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Video: Fire Emblem Heroes – Heroes And Heroines

Nintendo mobile has uploaded the second part of the Fire Emblem Heroes – Heroes and Heroines trailer which shows a number of Fire Emblem protagonists join the fray. The mobile title, which will be available on both iOS and Android this time around, will be released on February 2nd and should prove to be quite an addictive experience.



    1. ESPECIALLY CATRIA. I mean, what the hell kind of pose is that where you face your f****** ass towards the camera like that? But honestly, I can’t get mad at Hinoka. Compared to other characters I’ve seen in this game, Fates, and Awakening, she looks perfectly fine. I mean, in Fates they literally have a cutscene where Camilla has close up zooms on her boobs and her panties.

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      1. }{ I’d forgotten the Camilla one to be honest… At least that one was within character… Hinoka’s character never gave any sort of indication that she would be posed that way in that sort of outfit… but yeah, Catria is seriously messed up… }{


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