‘Genesis 4’ Tournament Organiser Teams Up With Nintendo Of America

Via Twitter, Genesis 4 have announced today that they have officially partnered with Nintendo of America to bring more tournaments to the public.

Genesis 4 are most renowned for organising Super Smash Bros. tournaments in the US and with more details and announcements promised hopefully we’ll get to see some other titles get the e-sports treatment soon.

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  1. This is fantastic news, it proves that Nintendo is taking steps in the right direction. They’re directing to both the casual crowd and the hardcore crowd, super excited for the future of Nintendo.

      1. So you’re saying it doesn’t appeal to either the casual or the hardcore? Breath of the Wild is everything a hardcore gamer wants, with its open-world, amazing story and attention to detail (all judging by the recent trailers of course.) 1, 2, Switch showcases all of the things the Switch can do which is a great way for casual gamers to tag along. The absence of region locking on the Switch is just another reason why hardcore gamers should buy this Nintendo console over previous ones, especially if they’re JRPG fans (a lot of them don’t get localized.)

        Next time you state something subjective like that back up your opinion.

          1. Subjective: based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions.

            He states that the Switch doesn’t appeal to either the casual or hardcore gamer market. This is what we like to call an “opinion.” Therefore, what he said was subjective.

            Your move, “Sid.”

            1. }{ Sigh… if you insist… Firstly, let’s establish a few things. I do not necessarily believe your statement overall to him was wrong, but rather that you used the term subjectively in a poor way, just as many teenagers misuse the word literally incorrectly on a day to day basis. In fact, there is a way to establish an OBJECTIVE opinion about this subject (objective, uncase you need a reference, is defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary as: “expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations “. Objective is considered the direct opposite of Subjective, so all I need to do is prove that it can be proved objectively, and then sir, there will be no moves left to take.) Now that we’ve established the ground rules, let the fun begin. Now then, the first thing to do when evaluating something objectively, is to determine what baseline you are going to use for key terms such as “Hardcore Gamer” and “Casual Gamer”. Now, it’s not every day you find these terms in a dictionary, so instead, let’s just define “Hardcore” and “Casual”, and go from there. Hardcore is defined by Google (yeah yeah, I’m occasionally lazy alright…) as “the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement.” Now, the keywords that will assist us in determining what games are best suited to a hardcore gamer are the words committed and active (I really hope I don’t have to define these for you). A game that you have to sink a ton of time into to complete is not a game you will likely find a casual player to be playing (casual being defined by Merriam Webster as “occurring without regularity”, which I find perfectly sums up a casual gamer, as they want a more pick up, play, and set back down style such as Splatoon, short, level based games like Mario, or games like Animal Crossing which moves at a much more relaxed pace [note, this last one is more related to the “active” bit of the previous definition]). Now then, let’s take into consideration the main games announced for the Switch. We have Zelda, Arms, 1 2 Switch, Skyrim, Just Dance, and Snipperclips (there are more of course, but this selection will do for the evaluation). Zelda and Skyrim are not by any means casual games. They require massive time commitments, their gameplay styles are not encapsulated to be playable in short spurts, and their pacing overall is not meant to be relaxed in the way that a game like Animal Crossing is. Just Dance, 1 2 Switch and Snipperclips are in fact casual as they meet all of the previously specified parameters. Now then, where does that leave us with regard to your comment? The very fact that I can evaluate the given argument in an objective manner already proves that I am in fact correct in my original statement that you used the word subjective on a very objective line, however at the same time, I do believe that the person is OBJECTIVELY incorrect overall. Having said that, my semi subjective opinion is that Zelda BOTW and Skyrim can both be found on other consoles, so I do believe Nintendo is going to have to try a bit harder to win over the hardcore gaming audience, however it can be said Xenoblade 2 will be their first true step in that direction in terms of the hardcore market. Now then, yes, i agree with you overall, but you misused subjective, and that was all I was attempting to point out. Be sure you fully understand words such as that before you use them, less you end up a fool… it is no longer anyone’s move, as we may consider this both check and mate… Good day… }{

              1. So the fact that you can stated one fact (by only taking a 5 games of the many games to prove your point lol) makes this whole thing objective? His response claimed that BOTH the casual market and hardcore market were not catered to with the Switch, which IS subjective.
                Even after you’ve been searching through the dictionary I still don’t think you get it. An objective response would be “The switch has buttons.” The switch does indeed have buttons, yes! This is a factual statement, which means that it is objective. While a subjective response would be “The switch has stupid buttons.” I personally don’t find the buttons on the switch are stupid, you may, but I don’t. This is what we like to call an “opinion” (as stated before) and this means this statement is subjective. See the difference?

                Do you know how to play chess? Because as hard as you tried, you weren’t even close to checkmate.

                1. }{ Allow me to clarify a few things to help you… I have used more than one fact, as i have taken definitions and used them to establish an objective baseline by which we can determine a game’s type be it hardcore or casual in a way that is devoid of bias and relies on facts within the game, which is in fact the definition of objectivity (see above)… Furthermore, I only used 5 games because it would be a waste of both my time and yours to go further, since those 5 illustrate my point quite well enough… I will not be responding to further comment on this thread, as it has been my experience that a person who is determined to be right is willing to believe their own disillusion even if they are presented with sound logic, so I bid you good day… Also, to answer your question, yes. I do. and I’m actually quite good at it… }{

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