The listing for Skyrim on Nintendo Switch at Best Buy Canada states that the version is the  Special Edition which featured recently on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The interesting thing about this is that it includes PC-like mod support. Whether this particular listing has just been copy and pasted from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox versions is unclear as we know very little about the Nintendo Switch version, other than it’s confirmed for the platform. Here’s the product description:

  • This Special Edition of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been remastered and enhanced for the current generation of home consoles
  • Visual and graphical enhancements include remastered game art, effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more
  • The Special Edition also brings PC-like mod support to the game, so you can continually refresh your experience with new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armour, and weapons


Thanks to N-Dub Nation for the tip!



    • I suspect it’s more like how Minecraft has skins and such. I highly doubt any of the consoles will have true “PC MOD support.” This is good as my Everquesting days ended when people began modding the shit and OP things that ended up on the online game.

      Ever-Crack burnt me out on Diablo type games, but fortunately I still enjoy Open world RPG.


      • Xbox one is the only system with full mod support. It run windows 10 and Microsoft encouraged them to go all out to show off the system, ps4 how ever is restricted to small mods only, and must be created from in game assets.
        Of course no word as to what the switch well be getting in terms of mods, but i hope of course to see fans bring in nintendo assets like the master sword

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        • If they do, hopefully with great stats so the Master Sword doesn’t become obsolete when you find a better weapon.


  1. What’s the limit of mods and will it support script edited mods similar to pc or not? I was oping the ps4 and xb1 version would as well, but the modders are having troubles implementing scripted mods into the console versions. Tbh the scripted mods are the bread and butter of Skyrim mods, if it doesn’t support scripted mods to alter characters, animations, and story then it’s not really worth using the mods.


  2. That’s all well and good, I was already excited just because it would be coming to a Nintendo system. If it included MOD support that would be insane.

    It’s something that Ninty kind of NEEDS to get down already. There’s no reason at this point in the evolution of consoles that it shouldn’t be included or made available as an option.

    Until that is confirmed, I’m at the same place I was before and would probably stick to my 360 version.


  3. This is good news but yet you had some idiots saying that the Xbox 360 port of Skyrim was coming to the Switch instead of the Special Edition….smh lol. They just got exposed. I’ll pick it up only to support 3rd party titles on the Switch because I’ve already played it on PC. Hopefully it sells well so Bethesda can bring more titles to the Switch

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    • And something to think about that I think gets passed over is the idea that these companies can develop a handheld game exclusive to the Switch, a handheld game that they couldn’t put on any other system. That might seem dumb but it at least raises the question of whether there is a game whose experience lends itself more to handheld than on the tv. It is too bad you can’t stream to the tv like the wii U. I think that was totallly underused and still has a lot of potential.

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  4. The question isn’t if the Switch is getting the remastered version, but will it be the exact same game as on PS4 & XBO features-wise?


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