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Pankapu Developer Teases A Nintendo Switch Release

Too Kind Studio has taken to Twitter to tease a Switch release of Pankapu. The developer even posted a picture of their platformer on the Switch. While there’s no doubt this is a screenshot of the PC version, their tease probably suggests something is coming. Would you like to see Pankapu come to the Switch? Tell us below.


  1. Gamers need to hear “Me4 coming to switch…RE7 coming to switch…Red Dead 2 coming to switch etc ..”

    This is just another 2D game which should be free because with all the great games out there who has time to play these ones? Just saying…

  2. Can’t really say no to more games but everything is just 2-d indie junk. Not saying that’s a bad thing but where are the more top notch 3-d games ? I’m old school and I love 2-d side scroller slime the next person, but if I wanted to play these I’d bust out my SNES or my smart phone …

    1. A lot of folks like myself love these games.
      And i prefer them on something with buttons, so no smart phone.
      You really don’t have to play these games.
      As for the “top notch 3-d games”..
      Those are usually triple A games.
      “2-D indie junk”
      That statement is subjective.
      You feel that they are junk.
      But many others would disagree.

      1. Absolutely. Not all 2-d games are junk as there are also a lot of bad 3-d games as well. I guess I meant that with the Switch being brand new I wish I could see more of a 3rd party push with their prized franchises rather than a lot of the same type of rushed indie games trying to play hero and just trying to put out something on Switch because it has nothing so perhaps it’s a good chance to sell their unknown games. I love all genres and styles of games and have been gaming since Atari and NES so I grew up on 2-d games. A lot of franchises are better off in 2-d . But rushed 2-d junk is still junk and you are correct, it’s subjective. Like Shantea and Shovel Knight are amazing fun 2-d games from indie devs and I welcome those absolutely! There is just a lot of bad indie games too which are ok to be on Switch of course, I’d just like to see bigger games or bigger 3rd party support so that the Switch has a chance. That’s all I meant. Using the word “junk” maybe be unfair and taken out of context but truth be told…. There is a lot of indie junk out there and not everything can be Trine, Shantea, Shovel Knight or Runbow…

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