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UK: Price Cuts For Nintendo Switch Games Including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Some online retailers have lowered their pricing for a selection of Nintendo Switch games. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, 1-2-Switch and Arms, which were initially priced between £49.99 and £59.99, are now available to pre-order from certain retailers for a much more attracting price range of £44.99, £34.99 and £49.99, respectively. These realigned recommended retail prices are now more in line with US equivalents and should make things a little easier on the wallet on March 3rd when the console launches.

Nintendo have been under fire for their price pointing on their hardware and equally for software so it would seem that they’re reacting by slashing prices in time for the big launch.



  1. In the UK, Manufacturters can’t set prices at retailers. Nintendo can recommend a
    RRP, but it’s not enforceable. This is the retailers lowering the prices, not Nintendo. If you look on the Nintendo UK store, you’ll see they’ve kept the games at RRP.

    1. It is the same way in the U.S. too. Retailers set the prices while manufacturers provide a suggested retail price.

  2. Now for NoA to cut the prices of their shit here in the US. Probably won’t since that dumbshit Reggie is in charge.

      1. 60 USD for a port of Mario Kart 8 is pretty good? 50 for 1, 2 Switch? You’re not serious, are you? If you are…

        1. can I just say that as people mentioned it already. This is a realignment of the retail to be equivalent to the USA price. You should know that we in Europe pay more than you guys in US. I welcome the news and praise the retailer for that effort. It’s a first to be honest and for once I am not going to complain about it.

          Now I do agree with you about the price of the game and a price cut would be normal. I mean c’mon a port of mario kart 8 and a demo game!!!!!???

      1. I honestly don’t care anymore. All I know is NoA sucks & Reggie is the CEO so fuck him. Honestly, I’m hitting the point where if something horrible happens to him that I won’t shed a single tear. May even throw a party. @.@ Yeah, I know. Not the best thoughts to have but they are there. Thankfully, I’m not at that point where I’m actually hoping something horrible happens to him…. yet… D: Since the Switch will be region free, I will eventually be able to avoid stuff NoA does that pisses me off so these thoughts should start to drift far away from me as I just import certain games.

        Right now, I just really want Reggie to shut the fuck up! Let someone else deliver the bad news for awhile!

          1. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the fact I once had a split second thought of Reggie getting impaled Vlad the Impaler style. No. That’s not nearly as horrible. Maybe something more like this. *evil, twisted, sickening smile*

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