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A Closer Look At The Nintendo Booth At PAX South

Nintendo is really trying to show off their upcoming console as much as possible. The Switch seems to be taking up a huge section of the company’s booth at PAX South, a convention being held right now. While not many fans will actually get to experience the excitement of the booth, loads of pictures have surfaced online. Check out a handful below.


    1. Probably for the same reason they are so out of the loop when it comes to delivering hardware people actually want. Kind of like muscles, they are nice to look at but you can’t really do that much with them.

        1. Actually it has everything to do with your question. And for the record, I don’t appreciate your tone. I have every right to voice my opinion as much as you do. If you don’t want people to comment under you, then don’t ask a question in your comment.

  1. Want to hear more about specs & features from Nintendo. Can we use online features without a secondary device (fucking smartphones?) Will we be able to use external HDDs in the future if we could care less about the portability gimmick of the Switch because micro SD cards with the same amount of data storage is more expensive? Does it have cloud storage, aka universal account system, for digital games & save data where we don’t need some dark age system transfer bullshit? Will Zelda: BotW use HD Rumble in general or is it completely devoid of HD Rumble thus meaning it’d be better to just get it on Wii U since the Switch version doesn’t have anything else special about it’s port of the game?

    These questions need answers BEFORE March 3rd. Otherwise, I’ll just move the 50 bucks I put on the Switch pre-order to a PS4 game instead.

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