genius, Titanfall 2 isn’t on 360, it’s one Xbox One, and it isn’t going to run on the underpowered Switch. (Of which I will buy just for Nintendo games)

      You people are foolish believing the Switch is a step onto next netxt generation. It’s a decent handheld, no more.


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