Nintendo America Lists Top Contenders For Fire Emblem Heroes Ballot

Voting is already underway for the Fire Emblem Heroes ballot and the results are extremely close. They’re so close in fact that Nintendo of America has revealed the top contenders so far for the mobile title and have encouraged more people to join in and vote. You can choose your chosen Fire Emblem Heroes legend until January 31st.

Thanks to Takamaru64 for the tip!


    1. Because Ike that amazing…and probably because of smash. Hopefully it encourages a re release of 9 and 10 since those games are incredibly expensive these days thanks to limited supply.

  1. Ehhh. Not a big Ike fan myself, but glad to see Roy up so high. I only voted once, I keep forgetting because I don’t really care about the mobile game haha.

  2. Go Lyn Go!
    I couldn’t get her in Smash through the fighter ballot…. but she winning this will make me happy enough!

  3. So much is wrong about this. Roy is a terrible and boring lord and he sucks in game from the worst fire emblem game. The fact that most people are voting roy because of smash really anoys me. The next one is tharja hahhhahahajajaja XD waifu bait. Terrible person and a terrible unit why do so many like Tharja. Next up is RD ike he’s inferior to the original Ike in so many ways (personality wise) Marth was also not too great especially since his game was not cared about. But no smash made Marth popular even though he’s a bland character and terrible unit. Camilla I really but I liked but there’s more developed characters that should be there instead. And corrim…. Everyone hates Corrin so why would they vote her? All I saw were complaints from fans rather than love. Corrin was Ok in Fates but really. And EIRIKA she had no personality and very little development. Everyone is entitled to opinions but seriously most of these were just terrible characters only popular from waifu bait and smash. ( I AM. NOT AN ELITIST I LOVE FATES)

    1. its hard to be annoyed by roy and ike’s inflated popularity when weve had since melee and brawl to get used to that

      conversly im super excited hectors up there with them and lyn’s winning over lucina

  4. Felicia from Fates is in the top 20?

    Wh-how!? She’s a terrible unit and one of my least favorite characters in any branch (ironically she’s one of the few you recruit on all three). If you’re gonna vote anyone from Fates, make it Kaze or Hisame.

    1. *looks up Felicia & sees that she is a maid* Oh my… @.@ I got a maid outfit fetish.

    2. If I ever get a Fates game, I know who my male Corrin’s main girl is gonna be. Or maybe I’ll stick with the dancer girl. Tough choices.

      1. First, let me say your first comment about Felicia made me burst out laughing, it was so unexpected.

        Second, Azura (aforementioned dancer, *technically* a songstress, as the game classifies her as) is so central to the plot I think Male Corrin X Azura is canon, and she was my waifu pick for my first Revelations playthrough.

        I myself am waaaay into long hair worn down, so my insta-picks would be Hana, Charlotte, Camilla, Azura, Caeldori…

        …I may have said too much.

        1. I also love long hair worn down. A long haired maid with her hair down would be a double combo death strike for me. Dare I say I’d take that over the dancer class with more skin shown & I love seeing some skin. @.@ Of course, if she had long hair that was down with a very revealing maid outfit, triple combo death strike! I do like twin tails, though, so I don’t know. Maybe if some of her hair was in twin tails while the rest is worn down…. *dies*

    3. “terrible unit” Give her a flame shuriken and Felicia’s Plate and she is overpowered as hell. Besides Hisame is complete garbage with a bland personality. Felicia is one of my favorite characters in the game and she’s

      1. Okay, opinion invalidated by saying Hisame is “bland.”

        Also, whenever I use Felicia in late game, she’s useless- regardless how much I level grind, she can never do more than 2 dmg with anything.

  5. Lyndis is gone from the top 20! This is unacceptable!

    1. Least my vote for today (Tharja) is still in the top 20!

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