Two NES classics are heading to Virtual Console on Wii U this week. Little Ninja Brothers and Kung-Fu Heroes are set to launch via the service tomorrow, January 26, for $4.99 each. In Little Ninja Brothers, players are tasked with fighting enemies with various skills such as punches, kicks, swords and throwing stars. Similarly, in Kung-Fu Heroes, you must use punches and a move known as the Miracle Kick to defeat the enemies.



  1. Recently at Nintendo:

    A: ‘Guys we need to prepare the Switch lineup’
    B: ‘I’m bored’
    C: ‘me too’
    A: ‘guys? did you even listen? switch’s presentation is next week let’s go!’
    B: ‘What shall we do?’
    A: ‘I just told you to..’
    C: ‘I don’t know. There seems nothing to do around here.’
    B: ‘true.’
    A: ‘Hello? Aren’t you listening???’
    B: ‘hey’
    C: ‘?’
    A: ‘Fuck you goddammit!’
    B: ‘maybe we release stuff on the Virtual console’
    A: ‘Bullshit! Noone cares about the VC! Why should ANYONE bother buying stuff you can’t even take to the next system on a dead sys …’
    C: ‘Great idea dude!’
    A: ‘wtf…?!’
    B: ‘maybe Starfox 64’
    A: ‘isn’t it a bit late for that? Wouldn’t one year ago along with SF Zero have been a good time for that?’
    C: ‘yeah. Star Fox 64 is cool. And then Little Ninja Brothers’
    B: ‘what’s that?’
    C: ‘Who cares. At a pricetag of 5 bucks we’re gonna become zillionaires in no time’

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