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Senran Kagura Producer Says HD Rumble Could Express “Softness” And “Touching Sensation”

Senran Kagura producer Kenichiro Takaki has revealed the Nintendo Switch feature he is most interested in and unsurprisingly it is HD Rumble. Talking about his Nintendo Switch project Takaki says that the new technology could help him further express “softness” and a “touching sensation.” Make of that what you will.

Famitsu: What point leaves the most impression to you?

Kenichiro Takaki
: It ’s the HD Rumble after all. Because I want to express “softness” with it. I already created a project, and now I’m in the middle of focusing on how to realise it. I think games have a “sensation of touching” in many meanings, so I want to realise a new experience that ’s exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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      1. You’re pretty excited over a drawing or the chance to “feel” a pair through the joy con. Never “been” with someone before I take it.

    1. Japan is all about dressing up sub 15 year old girls in sexy clothing. They do a lot of weird shit in Japan, I wouldn’t look too much into it, you just might find out that your actually pedophile in sheeps clothing.

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        1. I don’t care much about what they want to call it now. Everyone wants to break down the meaning of things and categorize it and blah blah blah in order to justify themselves. (Most likely to and for other people that also need to…. justify themselves) I guess i’m old fashioned but If the child is under 18 and you are over 18 and have relations with them, then you are a pedophile. I wont be able to see it any other way.

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    1. Still mad that Yomi is the third best girl?

      Deal with it, she’s popular for more than two big reasons.

      1. *looks up Yomi* She looks great but there are other Senran Kagura characters that look loads better to me. So yeah. I can see why aussie wouldn’t be happy with that character stealing the show & hogging the spotlight.

        1. Yes, I meant Yomi. I have no idea why my Gravatar haven’t updated by now.

          Please tell me these avatars aren’t banned like certain SMT ones (Mara). Then that would suck.

          1. On here, it’s still that white snowman thingy. When I go to your Gravatar profile, it just shows the symbol for power in white with a blue background. What did you rate the picture?

            1. Jack Frost.

              I just uploaded it and it didn’t ask me what to rate it. Might as well upload the full picture if Photoshopped crops aren’t good enough.

      2. Wait. She said Yumi & you said Yomi. From what I’m seeing by looking them up on google, they are both two different characters so which one are you both talking about? *shrug* Either way, my thoughts on Yumi are the same as they are with Yomi: much better looking characters.

      3. *assumes takamaru made a typo* lol

  1. I really don’t like the way he worded it, especially given the thumbnail of this post. I’m a just gonna ignore whatever game he’s talking about…

    1. Then the Senran Kagura games are not for you.

      They don’t have sex like Grand Theft Auto, but cross the line multiple times with the fanservice. Only one game was lucky enough to get a T rating.

    1. I’m curious too… the HD Rumble is simply a ton of rumble motors inside the remote that have rather good programming behind them to stimulate certain vibrations, but actual touch and feeling? How? It’s a rumble, not some morphing material that can morph into a soft surface or a rough one.

  2. I told you Nintendo is after the ps vita 3rd party support and not western AAA support, and tbh I’m glad. Now we will see more unique games, thus giving the Switch a totally different variety of games, rather than the same western multi platform that everyone owns multiple versions of!

    1. Then you’ve missed when the recent PlayStation game allows full on touching.

      And the original 3DS games were made in the first place because of 3D potential with the boobs.

    1. Except almost every single Senran Kagura game was localized.

      Except for the mobile game because who cares about that.

  3. I’m also curious to see how he’ll pull this off with the Joy-Cons. Guess we’ll find out how eventually.

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