A Look At Sakurai’s Incredible Game Collection

It’s obvious when playing Super Smash Bros that its creator has a passion for video games. Masahiro Sakurai has released some pictures of his almighty game collection. Unsurprisingly, it includes a huge amount of Nintendo games, but it seems Sakurai is also partial to the PlayStation as well. The pictures come from an interview he did with the Japanese publication Denfamico Gamer, but luckily it’s been partially translated by the guys at Source Gaming. While Sakurai is known for spending ridiculous amounts of time working on his own projects, he apparently still finds time to play about ten games a month. You can read the full interview here, but make sure to check out some pictures of the almighty collection below.

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  1. Oh no when did sakurai slowly converting to a PlayStation fan, what’s next Shigeru Miyamoto converting into a Xbox fan?

    1. Well look how many he’s got. When you have hundreds and hundreds, (maybe even a thousand) disc games, it’s not very practical to hoard onto all the cases. Unless you are James Rolfe and you have an entire basement you can dedicate to your collection, it just takes up too much space. Especially in Japan, they are all about conserving space there.

      1. Getting rid of cases is what little kids do. Except for me. I didn’t do that even when I was little. I have nearly 3,000 games, and no room to store them properly. But I still would never take the games out of their cases/boxes (that is, for the games that are complete. I have 74 cartridge-only NES games. But only because that’s how I bought them).

        The people who get rid of the boxes/cases are the type that likes/prefers/doesn’t mind digital games. Which will NEVER be me. Not that it matters one way or the other to anyone else.

  2. Phil Spencer can play Wii U games and be a Nintendo fan but Masahiro Sakurai can’t own a single non-Nintendo title… Makes sense 👍👍

  3. This guy can play whatever he wants in fact having a wide variety of games helps his passion thats why smash and uprising were so great he had passion behind it

  4. What’s Laura Kate dales gotta say about this hmm? ??!…. that Smurf colored hair whore! I can’t believe people are hanging on to her ass like it’s shitting gold nuggets! Those are turd nuggets you fools!

    1. I don’t see why people latch on to Emily Rogers but it happens for some reason.

  5. He lives in Japan. Of course he’s not gonna keep the damn cases & boxes! If he did, he wouldn’t be able to move in what I can only assume would be a small space that he probably shares with family or maybe even friends.

    1. *stares at the Spider-Man game for Gamecube* I sure hope the latest Spider-Man game being made is gonna be as fucking awesome as that game was back in the day.

  6. Funny how Gay Commander Didnt post on this he must be butthurt that his False god plays xbox and playstation

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