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Nintendo Of America Updates Nintendo Switch Software Release Infographic

Nintendo Of America have today tweeted an updated infographic showing some (but not all) additions to the roster.Although we’ve seen pretty much all of these titles announced in the last week in one way or another, the infographic does a decent job to categorise them officially.

Check it out below:

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            1. Bomberman games are lots of multiplayer fun if you’ve never tried them. That’s the game that has me more happy with my switch preorder since BOTW is a wii u game as well and has been delayed so long. Still excited for it though, going through twilight princess HD as we speak so I can have my wolf-link/midna amiibo maxed out.

    1. Only 4 as I believe 1 – 2 Switch isn’t a game its a tech demo. 1 maybe 2 people will buy it. I cant believe even 2 people will buy that game actually, it looks like the worst offering from the industry since E.T.

      Anyways. Ive preorderd Zelda and Bomberman and will get MK for the battlemode in april and then after that its time to wait until the holidays for another game worth buying. That’s assuming that I keep my preorders. Nintendo has to fix the voice chat or I will cancel them and never look back to Nintendo. They fooled me with the Wii U and I cant forgive them for that. If they don’t care about us enough to add standard features like voice chat and match making on the console itself and using their controllers to plug in my headset then I guess it’s true, they really don’t give a shit about gamers anymore, only kids and casuals. How much of their empire was built by us actual gamers though? I wonder… Nintendo, throw us a F**ckin bone here, Come on, we need you to just do this for us. Pretty F**kin please with sugar on top.

      1. 1-2 Switch is an actual game. The game looks ok, but it’s definitely not worth the $50. It should be bundled with the Switch, otherwise, the game’s not worth buying. Also, I was wrong, there will be six games coming out on launch date. Binding of Issac Afterbirth is coming out on launch date. You will be able to have voice chat on the switch, but it will be controlled by a smartphone app, so I don’t know how well that will work. Plus, I don’t know if the controllers have headphone jacks.

        1. The main issue I have is with the lack of headphone jacks and that retarded mandatory global app. I can live with the fact that the console is under powered because I own the other consoles so ill get my triple A titles on those ones and can play Nintendo games on this one but I know Nintendo has…dated management personnel and they just don’t get it anymore. If this was 20 years ago, Nintendo would have headphone jacks in their controllers, guaranteed.

          1. I really hope there will be headphone jacks in the controllers themeselves and not just the switch itself. And yeah, the fact that you have to have an app is retarded af.

  1. Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon 2, Yooka-Laylee, Shovel Knight, Mario Odyssey, and whatever is attractive to me on Virtual Console. Sounds like a good year for me :)

    If they really want me to double dip on Rayman they have to show a ton of new content.

    1. BotW, Mario Odyssey, Yooka Laylee, two Fire Emblem games, and Sonic 2017 for me. My only complaint is that everything besides BotW doesn’t come out until much later.

  2. And for some reason there are still games missing in that list.Where is FE Warriors?Where is The Binding of Isaac?(A launch title)?I know the space is getting small, but find a way Nintendo!!!

  3. Anyone that likes RPG’s, and Misses the old Square games, then for the love of everything you believe in, get ‘I Am Setsuna.’ That is one of the better throw backs to come out of SE in the last couple of years, and the story is dark and depressing. it pulls no punches.

  4. I rescind my want for buying Splatoon 2 & Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Or any other game where online multiplayer is a big selling point. Least til I know for sure everything online isn’t locked to having to need a damn smartphone. Hopefully we’ll find out on March 3rd. Preferably before then, though!

      1. For Nintendo’s sake, and my own sanity, I hope Reggie didn’t give us the full low down on online & was only telling us about how a smartphone is used with the Switch, not how the Switch is reliant on a smartphone for online.

  5. This isn’t that bad. I think ARMS is going to be a surprise hit, and people will buy the Mario Kart rehash like the sheep that they are. I also always wonder why Xenoblade doesn’t get the prestige it deserves. This is solid nevertheless.

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