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Sakurai Says He Might Be Done With Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has once again claimed that he might be done with the Super Smash Bros franchise. Sakurai believes that he has delivered all he could in the well-received Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game and is not sure how he could improve on them. Here’s what he had to say.

“I can’t positively declare there won’t be [another Smash Bros. game]. With both Melee and Brawl, I made those games with the thought that there wouldn’t be any more sequels. Thus, I really can’t deny the chance for another.

“However, as for myself, I don’t think there will be.”

“Our intention [with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U] was to provide extra merits to the game which go far beyond the sale price,” he said. “In terms of scope, and in terms of sheer number of characters, we went beyond our limits long ago.

“And yet, if we cut the number of fighters or modes in a future game, I’m sure there would be complaints.”

181 thoughts on “Sakurai Says He Might Be Done With Super Smash Bros”

    1. Smash Bros. won’t end anytime soon. It dominates with sales because of its wackiness, competitiveness, and combination of Nintendo franchises. Now if Sakurai is done with Smash Bros. it doesn’t mean the series is over. It’s not just Sakurai who works on the games and he’s not the one who keeps initiating to make another game for the series, I’m pretty sure Miyamoto is the one who suggests to Sakurai to try and make another game for Nintendo. A few things I can look forward to in a new Smash without Sakurai at the helm is giving what few notable big characters that are left a chance to fight, the ones that Sakurai always seems to skip over on including, plus not having to deal with how much Sakurai pushes Kirby to certain stage, even beyond Mario. That goes for Meta Knight, Dedede, Palutena, and Pit. It’s ridiculous how most of the enemies in Smash Run are from Kid Icarus when there’s franchises with more games and enemies who have less included in Smash Run like Zelda. He does great work for these games but I hate how biased he is towards his own series and doesn’t give some other franchises the love or recognition they deserve.

      1. He’s not biased. They used so many enemies from Kid Icarus because they took the models and animations from Kid Icarus Uprising which saved tons of time and cost. I don’t really see how he’s being biased towards Kirby either, I mean, the series is huge and has a large enough history to merit three characters, and beyond that, it really doesn’t get anymore than the other series. I can see the Kid Icarus claim, but it’s his game. Let him do what he wants.

      2. We might see a Sin and Punishment character? Yes! I like Kid Icarus and Kirby, but it’s a bit biased.

    1. We do appreciate his hard work! I can’t believe the people that keep saying Smash isn’t a demanding game. Tell that to Sakurai and see what he says..

    1. Why do I get the bad feeling that Nintendo will have an inexperienced director handle the sixth game and it will be an utter failure?

      1. 6th? Both 3DS and Smash Bros. 4 on Wii U are two sides of the same coin with their own exclusive content. Next game will be the true 5th Smash Bros. if there will be another one.

      2. It will certainly be different for the worse, and probably nothing to write home about. But I wouldn’t say a failure. Maybe sakurai will somehow end up working on it again. He wanted to be done after melee after all.

  1. If there is another SSB game in the future, and Sakurai isn’t responsible for its development, who is worthy enough to take his place?

      1. You gotta remember Miyamoto is gonna be retiring sometime in the next few years, he even mention it himself… ;n;

    1. Maybe because every time he does Iwata underhandedly announces another iteration without even asking Sakurai. Seems sakurai is always the last to know that a new Smash game gets announce ,when he has stated a couple times that hes done with the franchise.

  2. Honestly I’m a little disappointed that Smash Bros didn’t raised Wii U sales, but I’m going to get my Smash Bros for Wii U anyway.

    1. Black Friday was the Wii U’s ticket and Nintendo fucked it up AGAIN! No Smash Bros. bundle, no N64/GameCube VC launch, advertising the 3DS version instead of Wii U that just launched.

      It really pisses me the fuck off of what Iwata and the BS marketing department is doing.

      1. Except Pit already has the same fucking recolor so Dark Pit was utterly pointless like Dr. Mario and Wii Fit.

        How that BS clone made the cut instead of Dark Samus of Metroid Prime (which would’ve been brilliant for a Metroid villain representative) is beyond me.

        1. What the hell is wrong with the Wii fit trainer? She’s a unique character. Unlike Lucina which is a Marth for dumb asses

                    1. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

                      Add me! Pokeswagg. I’ll play against you after school, so be online. 1 on 1. For glory style

                      1. I work until 8:30 tonight. I’m pretty sure duking it out today would be impossible.

                        Tomorrow maybe since I’m off and BTW, how is your internet connection? If it sucks even the slightest, then lag is gonna happen and either one of us will be pissed.

                        1. I'm a Boss ass Bitch

                          I have epb and it’s supposed be the fastest internet in USA. (5g). So, yeah I have a good could internet connection. And tomorrow sounds good. I can practice all day today, than beat your ass tomorrow. Lol

                    2. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                      It doesn’t matter if Jigglypuff is light. Do you even play competitively? Bowser is slow but that doesn’t mean he’s bad. The characters are BALANCED.

                        1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

                          Bowser was an example of a character with a negative trait that is balanced out by another. He’s slow, but heavy is good. He isn’t launched far and his incredible strength. One smash attack from him is enough to kill someone at 45%.

                        1. Also Dr. Mario is different than Mario, being slower, but more powerful.
                          He’s not like a clone in the way Lucina is, who’s only difference is having no sweetspot on her sword.
                          I still love Lucina, don’t get me wrong.

                          1. It is a waste of a character though. Plays mostly the same except for the arrow been heavier and harder to control. That forward smash attack move on the air. And the color scheme.

                  1. He deserves the retirement from this franchise he has done two OUTSTANDING games (melee and wiiu) two pretty good games (brawl and 3ds) and one good game (64) (IMHO) so i think he can be happy with himself.

                  2. Fair play to him, Smash Bros Wii U is a phenomenal game and if that’s to be his swan song for the franchise then he left a hell of a big pair of shoes to fill

                    1. Rehashing? lol I think Capcom has done a lot worse with SF and Marvel vs. Capcom. And yet, everybody call Nintendo’s games “rehash” and still buy fucking COD every year. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. :|

                      1. Capcom puts character dlc on the disc. You have to spend extra money to unlock content that you already purchased for 60 dollars..

                        1. And thats bullshit and why nobody likes Capcom anymore. This is even worse than what EA does and then Capcom wanna go sue Techmo for that shit when the add on content has been done many times by many companies before them or even became a thing before DLC and on top of that, Techmo can countersue because Capcom ripped off their Dynasty Warriors series.

                  3. let’s hope the new director knows more about metroid and dk and adds some more charracters for those series as for sakurai he’s AND HIS TEAM have done and amazing job

                  4. I think what he’s really saying is that they have started developing for their next gen console to ensure that ALL characters in the Nintendo Universe are included. We will not rest until we squeeze every last drop of Smash out of his bones.

                  5. I remember when he said that for melee…then brawl… I mean they can go on to do things without him. It should be noted that Nintendo started development of brawl before Sakurai even knew. There are still things I like see, done still, Like Big Smash. Characters like Ridley, Metal Face, and Nightmare could be all playable, offering a giant vs 4, or 2 vs 2 would icing on the cake. Not to mention Nintendo, making new ips people are going want a splatoon rep, or a code name steam. Not to mention retro charaters like Takmaru( I know he is assist so was little mac) should be given a chance, not to mention I really missed adventure mode from melee

                    1. “Not to mention Nintendo, making new ips people are going want a splatoon rep, or a code name steam.” Looks like Abe Lincoln WAS really sworn in… *wink*

                    2. Yea, but the more people get, the more they ask for. If Ridley, Metal Face, and Nightmare were playable, people would complain about something else.

                  6. Sakurai said the same exact thing after finishing Brawl. And of course he would, these games take a lot of effort to make. After finishing such a task, would you say you’d want to make another? In 4-6 years he’ll be ready again.

                    It’s like the feeling you get after you finish fapping. Do you fap again immediately afterwards? No!

                    1. Well it depends. Sometimes I fap again. If I’m really fucking feeling it. And if there’s a good porn on

                        1. Don’t hate because you don’t know what to with your hand. There’s tutorials out there to help if you don’t know what to do.

                        2. I do appreciate his passionate work on his series and I believe it’s time for him to pass the torch even though he already said the same thing after Brawl but still directed and created this game.

                          But as for improving the game forward, there is more to be done:

                          Better and more stable online play


                          * Get rid of Smash Tour. It’s a stupid ass mode that shouldn’t be there to turn Smash Bros. into Mario Party for Mii characters (seriously, unable to pick your main fighter character is fucking stupid)

                          Needs to be a bit more fast paced like Melee

                          If Smash Bros. 5 gets an adventure mode back, at least write a far better story than Brawl

                          Vastly improve Stage Builder with many more tools and pieces

                          Better Soundtrack because Smash 4 is disappointing with the music. Brawl had the best soundtrack and remixes in my opinion

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            1. Although a game if it’s optimised properly does have some impact on online, it also depends on the hardware and your own internet connection…

                            2. Wii Fit Trainer is the funniest character in the history of Smash Brothers to play and troll with (not my best character) ever, besides that, no clones please…

                            3. No opinion yet…

                            4. Somewhat agree although I canbarely remember the difference…

                            5. No one cares about an extensive plot in Smash Brothers…

                            6. Agreed…

                            7. Smash Brothers Wii U has a far better music collecion than Brawl ever did…

                            All Brawl mostly had was calm unfitting music and original pieces plus a few good remixes here and there while this one has like 6 times better music that fits the fighting although disappointed again with the non logical calm music tracks that doens’t fit smashing at all…

                            1. Are Melee and Brawl Stages on Smash or do I need to unlock them? I would like that DK stage back and Kirby’s Dreamland stage. Also on top of Preach’s castle. The Pacman Stage is awful. I prefer Super Mario Stage.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Some must be unlocked but they usually are unlocked when you unlock the character or complete a challenge…

                            2. I have all the tracks unlocked but haven’t heard them all yet, I heard a few Wonderful 101 songs, there is one song from the end of that game I really hope is in cause it was amazing and would be great to fight to. But yea I like the soundtrack a lot so far from what I took the time to hear.

                            3. I can’t believe anyone would think the music is Smash 4 is disappointing. If you are seriously disappointed with the soundtrack in Smash, you are not a fan of Nintendo..

                          2. We don’t need a melee 2.0, maybe more tech stuff but not melee 2.0. And bad news…jigs is not going anywhere original 12

                          3. If they removed Jiggly puff…Captain Falcon, Ness or Luigi will have the same fate. As for me, Smash bros is the only game keeping the Mother (Earthbound) fans happy with Ness. A lot of people will be pissed if he was removed.

                              1. Well, she is part of the Original 12. A lot of people are pissed that Ice climbers didn’t make it to the final roster and they have been in the past 2 games, so what impedes Sakurai and Nintendo from removing those characters?

                        3. He could just step back a bit and let others do more of the actual work while still staying on as the next game’s director. Sakurai could be more like Miyamoto is now and let other younger developers take charge while still being the one that they need to go to for approval of new ideas and whatnot. I can see that as being a good solution for him being burned out from making Smash games.

                        4. I don’t think that it’s over. Like he said, he made Melee and Bral with the mindset of “this is the last one.” Then a new console comes out and they need a new Smash Bros for it. Even if Sakurai is, I doubt that Nintendo is done with Smash.

                          1. Besides, I’m find with modes getting cut. All I really need are Smash (with the Special Smash and all the Stock/Time/Coin/etc options), Classic, All-Star, and Event Modes. I could even live without an Adventure Mode. But all the modes like Homerun Contest and Target Blast and Trophy Rush and Smash Tour could get cut for more memory to flesh out the roster and I’d be alright with it. I have a list of thirteen Nintendo characters (not even including ones from Splatoon, STEAM, etc) and two 3rd Party Characters that could fit really nicely on the roster. Then, and only then, would I say that the roster is at it’s most potential possible.

                        5. He sounds like a tired guy after a long freelance work project. I have been there, my project had nothing to do with videogames though.

                        6. Ms and sony haz no smash hahaha!
                          Or zelda or mario or mario kart no metroid no pikmin no nothing just ported broken fps games from the pc hahahahahah

                        7. Also im sure he will change his mind in 8yrs after the new Smash is announced its not asscreed cod street fighter we talking smash one perfect game each console cycle.

                        8. Personal opinion…
                          For me the franchise was dead already with the new 3DS and Wii U versions.
                          I loved the franchise, until I played the Wii U one, and also because Sakurai decided to cut characters. I accepted the plot of Brawl, but now I can’t find my main at the Wii U version because they cut Wolf. That’s why Melee is still the best Super Smash Bros. game, because nobody was cut from the 64 version. Later on he decided to throw off Young Link, Roy, (Mewtwo), Pichu, Wolf, Lucas, Ice Climbers, Snake (was a bit obvious but still…) and such. If you make sequels of a game please maintain the old characters but don’t kick them out. Just because the franchise is more popular than Sakurai knows, and the fans aren’t pleased this way.

                                1. Brawl was the start of smash spamming. People saw it was laggy so they did what they do now and pick fighters who have an advantage in lag, by either being fast, spamming fireballs, or spamming falcon kick type moves. Slow characters with slow moves are raped online, it’s not even fair. Half the roster is useless online with either game when lag is involved. That’s why for glory isn’t a true for glory. If I win or lose online I feel I don’t know who is truly better cause lag just changes everything.

                                2. Not spammed but beyond crippled; an embarrassing reminder of how much people talked shit about Nintendo’s online services and yet say it’s okay for Sony’s own service to be hack fucked in the ass every year because when it happens and finally fixed, FREEBIES! Make everyone forget that BS mess and continue bashing Nintendo who updates their services on a daily basis to prevent hack attacks as severe as Sony’s which BTW, has recently happened..again.

                          1. Lucas and Wolf mains are not great players honestly. Not saying all, but most lucas players just spam his Up smash whenever possible cause it’s way overpowered and has a huge hit range and is quick. Wolf players spam his forward smash like crazy. Cheap moves like these are just another reason brawl was casual aimed. Every time I see someone complain about lucas or wolf I automatically think of spammers lol but as I said not everyone uses them like that, but they as fighters certainly encourage spam with moves like those. As someone who used wolf in a non spammy way, I can say I am not hurt by his cut. And pichu? Deserved a cut, as did young link. A fighter that is weak AND hurts itself with electric attacks? Stupid. No thanks. Roy was kind of a clone, but he was introduced at the same time as marth so who is the actual clone lol.

                          2. It’s so stupid to hate the Wii U and 3DS version just because they cut off a boring ass clone like Wolf, from a dead franchise and barely gets any games out, seriously… How pathetic… >.>

                            1. Deleting Ice Climbers from Sm4sh is like deleting King from Tekken. What kind of director would even do that to their sequels?
                              Thank you Sakurai for the franchise, but you don’t have to do that to the characters. They have fans like I’m one of Wolf, and I really feel sorry for those who aren’t OK since he had to cut those chars.
                              I’m waiting for Sakurai to reveal what was the problem with Wolf and Lucas because I look at Lucina, Dark Pit and Dr. Mario and they have all the same moves than their counterparts. Such a really nice opportunity wasted in this game.

                          1. If he hadn’t brought back Dr. Mario for no reason and made a black Recolored Pit into a playable character instead of Dark Samus who moves and behaves differently from Samus herself, the “bitching” from fans wouldn’t be so bad in this game and also, Smash Tour is a stupid mode. I’m playing a fighting game that is Smash Bros., not Mario Party.

                        9. There will absolutely be a Smash 5. Nintendo doesn’t just abandon one of thier highest selling IP’s. Hopefully Sakurai is still on board when they do. Either way we wont see it for another five years.

                        10. that sounds honor…
                          its a good sign and decision to make a break and a stop.
                          maybe in 10 years he or nintendo has new good ideas for another one.
                          that is really bether than just make an update sequel, like fifa and cod.
                          thx for all.
                          well maybe its about time, to try once more with smash bros… i dident like the games in the past.

                        11. I’m actually glad about this. I appreciate what Sakurai has done and he shall always be remembered for the Super Smash games, but maybe it’s time for an era. A lot of people have said that the Wii U game is just Brawl 2.0 and I can’t entirely disagree. I do Love the game and I gave it a 9 star rating, but it wasn’t as original as Brawl was from Melee or Melee from the original. He’s been complaining about the hard work a lot lately and he’s gotten pretty defensive with the fans about the characters lately. He’s heavily implying that he would like to reduce the character roster as well. These are all red flags that suggest a new guy should helm the next one. Again, I do love the new Smash Bros and all that Sakurai has given us, but it’ll be fun to see what someone else can do. It’ll certainly be pretty unique since every game developer has their own vision of how things should go.

                        12. Think about it, how else can you improve this perfect game? Reviewers had to give a perfect score to this game, it’s perfect as it is, the core of it, at least, some took points off because some didn’t like some online stuff, some modes, and others just for stupid reasons like “my dad didn’t let me play Smash” or that hipster guy that also gave it an 8 complaining about how the music in the menu changes because Nintendo knows you’ll play a lot, and he also have an 8.5 to the 3DS and when someone asked why give the 3DS one a better score when the Wii U version has better graphics and controls, and more modes and music and all that and he said it was irrelevant yet he never said why it was worse. But still, those are stupid reviews, what else can Sakurai do? More characters? More stages?

                          I guess what they can do is new stages, and put new characters to try them out and take out some old characters to not overdo it with too many characters, also try new modes in the future, and improve the graphics with the new console. I think that it has to be like Mario Kart, better graphics, new characters, cutting some old ones to not overpopulate it and have different rosters from all the other versions, new stages and not overdo the bring old stages back thing, and what can keep it different from the others is more and new modes to try.

                          1. The game is certainly better than Brawl but there’s just a few glaring problems:

                            Online still lags even though it’s improved and I’ve seen it.

                            Bringing back Dr. Mario needlessly and making a black colored Pit into a clone is stupid and a bit lazy.

                            Get rid of that dumbass Smash Tour mode and make Smash Run an even bigger and better experience for Smash Bros. 5. Smash Run (with online/offline multiplay) will be the better version of Subspace from Brawl.

                            No more dumb “joke” characters like Wii Fit and add more serious characters like Dark Samus, Krystal with original primal and Star Fox costumes, Dixie Kong, King K. Rool with Kaptain K. Rool alternate, etc.

                            Improved Stage Builder with tons of tools and pieces. Smash Bros. 4 version is pathetic unless there will be a free DLC pack that’ll add more.

                            That’s pretty much all I can think of.

                            1. The clones were just a topping, not taking another slot for a potential character. Sakarai already said that. Never experienced lag before so it’s probably your hardware or your internet connection.
                              You also said before that Smash is a complete game that didn’t need DLC because Nintendo isn’t a greeedy company or something. Now you want DLC?
                              I do agree on the game modes because Smash Tour was absolutely hectic and confusing when playing with friends.

                              1. Dark Pit when there’s already a black Pit recolor and Dr. Mario when there’s already Mario that moves and attacks the same way which was why it was removed from Brawl, are “the topping of Smash Bros.”? You have to be a douchey moron to even think that, excusing lazy shortcuts for clones wasting roster space.

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                        14. Hopefully whoever makes the next one can trim the fat. Smash Run and Smash Tour were a waste of development time and data. I’d have preferred literally anything over that garbage. A level, a character, hell another song in the game would have been a better use of resources..

                          1. I’ve seen your comments for quite a while, and I conclude that I in real life, I picture you as 40 years old, and you look like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. Am I accurate??

                        15. I wonder if someone new could bring something fresh to the franchise. I love Sakurai and all, but maybe a new creator could mean good things for a future Smash Bros game.

                          Or maybe not… maybe this really is the last Smash game or the last GOOD Smash game or maybe Sakurai will end up doing the next one afterall and he’ll just keep doing them until he can’t do them anymore.

                          Who really knows?

                        16. If Sakurai wants to, he can go ahead. This guy gave both soul and body into this game so we can all enjoy it. It’s time for him to relax and go easy on himself. Of course, he needs to have someone worthy of being the new director for Smash because as far as we know, Nintendo can’t let Smash Bros to finish. That game prints money.

                        17. He does always say something along these lines after each Smash Bros game. But if he really is done this time, thanks for the awesome series Sakurai, you really rock!

                        18. I honestly, hope he does retire. For his own sanity. It will change things up in the coming games. Plus, I really can’t stand how in almost every interview he does he has to be a martyr and tell everyone how hard he is working and how difficult it is on his life and well being.

                        19. Well maybe they can get someone else to do it next time if he won’t. Nintendo will want another and I am hopeful that it will be even more impressive, visually at least. Not that I thought this game liked crap… I’m just saying that the expectation will be for the next game to boost the visuals and the features or at least bring back the most loved features and fine tune them, bring back better selection of characters. Duplication of characters should be relegated to costumes, especially for characters like Mario and Pit.

                        20. I don’t think Smash is over yet. And if he feels he put too many features he can just take out Smash Tour and add back Adventure Mode and have a story like Brawl. I haven’t played Smash 4 at all not even the 3DS version but I really don’t like Smash Tour too much. Adventure Mode with the story was pretty cool in my opinion. Also if he is finished with making Smash Nintendo can just find someone else to make it. Didn’t he stop making Kirby? The Kirby games now are still good and fun. It’s like nothing changed after he left.

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                        22. Of course there will be another Smash Bros in like 7 years lol. Wolf O’Donnell isn’t in this one so he needs to return in the next one.

                          Wolf O’Donnell has this to say to you Sakurai:

                          “Can’t let you do that, Sakurai…”

                        23. “And yet, if we cut the number of fighters or modes in a future game, I’m sure there would be complaints.”

                          There are complaints now thought- people want Ice Climbers back and want another SSE-like story mode, not to mention people have been clamoring for Krystal and K. Rool and other notable characters that Sakurai always ignores (or taunts us about).

                          While I think Smash Bros. will never cease and we will always get a new one every once in a while, and I respect Sakurai-san for his hard work on the series and creating it in the first place, I do think he needs to let someone else direct the next one.

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                        25. Couldn’t he be done a few years ago so we could get someone who wasn’t going to recycle 85% of the game and nerf it to make the game?

                        26. Thanks for the years, Sakurai. Now don’t come back for #5! Especially if the next guy in charge actually wants to try giving some of us characters we want instead of denying them because a few people don’t like the idea of them being in. *cough*Ridley&Krystalhaters*cough*

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