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Rumour: Splatoon 2 Delayed To September?

While Splatoon 2 was announced for Summer 2017, it looks like the game may have been delayed until September. Nintendo’s website has now listed the game with a September 30th release date. While this certainly isn’t confirmed, the website is probably quite a reliable source. Would you mind if the game was delayed by a few months? Tell us below.




  1. If it is delayed I’ll be disappointed, but hey. Breath of the Wild looks big enough it’ll take me until September to finish it, so at least I’ll have something to occupy my time until then :p

    1. BotW will probably be my favorite game in the last 10 years, but no way will it last until September, lol. I’ll give the Switch the benefit of the doubt because its launch year. But if Nintendo doesn’t have any games for 2018 either they are doomed. They need software more than ever. They need a AAA major 1st party or 3rd party every other month next year at least or the system will fail.

      1. Yup. I will give them benefit of the doubt as its launch year, as usual it tends to be stale. Hoping they pull another 3ds with a eh first year then boom its good. Just dont want to end up with another Wii U esque situation

  2. I think it is a placeholder. It has been like that right after the presentation. Nothing new here.

  3. I don’t really think so… It’s just a placeholder set at the end of that quarter so it’s just. We still don’t know the release date.

  4. “Nintendo’s website has now listed the game with a September 30th release date.” It said this on the website the date was announced. It’s a Saturday, so it’s not an actual release date, it’s just listing the last day of what could be classified as “Summer” in the North Hemisphere.

  5. Splatoon 2’s delay isn’t exactly going to help the Switch too much, but at least it’ll be a better game by release, I hope.

  6. ” Would you mind if the game was delayed by a few months” fall doesn’t start till September 20th so at the most 10 days

  7. I really hope that’s just a place holder. Splatoon 2 looks like a great game for a summer release. Like June or July.

  8. The idiot who Photoshoped this put “Released” instead of “Releases”. Amateur mistake. Look at Nintendo’s website. Future games all say “Releases”.

    1. Summer is anytime up to September 21st. This clearly isn’t the final date, but if it were that would be a slight delay past the promised season. Yes, it is promised, because they outright named the season and year.

    1. In the direct they did announced a summer release, however, at E3 2014, they did announced that the game was delayed to Fall. October is during Fall, so they were correct.

          1. The website says it’s releasing in Summer. I just checked. Show me the url to the September date in this story please? I think it’s fake.

  9. What a garbage article. Not only is this a placeholder date, but this has been on the website for WEEKS until finally now all the “news” sites pick it up and treat it like a fact.

  10. At this point, im literally buying a Switch at launch because im a “fan boy”.
    I can get Zelda on Wii U and then there’s nothing else to justify the purchase until late summer/ early fall. So frustrating. Feels like a repeat of the Wii U!

    1. A Wii U repeat would result in Zelda releasing in November and every other title finally releasing 3 years later. BTW, that 3 years later is when most all of the desired content would release for said platform.

      1. It wouldn’t be getting a Zelda if they didn’t literally delay and port the WiiU title that was ready to go. They are desperate fuckers, and they will sacrifice anything, including Zelda, to recover from a hardware rut. I almost hope it blows up in their faces.

        1. You know that is crazy to think about. BotW is really a Wii U game that was developed for the Wii U. So what REAL Switch games have they been working in besides Mario and Xenoblade? I don’t know man, I thought that Nintendo was getting their shit together finally but now it seems they are more behind than ever. They should ha e delayed the Switch another year honestly. They just don’t have the software to support the system. Indies will not save the system.

          1. There are enough Nintendo fans that will buy anything and make any excuse that they won’t lose money on it. But stockholders will stop being satisfied with breaking even. They will see that Mobile is pulling in the cash and push the company towards Mobile. Nintendo is pushing this as a console, but one thing people here are saying, and Nintendo would do well to start supporting – is that it’s a handheld. pure and simple. A damned strong handheld…

            And it’s a TABLET, it looks like a mini Microsoft Surface. It has little latchies to hook on analog controls. Switch brings Nintendo one very small step away from going full mobile. It will be sad. You never go full mobile.

            1. I think I’m gonna be sick now. @.@

              1. No offense to my comrades here who decided to purchase it of course!! I will probably get one to someday! … probably! Someday! It will really hinge on Metroid I think.

                1. I was reacting to your second paragraph… The thought of a company I care about going full mobile makes me sick… and very, very angry!

  11. Keep in mind that Summer technically goes on until September 21st. While the September 30th listing wouldn’t fit within that initial Summer 2017 designation, the title could still be available for sale anytime up to September 21st and still meet that initial promise.

    1. They better have a whole hell of a lot more than Splatoon multiplayer for me to buy their bullshit online service. I can play it for free on my Wii U anyways… I really think Nintendo is seriously fucking up. Seriously maybe even catastrophically.

  12. September is last month of Summer (Placeholder for summer month) . Placeholder dates are usually at the end of a month. No need to worry

  13. All they said was summer. September is still summer. Not really “delayed.” Just later than most people think when they hear “summer.” To most people they think “summer vacation.”

  14. As if the last few months full of rumors wasn’t bad enough! Sadly, not only are rumors fucking continuing but Nintendo not being 100% direct & outright with their fucking answers or telling us half truths are running rampant, too! Not to mention the other bullshit they do that really grinds my gears!

  15. If they add a campaign with more content and make it longer then fine by me. This one of few mp focused games that I’m okay with, but it wouldn’t kill them to add more to the single player portion, in fact it would give the people a reason to keep it long after everyone has moved onto the next mp game.

  16. ||The cattle always so brainwashed by any rumour presented…||

    ||Emotions are for the weak and useless…||

    1. Emotions or no emotions, Nintendo better start delivering some software, sooner rather than later if they want to survive this console generation. I personally think the Switch will do great IF they have a lot of compelling software. If not, the system will probably lag.

      1. ||It’s logically that 100% agree on your first sentence, even Commanders…||

  17. I would more bet that Nintendo would release Splatoon 2 as is even if it has a barren lack of content, you know, like the last game (◔_◔)

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