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Nintendo France Provides Sales Figures For Nintendo Products

Nintendo deputy general manager Philippe Lavoue has given us an insight into how well Nintendo products are performing in France. What’s startling about these figures is just how well Amiibo are performing in the country. Nintendo France expects to see sales numbers exceeding 200,000 units by the end of the year.

  • Wii U: over 450 000 units sold (300 000 in late december, roughly +50% YoY in the past few months), should be at 550 000 units by the end of the year.
  • Games: currently, sales x3 thanks to Mario Kart8, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 (and Smash).
  • Mario Kart 8 : 200 000 units sold + 70 000 additional units from bundles
  • Pokémon OR/AS : 191 000 units sold, +51% compared to X/Y during the same period.
  • 3DS sales: 3.15 million; +70% thanks to Pokémon.
  • Bayonetta 2 : ~60 000 units sold.
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U): they’re expecting 200 000 units by the end of the year.
  • Amiibo : they’re expecting 200 000 units sold by the end of the year.

Thanks, Kyle

142 thoughts on “Nintendo France Provides Sales Figures For Nintendo Products”

            1. Well, well, i wouldn’t have guessed that :P
              I always thought you were american :D (no offence)
              greetings from your relatively close neighbour (Norway)

  1. That’s it? Absolutely pathetic. Playstation 4 shits on these numbers. It goes into the Nintendo stall, and instead of pissing in it as it does all the time, it takes a nice, heavy piece of shit in it and splatters that shit all over the toilet seat of Nintendo, then smears it all over the walls.

    BOW DOWN to your PS4 overlords, you Nintendo pieces of shit. You are brainwashed by a company that buttfucks Yoshi dolls in its corporate offices instead of making games that sell, like the Last of Us. Flopenetta 2 only sold 200,000? Guess Operation Rainfall failed now, didn’t it you stupid sons of bitches. It’s amazing, really how you morons thought people would buy Bayonetta’s sexy ass on your kiddy console. What did I say again? Buttfucking Yoshi? That’s right — you Nintentards love fucking Nintendo characters in the ass instead of having real sex with a woman named Bayonetta. You’re all stupid mother fuckers for liking Nintendo and I’m sorry to say, should reevaluate yourselves pronto and buy a PS4 before your mothers disown you for being so stupid and buying the worst console in the history of human existence.

    1. PS4 games:
      Dragon Age Inquisition
      LittleBigPlanet 3
      inFamous: Second Son
      Far Cry 4
      Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor
      Wolfenstein: The New Order
      The Pinball Arcade
      Rayman Legends
      The Walking Dead Season 1/2
      The Wolf Among Us
      Final Fantasy XIV
      Lego Marvel Super Heroes
      Watch Dogs
      Need For Speed Rivals
      Fifa 14
      Fifa 15
      Assassin’s Creed IV
      Assassin’s Creed Unity
      Battlefield 4
      COD: Advanced Warfare
      NBA 2K14
      NBA 2K15
      Pro Evolution Soccer 2015
      MLB 14 The Show
      Madden NFL 15

        1. Upcoming games:
          Metal Gear Solid V
          Witcher 3
          Batman Arkham Knight
          The Division
          Dying Light
          Kingdom Hearts 3
          Planetside 2
          Elder Scrolls Online
          Mad Max
          Kingdom Come Deliverance
          Ratchet and Clank
          Project Cars
          Mighty No. 9
          Persona 5
          Metal Slug 3
          Homefront The Revolution
          Rainbow Six Seige
          The Order
          Uncharted 4
          Just Cause 3
          Battlefield Hardline
          The list goes on…

          So not really.

                            1. Once again, thestrangablog ruins a good conversation by getting mad. *facepalm* -_- Good grief, man. I’m only joking.

                                1. Well, you probably should’ve put “jk” at the end of that. Because I did just take offense to that. And it didn’t look like a joke at all.

                                      1. How so? I don’t excuse BS and strange ass decisions from Nintendo. For one, Wii Music. That epic failure Metroid: Other M. Wii U name branding and lack of advertisements even after Smash Bros. 4 on Wii U they still chose to advertise 3DS…WTF?

                                        1. Ok. But name three games releasing next year that you’re looking forward to. That aren’t on the Wii U or 3DS…

                                              1. Well, its definitely not Xbox DOne. lol

                                                Has actual exclusives, cheaper online (which is still BS because its free elsewhere and PSN gets fucked in the ass by hackers every week), better controller design, cheaper console, better hardware (which is still unimportant to me but gameplay and creativity is vital). That’s it. Its just a cosmetically updated PS3.

                                                            1. Yes it can. It can run games just fine. You just need to also pay for the one year warranty. And purchase packs of ice cubes every week. Lol. Jk.

                                                1. Regardless of beign multiplat they are still hitting the platform. Having a hollow library is nothing to be proud of.

                                                      1. Steam summer sales are the killer of wallets, not mention steam offers free games…a lot, I still find ps plus better the xbox gold

                                                        1. Not everyone has a PC good enough to run all of those games smoothly enough, or smoother than on a console. Consoles are supposed to be a cheap alternative to play those games on, and even if they obviously don’t run as good as on the highest setting of a PC, they still run pretty well.
                                                          Acting like multiplats “don’t count” just because they’re on other platforms as well is really silly, imo. They still enrich the console’s library, and they’re a good way to fill in gaps between the big 1st-party titles to prevent software droughts.
                                                          I do have a decent PC, but that doesn’t stop me from buying 3rd-party games on my consoles. So yea, having a PC really doesn’t invalidate the point of buying 3rd-party games on consoles.

                                                      2. It doesn’t matter though, I can own a good 40 of those games without needing a PS4(A lot of them I do own, and not for my PS4), all the games I own for my WiiU can only be found for the WiiU.

                                                    1. inFamous SS
                                                      LBP 3
                                                      Killzone Shadow Fall
                                                      Let It Die
                                                      The Order 1881
                                                      Ratchet & Clank
                                                      Shadow Of The Beast
                                                      Uncharted 4
                                                      The Tomorrow Children
                                                      Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture
                                                      God Eater 2
                                                      Gran Turismo 7
                                                      Hyperdimension Neptunia V 2
                                                      inFamous SS
                                                      Omega Quintet
                                                      Onechanbara Z2: Chaos

                                                  1. Which of those would I care to play? Leaving out sports games – because those are a completely separate genre of entertainment in my opinion, then…well, Rayman Legends, which is also on Wii U.

                                                  2. That’s it? And I only count like what? 3-5 exclusives? lol Although I gotta give PS credit for that one. At least they have exclusives unlike a certain large, black, DRM fucked DVR box still depending on a rehashed Halo series from last two gens to save its own ass.

                                                2. Yeah dude, if you wanna troll, at least make sure not to spend 10 minutes of your life writing your message…

                                                3. I have a Wii U. Both my brother and I play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U extensively.

                                                  I want a PS4, but not until either Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts III are out or have a confirmed release date.

                                                  And as for the Vita? It’ll get no sympathy from me.

                                                4. I understand man, but there’s just no games on PS4, not as good as the ones on my heavy rigged PC and yes I have tons of games on Steam cheaper than the ones on PS4 with free multiplayer. I have a Wii U + Super PC + PS3. Wanted to buy a PS4 since I like the PS3 rpgs but sadly nothing yet on PS4 aside from shitty ports and remasters.

                                              2. How dare you say that. Bayonetta sold 2 trillion units, you faggot. Nintendo has so much money in the bank. I bought Bayonetta as soon as I saw that sexy ad in Playboy. I knew I had to own that game when I saw that. It doesn’t matter that I’m only in college. I love Bayonetta’s boobs!

                                              3. All you morons need to get laid by Bayonetta. I’m a Um Jammer Lammy masterbator myself, so I’m good. Bayonetta needs to be a cartoon or f that CGI crap. It’s boring.

                                              4. I have to admit that my Wii U is the one getting the most attention (from my kids, myself and my friends). Until now my PS4 is collecting dust (I’m actually thinking of selling it (piece of cake to any teenage) and my Xone is only running Halo MCC.

                                                1. I will never understand the need to put down other consoles to glorify your favourite. I’m pretty sure you can praise something without bashing others

                                                  1. Welcome to Internet were every bloody moron has to show how big there dick is, so that it makes them fell better about themselves, population almost every videogame related website, comic, and lots of youtube channels that bash each other idots.

                                                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                    As soon as anyone puts out an agenda to violate the privacy of people, they are for all eternity classified as the enemy without mercy…

                                              5. You ps4 fanboys are fucking losers and haters. I’d rather my sons grow up with the wii u just so they don’t wind up like you. Wasting your goddamn lives trolling and hating.

                                                      1. No. Fanboys can be innocuous in their approach regarding other franchises, devs, consoles, etc. I’d consider myself s die hard nintendo fan – a fanboy. But I can appreciate the fact that everyone likes different things. That I don’t have to bash people for liking something else. Nintendo’s just filling in the gaps in the gaming industry. They do something different than the AAA gaming industry. People are just upset that they’re so successful at it, but hey, they’ve been around for over a hundred years. They can take more hits than any other gaming company out there, and rise like a Phoenix (or Tenacious D) and deliver once more.

                                                        1. The term “fanboy” is meant to be negative. Die-hard fan and fanboy aren’t necessarily the same; Fanboys are those who can’t accept any negative points on their, in this case, console of choice and glorify it to no end, while trying way too hard to make the competition look bad.
                                                          Simply liking a console or company over the other options while respecting other people’s choices and opinions eliminates the possibility of you being a fanboy.

                                                    1. You obviously haven’t met real people, then. The internet is just a way for people to anonymously post how they really feel without repercussions from others in real life or from society. Don’t be naive.

                                                      1. Lol real people don’t post nonsense like these fools. Real people have jobs, and are too busy working, appreciating te things they have and like. Not this shit. These people are fodder. Nothing more than louts who never grew up to be actual real people, and who ultimately get left behind, too busy being narcissistic and facetious to be liked. So no, I’m not naive, and I’ve met real people. I am one, my wife and sons are, as well.
                                                        But maybe real people do talk about fucking bayonetta and yoshi. I don’t know, I’m too busy in the real world, where people, you know, are real.

                                                        1. No, you’re absolutely naive enough to think that. Not everyone acts like you and your family, and basing your overall perception and observations on – THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE – through your limited interactions with a small number of people is incredibly naive and just plain ignorant. There are horrible people in the world. The internet is just another way for them to display that behavior. Stop making assumptions with such a narrow-minded viewpoint. Everyone displays different sides of their personality in different ways and through different means. They may show a public face one moment and then let loose when they’re at home. That’s what people do – and they aren’t always being totally serious (though some are, and are still ‘real people’ despite what you may think), the internet gives them an opportunity to act differently and less “normal” – at least less normal than what you define it as.

                                              6. 2014 was the year of the WiiU in home console entertainment. Pretty sure 2015 is going to be the very same. The WiiU shall have highly rated games in
                                                Zelda WiiU 10/10, Xenoblade Chronicles X 10/10. 10/10, 9 will be from haters ign and kotaku. Splatoon, starfox WiiU, we are getting project cars right. Am I forgetiing anything else? Miyamoto’s games giant robot and the maze one, devil’s third, surprise announcements of F-Zero and Metroid, Vanquish 2 Maybe lol. Great Numbers even for the best games in Action this far Bayonetta 2 in France. Let us get to playing all these great video games.


                                              7. That is the weirdest anti nintendo post I have ever read”fuck yoshi etc” I am 35 and been gaming in some capacity for 30 years. I guess I am a bit luck with having loads of cash which has unabled me to buy pretty much what I want. My first gaming experience was an Atari and after that the NES. I consider my self a nintendo fanboy but I wanted to play uncharted so bought a PS. I wouldn’t pass up on starwars cuz I am marvel fan and don’t care to much for Disney. It’s really about the games isn’t it. Not who publishes them. Move, music or games

                                              8. So based on this we can guess amiibos are selling roughly 1 to 1 with Smash Bros Wii U. Might be a useful fact, as I expect Smash Bros sales numbers will be more readily available than amiibo.

                                                1. Stay strong, the PS4 will get games soon. Just have to wait a lil more and pray for it to still work depise all the dust it has collected these past months, ahah.

                                              9. If you look at sales numbers, France is 90% of the time ahead of the other big european countries when it comes to Nintendo games.
                                                Definitely a country that likes Nintendo.

                                                  1. well i would not say that. a 66M people country which spend billion € on games, that’s poor result. furthermore 600K units is a good result for you??? I would be OK with 5 millions less than that it’s a failure for this country.

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                                              11. Sega are always overshadowed by nintendo dispite sega being so ahead. It’s sad that nintendo have no intrest in online gaming when the sega saturn was doing it in 1996. Phantasy star on sega master system was far more advanced than anything on the nes, it had a 3d effect, detailed animation and a story all in 1987. Even Dreamcast today is still more advanced than wii u in some ways.

                                                Sega started making games in the 50s and nintendo in the 70s. The sg 1000 came out the same day as famicom in japan. Sega did as much for gamimg as nintendo but don’t get the same recognistion because they were so far ahead and everyone loves to act like nintendo made everything.

                                              12. Wow, I’m REALLY impressed how much Bayonetta 2 sold 60k copies only in ONE country, I think that’s even more than what Japan sold? I’m glad it did great there! :D

                                                Funny how Nintendo is doing great in France, and yet Ubisoft, a french company doesn’t want to support Nintendo anymore, oh, well, at least no buggy games on my console! XD

                                                1. As a matter of fact, Ubisoft have wholeheartedly supported Nintendo for years. They just decided to give up on the Wii U since their games sold very badly on that system. Not a bad thing if you ask me, Ubisoft games lately have been horrendously bad and I can pick them up on PC if I really wanna play one…

                                                  1. And I agree, Bayonetta 2’s sales in France are great news. If only every country would have done the same… Bayo2 has been recognized as one of the recent years’ best action game by critics and players alike… The poor sales really are a letdown from Nintendo fans, the devs and Nintendo must be very disappointed.

                                                2. because ubisoft is France (well for me they are bloody Canadian…anyway) that the french people have to support Ubisoft. The last AC unity did not go down well in France and even cause some political controversies.

                                              13. To the dude with the ps4 game list….LOL most of those are multi plat. tell you what, get a job like a real man and then you can have all three consoles and not be a little bitch. it will also help you be able to move out your mums basement and maybe even give some money to people that need it.

                                              14. Well, well, well. Who knew that France had good taste in games? Unlike other places…..
                                                I live in the land of Xbots and Sonyans. (- _ -)

                                                1. What did you expect ? France created art as we know it today, of course we love Nintendo here :D
                                                  More seriously, French are fascinated by Japan just as much as Japanese are fascinated by France, so that might partly explain the success of Nintendo here.

                                              15. it’s a very good result since france like the rest of Europe is ignore by Nintendo when it comes to RPGs and other good games. Bayonetta is very famous in France so it’s not really a surprise to be honest.

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