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Square Enix Says It Has “Exciting Announcement” For January 26th

Square Enix is preparing to ambush us with a special announcement which is due to be revealed tomorrow on January 26th. In a blog post the company said the following:

Keep an eye on our #SquareEnix social feeds tomorrow for an exciting announcement!

What’s also interesting is Marvel also teased that they have a special announcement tomorrow which went out at the exact same time as Square Enix’s blog post.

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  1. If it’s not an announcement about a new entry for any of these then I don’t care…
    Parasite Eve
    Final Fantasy Tactics
    Chrono series
    Secret Mana/Seiken Densetsu
    Final Fantasy VI/III in the US remake or even remaster, I’ll take anything at this point!
    Tobal sequel
    dammit SE give one of these for F!@# sake!

  2. Chrono Trigger sequel that ignores Chrono Cross or screw you!

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