Another Look At Masahiro Sakurai’s Incredible Game Collection

Masahiro Sakurai is certainly obsessed with video games. More pictures of his amazing game collection have been posted on Source Gaming. The exclusive look comes from an interview he did with Denfamico Gamer late last year. Not only can we see how he orders and sorts his consoles, we also get a look at his cat. Check out the full interview here.

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  1. ||Sir Sakurai has a cat because cats are the highest ranked lifeforms on this planet…||

    ||Humans aren’t even top 100…||

    1. Not really since Xbone is backwards compatible with XB360.

      1. Not fully. Also, what I mean is that he missed out on the glory days of that console which was a stupendous experience. Unless he sold it for an Xbox One or whatever, that is.

  2. Of course he has PSVR. And he’s got fucking 2 of them! I bet those cost a pretty penny! Then again, he’s probably got more money than half of us here combined so it’s probably not too big a hit to his wallet and/or bank account. xD

      1. Whichever half isn’t as rich as Sakurai. Unless I’m surrounded by mostly rich people on here that I’m not aware of.

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