Little Ninja Brothers And Kung-Fu Heroes Launch Tomorrow On Wii U Virtual Console

Two NES classics are heading to Virtual Console on Wii U this week. Little Ninja Brothers and Kung-Fu Heroes are set to launch via the service tomorrow, January 26, for $4.99 each. In Little Ninja Brothers, players are tasked with fighting enemies with various skills such as punches, kicks, swords and throwing stars. Similarly, in Kung-Fu Heroes, you must use punches and a move known as the Miracle Kick to defeat the enemies.


  1. Recently at Nintendo:

    A: ‘Guys we need to prepare the Switch lineup’
    B: ‘I’m bored’
    C: ‘me too’
    A: ‘guys? did you even listen? switch’s presentation is next week let’s go!’
    B: ‘What shall we do?’
    A: ‘I just told you to..’
    C: ‘I don’t know. There seems nothing to do around here.’
    B: ‘true.’
    A: ‘Hello? Aren’t you listening???’
    B: ‘hey’
    C: ‘?’
    A: ‘Fuck you goddammit!’
    B: ‘maybe we release stuff on the Virtual console’
    A: ‘Bullshit! Noone cares about the VC! Why should ANYONE bother buying stuff you can’t even take to the next system on a dead sys …’
    C: ‘Great idea dude!’
    A: ‘wtf…?!’
    B: ‘maybe Starfox 64’
    A: ‘isn’t it a bit late for that? Wouldn’t one year ago along with SF Zero have been a good time for that?’
    C: ‘yeah. Star Fox 64 is cool. And then Little Ninja Brothers’
    B: ‘what’s that?’
    C: ‘Who cares. At a pricetag of 5 bucks we’re gonna become zillionaires in no time’

    1. Not even Star Fox 64, they could’ve released the original Star Fox from the SNES. Heck, even Star Fox 2 since it had an official translation, even if it never released it could make its debut on the eshop just like how Earthbound Beginnings got its first official release on there outside of Japan. It would’ve been an excellent promotion.

  2. I had that game on Snes, god damn it! That game was awesome for 2 players!!! :'( soo many memories.
    A good RPG! =D

    1. wait.. THAT”s not the game i played on SNES. Ohhh i was confused, this are.. the nes version. :( I thought it was the Snes one.. my bad.

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