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Reggie Debates Whether Nintendo Should Keep Making Consoles

In the latest episode of DeadLock, MatPat was joined by Reggie to debate Nintendo’s future in the video game industry. This is certainly a topic on the minds of many gamers, the Wii U struggling to make an impact. It’s interesting that Reggie would agree to appear, the episode pointing out many of Nintendo’s biggest issues over the past few years. Check it out below.


      1. You sound like the people at the end of WWI.

        “Never Surrender?” What if what you are fighting for his self-destructive and can never win?

        I guess you will just keep on fighting for some BS ideal even though all you are doing is making everyone else’s life worse.

        1. Lol, it’s just a quote from a super dorky sci-fi movie called “Galaxy Quest” that makes fun of Star Trek. Also, how is wanting a company to continue making consoles self-destructive and leading to make everyone else’s life worse? We’re not talking about some deep moral or political issue. No need to be so rude and serious. I honestly think you should apologize.

  1. I feel like Nintendo has been working too hard on their consoles, and not their games. We bought these consoles to play a variety of good games, and not just a new rehash of Mario and Zelda every two years. So if Nintendo wants to start making 10/10 games once again, the best decision is to drop the consoles.

    1. Some of the best games lately were Xenoblade chronicles X, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne. Your taste may differ, but to me, Nintendo are in some way responsible for a majority of my favourite games. Now that hooking a gaming PC to your TV and play with a good controller is so easy, I also think Nintendo make the only consoles that bring anything substantial beyond PC gaming. Yes, a PS4 is nice for the exclusive games, but it’s a bit too much to pay for the very few exclusives that interest me. So I suppose it’s a matter of what you want from games and consoles.

    2. I couldn’t disagree more. Their games always have the best quality standards, they should have worked with their consoles as much as they worked with switch. Even they have suffered with their own console limits, and still make the best out of them. Of course they could have done a lot more games if, for example, Wii U had easier development.

    3. At least Nintendo has a variety of good, qualitative games. What do Microsoft and Sony have?
      If you have a PC and a Nintendo console, you can play like 90% of the games on the market. The remaining 10% is probably not even worth playing.
      If you only play on Xbox or Playstation, you’re just limiting youself, cause you’re stuck with a lot of games you can also find on PC. Xbox and Playstation always do the same boring stuff over and over again… Nintendo is the only innovative player on the market + they deliver quality harware and software, every single time!

    4. You know that their hardware developers and software developers are different people right? It’s not affecting the games they are making. By the way we are getting Splatoon 2, Arms (which is a brand new IP), Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are not just rehashing Mario and Zelda (plus Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are far from rehashes). Your comment is one of the most ridiculous I have seen on this post due to the sheer ignorance of what you are saying. Matches your gravatar quite well.

    5. I see as society is becoming more advance and busy with daily routines, portables will eventually out beat at home consoles. They should make handhelds of the sort but with greater internal capability.

  2. I honestly would play so many more Nintendo games if they came to PS4. I just love my dualshock controller too much to mess with any other console for more than a few minutes.

  3. reggie trolling the punks love it

    wii and ds ech alone made more profit than every system and every company in gaming combined

    just love the whole STUPID IDIOT mentallity as a nintendo stock holder im LOLOLLLOOL

  4. I honestly am not buying a nintendo switch. I’m not going to buy a switch just for nintendo games and half baked third party ports of games that won’t be better than a PS4 port. I honestly just want nintendo to go third party. They’re stocks would go up and will all be happy in the end. At the end of the day, why do we play nintendo? it isn’t for their system, its for their games. Mic drop that Reggie.

    1. I was going to buy a switch, but I think I have convinced myself not to. I was hoping it would kinda be the new Nintendo handheld of sorts but the battery life is really hurting the portability. I bet most of the AAA games are only going to get 2.5 – 3 hours of battery life. Time will tell, I am still paying attention for now.

      1. Probably smart to wait and see. After a few months, they will be available everywhere. Might see one more bout of shortages during the holidays, but not likely.
        In waiting, you only increase your chances of getting a price cut or bundle as well. Not to mention, more 3rd party accessories.

        But that’s just my opinion.

      1. Second that. (Also, those worried about battery life just need to get a power bank. I bought one for $8 on Amazon that can charge my smartphone twice.)

          1. Only instead of playing mobile games, you have to play console games… that may not be so well developed for pick-up-and-play. :]

            On guard!!!

            1. The only “pick up and play” I did on my 3DS was StreetPass due to its design. If I played any of my other games, I PLAYED them if you catch my drift.

          1. Sweet! Yeah, I don’t get why people are complaining about battery life. Get a large power bank and you can totally play for 10+ hours handheld. (Also, for people who complain about storage, buy a couple freaking micro SD cards. And another thing, if people don’t have enough money for these things then they obviously chose the wrong hobby.) That’s my rant, that nobody will read, for tonight..

          1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

            You’re right. It does have a load of shit games. But so does Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, SNES, NES, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Megadrive, Xbox, PC, smartphones, tablets, etc. No one is immune to shit games: not Sony, not Microsoft, not Nintendo, no one. There are no exceptions.

        1. For me there’s only two games that have interested me on PS4 so far: Alien Isolation, and Doom. Not enough for me to buy my own.

          1. That is it? PC games? The only things I would even mind buying for a PS4 would be KoF 14 and…. every Kingdom Hearts I can put my hands on.
            Maybe put The Last Guardian in there too.
            And people say Wii U is the one with few interesting games….

            1. Yup. Just those 2. Uncharted, Last of Us, GTA, Red Dead, etc. I’m content sitting and watching my brother play.

              The two games I listed are ones I would want to play myself.

              1. The one thing I do love about Sony are the things that come out of Japan Studio. Ape Escape, LocoRoco, Echocrome, Rain, Puppeteer, Ico, Tokyo Jungle, Freedom Wars, Gravity Rush, and all the other Indie an double A tittles theyve developed or co-developed (Souls games, TLG, Bloudbourn, and now Deep Down.) Those are the creative titles that always have that magic that Nintendo tends to have, and though they arent 9’s and 10’s the are great entries and usually very original.

                1. I don’t know what happened while I was typing this lol
                  Anyway, you don’t need a PS4 to play them, so, yeah, you have zero need for one….

          2. Alien isolation is on Xbox 1 as well. It’s not that exciting to me, and resident evil 7 just came out. The last of us was great and so was uncharted. King of hearts is going to drop, and Nioh is in February at native 4K. Persona 5, King of Fighters 14, SF 15. GT is coming this Christmas. I’m not naming half the list. There’s a lot of new IP coming out this year for them too. Xbox hasn’t had a lot of stuff coming out though.

                  1. Okay. Well, good luck spending 300 dollars for a system that doesn’t give you a game and expects you to buy accessories like a 70 pro controller or a 80 dollar controller to play games like arms, that is also 59 dollars, along with 1 2 switch at 50 dollars when it should have been free. It’s a tech demo, why make me buy this to see how the joy control really works. Oh yeah, did I mention Sony is selling a ps4 for 280 or 275 with a 500GB and a game? Sounds like the switch is the biggest most expensive experience for no reason. Dudes don’t even have the respect to give you a LAN plug. You have to spend 30 dollars for a plug that every other system and company puts in their system for years now. Dude, even dream cast and Sega Genesis had one. Switch doesn’t. And you need a phone in order to online? So if u don’t have one, I’m fucked? And don’t say everyone has a cell phone because that’s not true. The switch is selling at the highest because retails have the p4 and X1 all cheap as shit

                    1. I’m ok with what just comes in the box and getting Zelda. The only accessory I’m even considering (not definite yet) is a carrying case. Shocking, I know. Someone who doesn’t need the accessories due to being a mostly solo gamer and is fine with just Wi-Fi so the price of them means absolutely nothing. Please stfu now. Not everyone is like you Mr. “Hardcore” gamer.

                    2. Never said I’m a hard core gamer, and you’re buying a accessory at the end of the day. Zelda is gonna dry up and you’ll see the Wii U drought all over again. March to September has no games. Now gtfoh with that crap. You’ll be bored with your switch in a few months with nothing to play it with unless you want crappy games like arms or snipper clippers. You probably do.

                    3. Really? No games? Mario Kart, Splatoon, Shovel Knight, and Yooka-Laylee (hopefully) don’t count as games? Virtual Console doesn’t count either? YOU gtfoh and deal with the fact that I’m just different than you.

                    4. Don’t forget Skyrim either which I’m actually considering to get if I really love Zelda.

                  1. You are such a moron. The switch is more money than the ps4 and the x1 right now. The ps4 is 290 to 275 on Walmart and Amazon. The x1 is 250 to 275. This is with a game too. Switch doesn’t give you a game. They want you to buy memory because it’s 32 GB, so 100 dollars or more for storage since SD cards are still money. No HDD to plug in… Dude, you have to spend 70 dollars just to use a frigging pro controller. You can’t even use the old one. And don’t even justify that stupid controller, cause Zelda doesn’t even frigging support this dumb HD rumble. Don’t be such a tool for Nintendo bro. You spending more money on a switch than any of the other two options.

                    1. $100 for storage? Dude, a 64GB microSD is like $20 which is what I’m getting which’ll probably be more than enough for me. Like I said before, stfu. Not everyone is like you. Not everyone wants a PS4 or XBO.

                    2. You’re a moron. 64 GB is for a cheap memory card. If you’re trying to run games on a system like the switch, you need a faster class memory card, which will run you in the 40’s to 50’s at 64 GB. Zelda is a 11.2 GB game. So downloading games with a 64 GB memory is stupid. Not to mention that you can’t even use an HDD which 500 GB comes at 40 dollars. Keep damage controlling Nintendo dude, you sound so smart.

                    3. It’s not damage control if it’s true. Anything that comes out at retail I’m getting the physical version. The 64GB card will be exclusively for games that are download only. It may not work for you, but it will for me.

                    4. You don’t need to buy one. But if I’m buying a system for, idk, games, then I guess that’s why I get a system like ps4 or Xbox 1. Since, you know, they actually have that.

                    5. You don’t need a pro controller. Okay. Hit me up when you find yourself buying it and saying “oh I just needed the pro controller” you don’t have a classic controller or Wii u pro controller in your home right now. Fuck off if you say you don’t cause you know it would be a lie.

                    6. No one said the switch idea wasn’t a good idea. It’s the best idea I ever seen from them. They just don’t learn that people want games. No one wants to play 2 games a year. If you want a game to move with you, you’ll get bored with just 1 game after its done and beaten. Makes sense

                    7. That’s an elite controller. That’s an option controller, but you actually get a controller in the box. Nintendo gives you a gimmick controller out the box.

                    8. So you buy Nintendo just for the same two games all the time? That makes sense. That’s why Xbox fans by Xbox for. Halo and gears. I get it.

                    9. The games take 15 seconds or longer to load. The games are going to have to install patch updateds down the road dude. Either way you slice it, downloading is going to happen. Don’t matter if it’s a cart or not. Your system will need updates. Your games will get fixes. And idk how that’s going to work with read only carts. So those bugs could be unfixable? And the system wouldn’t be 300 dollars if they used a standard HDD instead of flash memory. That’s why it’s 300 at a 32GB. The OS takes 4 to 7 GB. So 25 or so. Nice room considering Zelda is taking half the system itself. Can’t do digital unless you buy more shit and memory. Guess you like giving Nintendo money and damage controlling them.

                    10. 300 for the system, 60 for the game. You’re going to end up getting a case or a controller. You might get a memory card when your shit fills up since you can’t use an HDD. You might even wanna get a charging dock since the switch can’t be charged while you play games unless you have a 30 dollar charging dock. So keep adding up the prices. Nintendo just loves fans like you who waste their bread to feed their pockets.

        2. Playstation 4 has been out since 2013 so of course it’s going to have more games right now. The Switch doesn’t only have Zelda you ignoramus. More indie games just got announced for launch just last week and from one of my favorite indie developers, Tomorrow Corporation. Plus for having “no real interest” it sure did sell out of preorders fast and create a lot of buzz around the internet.

          1. Sony has had games for a longer time? That’s your argument? Switch is getting Indie games that have been out for other systems and mobie for years. And how is selling out of pre orders creating buzz? Nintendo gave a limited amount of pre orders to companies and stories to create buzz everywhere. They fake like there’s mass hype and you idiots buy into all like the switch is going to sell a lot. Nice to know Nintendont has you on their lease.

            1. I stated Playstation 4 has been out longer so of course it has more games. The Switch hasn’t even launched yet so yes it’s a great counterpoint to your argument of Playstation having more games. Everywhere I look on the internet there is Switch hype or it’s at least being discussed. You must be living under a rock if you don’t see it in your feed.I’m not saying they are not underselling the Switch units like they do with all their consoles but my point was the Switch hasn’t even launched yet so give it time and let’s see if all this buzz carries on throughout its life cycle.

              If you are so “Nintendont” then why the fuck are you even on a Nintendo site? That makes no sense. It seems like you are just on here to troll.

              1. I have Nintendo added to both my twitter and I come on this site. The switch is hype, the Wii u was hype. Look how that did. I’m not spending 300 for a system that just has Zelda. Unless you wanna go out of your way to play snippet clips. Than you have fun with that piece of turd

              2. No one is trolling. It’s the fact that switch is a good idea that Nintendo will fuck up. Online is stupid by phone. There’s no games coming out until holidays. Zelda is running at a crappy 900P at 30 with 1080 at 60 is a huge difference which only Nintendo fans seem to say there isn’t. Everyone else sees it. The system is weak, takes long to load games, is over priced with no game, has overpriced accessories, and doesn’t even provide you a fucking charge for your controllers. 70 dollars for a controller? 80 dollars for the main controller. The dock is 90 but it doesn’t even have a LAN port… Oh yeah, you need to buy that too since Nintendo’s online is ass when you don’t have a wire connection. Sounds like awesome trolling. The truth is trolling. Yep. I guess I’m king trolling

                1. When you called the company “Nintendon’t” it sounded like a troll line. It’s fair to criticize Nintendo and their decisions but when you bash on other people wanting to enjoy their products since they have a different opinion and resort to cheeky name calling of Nintendo it seems like just trolling to me.

                  But you make valid points so I will address them. New specs have come out to where online may not be limited to just a phone. It seems like it’s just an option to have it on your phone as well especially if you are playing with the Joy-Cons detached from screen. The online will only be about $20-$30 which isn’t too bad for an unproven online experience.

                  No games coming out until the holidays? This Spring we will have Arms (not everyone’s cup of tea but I will probably get it), Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a couple of other indie and third party titles. In the summer we are getting Splatoon 2 which is worth the Switch alone in my opinion. I personally look forward to Snipperclips. It seems to me like it would be a great game to play with friends along the lines of Ultimate Chicken Horse.

                  Since it’s on a small screen, the lower graphical resolution won’t be that much of a bother. I’m not a graphics whore so I really don’t care that much. The only thing I care about is if the graphics are strong enough for third party games to come to it. If it can at least get that I’m happy.

                  But I agree with you on everything else. The accessories are way overpriced and it sucks that you have to buy an extra unit to charge the Joy-Cons. But there isn’t a perfect system. Every system has it’s faults. Is the Switch worth $300? I would say it’s more like $250 but I will pay the extra $50 to have Zelda on the go.

    2. You really think Nintendo’s stocks would do better if they went third party in the long run? Why don’t you ask Sega how well that worked for them outside of mobile games. Unless of course that is you only want Nintendo to make games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes.

      1. Sega actually reported a profit since giving up systems, and they had to give up systems because they were going out of business. If you know the history of Sega, you would know that the company had no option and was only saved by the company CEO who gave up all his money to save the company. Most likely he did this because he passed a few months later and knew of this. Third party was their only choice after that, and it’s finally bringing something to the table

        1. They churned a profit for a few years after going third party but it did not last very long. Their IP is the weakest it has ever been and their only strength right now is in the mobile market.

            1. I got my information from this link:

              To address your point of Yakuza, the last few entries of the series haven’t even cracked the million unit sales mark. Yakuza struggles to gain popularity in western regions. It’s got a following in Japan but a tiny niche following in the West. I’m not saying it’s not a good series nor is it not fun, I’m just making the point that it’s not a strong IP in terms of sales and the publicity it gets.

              Also I should clarify that I mean Sega only IPs. I’m not talking Atlus IPs. Of course Atlus will sell millions of units whether it be physical or digital with almost any installment of Shin Megami Tensei or Persona. Atlus alone is what will churn a profit for Sega. But in terms of Sega franchises being the engine that drives Sega’s profits that is not the case outside of mobile games such as Sonic Dash.

              My point is I’m comparing Sega to how it was when it was firsty party to compared to how it is now that it is third party. It does not get enough publicity or hype for its titles (I’m not including Atlus titles). Maybe I’m not doing a good job of explaining my point. Here is an article that will explain it a bit better than what I’m doing. It’s not biased either. In fact, it’s contrary to my opinion but yet it’s still using the same information that I’m using:

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        So you people using Sega as a reason why Nintendo would not do well going 3rd party are pretty much saying that Nintendo’s IPs are weak & pathetic & wouldn’t stand a chance in hell against 3rd party games on other consoles? Because that’s what it sounds like. So little faith in Nintendo’s IPs many of you have. I guess they aren’t as great as many of you claim they are.

        1. You are textbook definition of a strawman fallacy. That is not the argument we made at all. What you are doing is making claims that we never said just so you can take them down. Thus the strawman fallacy. Good job for representing that fallacy for all those that are wanting to learn logic and reasoning for constructing arguments.

    1. You do realize that Nintendo has not not sold more systems since NES and than Wii, right? I wouldn’t say it’s hecklers. It’s just the fact Nintendo systems are lost without third party. People aren’t going to buy just for Nintendo games, and the sales say otherwise.

      1. You do realize that while the PS2 smoked the competition system sales wise, yet Nintendo smoked both Sony’s and Microsoft’s gaming divisions profit wise all while only releasing games for Nintendo systems. Sony and MS typically lose money on every system made and recoup it by selling games. The problem is that they don’t publish a lot of games themselves so they rely on the license fees that they charge third parties. I don’t care if Nintendo sells 10 million or 100 million systems as long as they are profitable. Remember that Sony sold two of it’s largest office buildings prior to the PS4 release because they were bleeding money left and right. Sony’s model is to sell 100 million systems to make good profits. Nintendo has managed to do it with less systems. In the world of business, profits are what keeps you alive. Simply put, Nintendo has made more profits than Sony’s gaming division ever has….

        1. Nintendo has been loosing money for years on gaming bro. Look at the website below. They even show that their numbers have been down entirely. Both hardware and software. Only reason why they don’t sell at a lost is because Nintendo underpowers their systems and expects you to buy everything. LAN adapter, SD cards, more memory. They haven’t been doing good for awhile brother.

      2. now that is just a lie the ds sold 152 million systems so “You do realize that Nintendo has not not sold more systems since NES and than Wii, right?” is just incorrect

        1. Systems and handhelds are the same?

          Okay, so DS has been out for how long now? I believe it has gone pass the life span of both Wii and pass the life span of NES. And the reason why that system sold so much is because flash cards were going in the wild so much that everyone wanna a DS to play free games. That’s why I got one and everyone I knew in school and college. It sold, but if you wanna compare numbers, looks like mobile is what it is for Nintendo to do and should go third party since it proves my point. DS sold a lot but it’s a mobile device. If Nintendo took their games and went to other systems and mobile, shit would increase their sales. And it’s funny that when Nintendo announced the switch, stock dropped, but when they mention mobile, stock went up. Hmmm.

          1. “Systems and handhelds are the same? ” yes they are “Okay, so DS has been out for how long now?” well the 3ds is a different system. that has another 61 million “And it’s funny that when Nintendo announced the switch, stock dropped” reason being is that investors who had their heads up their asses though nintendo should go full mobile instead of releasing a new console because they thought thats where all the money is. but look at konami they wanted to go full mobile but no one likes them anymore, “but when they mention mobile, stock went up. Hmmm.” because pokemon go sold a shit ton and mario run was the first mario game on iphone and investors want nintendo to go mobile because they think thats where the money will go. ” DS sold a lot but it’s a mobile device. If Nintendo took their games and went to other systems and mobile” mobile can be a small little profit for nintendo but a main line sorce of profit no. mobile gamers already show that they arent loyal any game company so if nintendo were to go full on mobile then the market will just forget about them.

            1. Systems and handhelds not the same. If you want a better idea of what I mean, Im saying home systems over handhelds. Home systems are always at a drop for Nintendo. Portable is what sells for Nintendo and why they just need to stay mobile. Pokemon was a free game. How did it sell alot? And Mario run did 3 percent of downloads off the 10 dollar mark. 3DS is the same as the DS, just a 3D and different shaped games. Graphics are about the same and the system is a small boost in specs. Are you really this blind for Nintendo bro? And Konami reports no lost in their mobile division. They report losts in home system game releases. Last game they sold on a home system was metal gear phantom pain, and that game was half finished because they rushed Kojima to finish it. And people are not loyal to mobile? WTF? Did you just make that up? Nintendo is a friggin franchise. Dudes will line up for Nintendo games on mobile if they release and are good. Sorry but you definitely sounding like you damage controlling Nintendo really hard here

              1. “Portable is what sells for Nintendo and why they just need to stay mobile. Pokemon was a free game. How did it sell alot?” Well judgeing with the sales of the 3ds it is apparent that nintendo can do fine alongside mobile with a deticated system, because there is that market for it. I dont see any reason the 3ds die in favor of mobile. plus nintendo makes so much more money with the 3ds than mobile The pokemon games have sold around 45 million on their consoles and at 40$ a pop each they made so much money plus the sale of the 3ds itself while they only got 10% of pokemon go’s revinue. “DS is the same as the DS, just a 3D and different shaped games.” That wasnt my point. you were just impying that the sales of the ds and the 3ds were te same and i was pointing out to you that they are differnt systems and if you want to count the 3ds as well then you have 215 million systems sold. “And Konami reports no lost in their mobile division.” my point is everyone hates konami now and they were trying to get into mobile by cancelling PT or treating kojima like a peice of shit because they didnt see the need in console gameing and thought why are we spending so much on console games when we can make so much more on mobile and that kinda greed makes everyone hate them. ” And people are not loyal to mobile? WTF? Did you just make that up? Nintendo is a friggin franchise. Dudes will line up for Nintendo games on mobile if they release and are good. ” Sure nintendo fans might be loyal to it but not the huge market most people want to attracted to their games. and also if they are so loyal why did super mario run only get 78 million downloads while pokemon go got half a billion. According to statistics mario is one of the most popular video game characters out there so why didnt the game break 200 million

                1. The 3DS sales have done worst than the DS sales. Mobile is bigger now than it was before when the DS was out. You just killed you’re whole argument and proved mine again

                  1. “The 3DS sales have done worst than the DS sales. Mobile is bigger now than it was before when the DS was out” Mobile wasnt a thing when the DS was out so anyone who wanted on the go gaming had to buy a ds or psp. Now mobile is a thinbg and everyone has a smart phone so of course the 3ds wasnt going to sell as well as the ds (aka the second best selling system of all time) The 3ds though still has sold 65 million consoles and is still going strong. thats not too bad for a dedicated gaming system who is competing with 2 billion smartphones

    1. What if the Yamauichi quote holds true of the day that Nintendo stops making games on their platforms is the day that they stop making games in general. So would you even want the risk of no one being able to play any Nintendo games at all?

      This whole debate seems so trivial and stupid to me. Is anyone asking for Halo, God of War, or Uncharted to go on other platforms? No. Was anyone asking for Sony to stop making consoles when the PS3 was originally failing? No. The way I see it is that non-Nintendo fans just want to see Nintendo hardware fail so they can have Nintendo IP on their consoles of choice. I don’t even think they really care if they get to play Nintendo games or not, they just want to see the company fail.

      Like I said there is no guarantee Nintendo will even go third party if the Switch fails. The haters just may be selfishly wanting Nintendo to fail so that way no one can enjoy Nintendo games. My question is why do they even care if people like Nintendo? We’re not bothering their systems at all so why do they want Nintendo systems to fail so badly?

      1. Doesn’t change what I said, of course I would care if it ended up that way, it goes without saying, like I said, I only care about the quality of the games, and if that remain intact, idc.

  5. But there games wouldn’t be as good if they weren’t utilizing their hardware. Motion controls are amazing! Who wants to play Splatoon with dual sticks? No thanks! Who wants to play arms with just normal controls? I aint gonna do it! And then you got hd rumble which I’ve heard feels amazing. And you can take all that on the go! Nintendo games are made better by their hardware, so i say keep on keeping on Nintendo!

      1. Anyone who is anyone on Splatoon uses Gyro controls, its scientifically proven to be better;) But seriously all first person shooters should have gyro, its WAY better!

    1. Except Nintendo has proved that isn’t true with Zelda BotW.
      They removed gamepad features.
      They didn’t add Switch features.
      BotW could have been a legendary game to 100 million gamers instead of however many WiiU and Switch consoles exist. They removed from Zelda what made it special to its hardware.

      I really do mostly agree with you, except Nintendo seems to want to prove us wrong.

      1. But you can still take it on the go with you, the other systems can’t do that. And aiming your bow with gyro and stuff like that. Plus I’m pretty sure hd rumble will be in the game. I know Aonuma said it wouldn’t, but the way he said it seemed like he only meant mechanics that were centered around hd rumble, not that hd rumble wouldn’t be featured at all. But yeah, some games would be the same on PS4 or Xbone, (except no portability) but i would still like it all to be in one place on Nintendo’s hardware.

        1. I guess we’ll have to wait and see then. Just a month left and we’ll see what was really stripped out and what was added for each system. :)

          1. Yeah. We’ll also see how much better the graphics are than the Wii U version. From my own comparisons it’s fairly significant even above resolution and framerate, all the way to lighting, major draw distance improvements, texture revamps, and texture resolution bumps. But who knows how much of that will be in the final build of the Wii U version as well. Tho I wouldn’t be surprised if none of it was due to the Wii U’s lower gpu.

            1. I posted a video a while back debunking Switch having better graphic with Zelda. It will depend how far Nintendo went to sabotage WiiU’s Zelda. Plus they are the same size. You can’t make something with nothing. Nintendo is pushing Switch, and they will stab WiiU owners in the back and even gimp their own game to do it. So you maybe right, but it’s not the hardware in this one instance, it’s the devs being told to do things they don’t want to Zelda.

              1. No its not, Nintendo is not gimping the Wii U version so that the Switch one looks better. The Switch had better hardware. Its a fact. I know you don’t want to get a Switch and that’s fine, the Wii U one will be great, but don’t go spreading bull crap about Nintendo sabotaging the Wii U version. Its insane! If the Switch one looks better it’s because the hardware is much better. Get over it. Plus i doubt the upgrade will be as good as it seems now, since they’re probably adding some of that stuff to the Wii U version. Tho maybe not since the E3 build was already pushing the Wii U to its limits, but then again they may have fine tuned it since then so really who knows?

                1. I’m just saying, I’ve seen a side by side and liked the WiiU versions lighting effects. If they changed it when they allegedly removed the WiiU game features, to try and make it look more like switch when it’s obviously old hardware, then they would be gimping it (more than they already and unarguably did) – that said, I don’t know if they removed the lighting effects, so it might be fine! I just wish they would have given us the fucking game and stopped fucking with it to try and make the “experience” the same for everyone. I want my damned WiiU experience and graphics, and I’m fine with them taking it back to the shop to port to Switch, then do whatever they want! IDC. I just want the game as it was envisioned. But I’m not getting it, so I just going to hope it’s as close as possible. :)

                  1. I don’t think they’re taking anything out because of the Switch version. I agree that on some very small occasions the Wii U has slightly better lighting effects, but on the whole the Switch has way better lighting, draw distance, textures, texture resolution, texture clarity, coloring (probably something that’s in the Wii U version as well) resolution, and frame rate. So yeah, maybe the Wii U will get some of these features but I’m not sure if it could handle it. Not because of the Switch version, just because that game is very demanding and the Wii U is pretty weak.

                    1. But they have already admitted it batman. They admitted they did. Aonuma said he was told to, then he had to convince the developers. This isn’t fan theory, it’s from Nintendo straight up.

              2. Quit it. Your obviously trying to convince yourself you don’t want a switch, and that the Wii u is as capable. Just stop. If you don’t like the switch, cool. But don’t try to force it.

                1. I don’t like how Nintendo handled the WiiU version of Zelda, and that’s going to be a position I will always defend. But I am trying to say occasional nice things about switch once in a while! :) I didn’t even make fun of 1,2, switch :D

    2. Splatoon would be worse without gyro controls but we’d also not have to risk getting another game like Star Fox Zero where you have to aim at enemies with a stick and steer the ship with gyro ckntrols simultaneously. It was a real nightmare to adjust and I still constantly crash into walls. Honestly, Splatoon is the only game I’ve played where gyro controls are a positive thing.

      1. Starfox actually controlled really well for me. I’ve like motion control aiming in every game I’ve played. It just needs to be an option, its easy to put both dualstick and gyro aiming into a game so people can choose what they want.

        1. It really did need to be an option, like you said. It alienated anyone who didn’t want to, or couldn’t use excessive multitasking and coordination.
          I was able to catch on, but then I also liked Kid Icarus controls. Other people, including my family just couldn’t play, and when there was no option to turn it off, and no multi-player, it basically tanked as it had little value to most people.

          An epic waste of an IP. And just threw away what could have been a remembered edition to the series.

          If Nintendo has half a brain, they would bring Platinum back to add the multi-player for a switch release. It will further piss off WiiU owners, but that bridge is burnt. May as well do it. Seems to me it would be well suited for switch.

          1. Yeah, options are always great. But I don’t want it to be on Switch. They need to make a brand new Star Fox with its own story, and own mechanics, still maybe based somewhat on the 64 formula, but an evolution of it not just the same. Zero was fine because i had never played 64 3d so it was like re experiencing it only better, but for the next one i want it to be all new.

            1. Hmm. Well yes, a new Starfox would be great of course! I figured a port would be more likely, given how long it took to get Starfox Zero. D;

              1. The only reason it took so long was because they didn’t want to fund a new star fox. And with the reception of Zero, it wouldn’t be a very good idea to port it over.

                1. You may be right, however it’s really a great game that didn’t get a fair chance IMO. If re-released with a new control scheme and multi-player, it might do really well…only, now that I think about it, bits of the game would be tough without the gyros due to level design s…

  6. They day they do that, is the day I’ll turn my back towards Nintendo.
    Playstation and Xbox have nothing I want, so why should I ever give money to them? + their consoles are boring as ****. I already have a gaming-PC to play most games that come for Xbox or Playstation and guess what, they look so much better and play so much smoother on my PC.
    So the only thing I need besides that is a Nintendo console!

    1. Their consoles are basically mid-range PCs which you cannot upgrade and you have to buy a full new system every 5 years that does exactly the same thing!

    2. You’re not alone, a lot of people miss the main point of console gaming. Console gaming is to keep everyone on the same page. Unlike PC, where the more you spend on hardware, the better your experience and also online advantages vs other players with weaker hardware.

  7. The switch isnt a console. Its a handheld. I bet nintendo in the future will make a switch bundle and take the dock out. Without the dock its still a handheld.

            1. You’re the one saying they would definitely build a “portable only” console. I merely told you how they might go about it. The point is that you’re able to seamlessly play on the TV and on the go with one console.

              1. If they do release a portable only which they will you will be eating crow and the switch will be completely irrelevant. It will be irrelevant because if people want a portable they don’t have to get the switch and the people that want a console wont give a shit about its portability.

                1. Whatever. I’m done talking to someone who just will hate anything Nintendos doing for the sake of it.

                    1. Who said I accepted it? I’m waiting to see how much it costs before I see if it’s worth it.

                  1. So why have I seen you list splatoon 2 and mario kart 8 as games you’re going to buy? If you are you obviosly have accepted paid online. Whats there to wait on? pc has free online and is superior to xbox live.

                    1. I said they are games that I’m interested in. The only definite buy so far is actually Zelda since it’s all I have preordered. Like I said I’m waiting to hear about the online. Also, if anything, local is still free. And it won’t be restricted to just my house either. Hell, 2 players could use the one console right out of the box. Can other consoles do that?

    1. You might want to tell Nintendo it’s a handheld. Because they think it’s a home console.

  8. I can only imagine what the comment section is like on YouTube for this video. Absolute troll heaven.

  9. When Nintendo turned it’s back on ZeldaU, they lost a huge chunk of validity that their games need their hardware…

    They took their most iconic IP, and proved it doesn’t need more than a controller and a GPU. Any system could have done it, and better. But it’s Nintendo’s decision to not make it a unique hardware experience.

    1. Now it’s even more unique. You can play it anywhere instead of being restricted to your house. And bonus, you can still play it on the TV if you want too!!! Staying exclusive to Wii U with the map and stuff on the touch screen would’ve been the same thing already done with WW and TP HD. Heck, OoT and MM 3D, not to mention ALBW, did the same thing too already.

      1. You care about taking it anywhere. I think it would be cool, but I don’t think most console gamers care. I could be wrong, and we’ll see in this coming year.

  10. Nintendo needs to stick around for varieties sake. M$ & Sony would agree this 3 man race needs 1 company to offer something unique & different. Not everybody offering the same carbon copy game system as the next.

    Don’t take my word for it. The next time you’re at GameStop just look at the used selection of Xbox and PlayStation games. will you see the hundreds of titles used 4-H system weather Titanfall Assassin’s Creed Call of Duty Battlefield Devil May Cry all of these titles are great games but there’s a reason after 2 weeks or less the average gamer is ready to trade these games in and get something new.

    for a long time the Wii U have made numerous hits. and for a long time GameStop carried a very small collection of used Wii U games. when I asked them how come you guys don’t have a large selection of Wii U titles the way you guys carry Xbox one and PlayStation 4 titles?
    their response was “I guess Wii U owners love their games they’re not willing and they’re not ready to trade them in as of yet”. this went on for the first two years of the we use life cycle.
    Actually the Wii U should have died in the first year but due to the fact they had new Super Mario Brothers, Rayman Legends, Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, the wonderful 101, Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 8, Captain toads treasure Tracker, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, the Need for Speed as well as other hits this extended the life cycle on the Wii U.
    not to mention they’re spectacular online Network. they had many great titles from the network that you can download which at the end of the day proves as long as you come with the games you will have a fanbase. the Wii U could still be going strong to this very day but they are opting to go with the switch.

  11. This video was most definitely made for clicks. As for me , the day Nintendo stops making consoles is the I stop gaming. I read many years ago (probably under Yamauchi) Nintendo said the day they stop making consoles that it’ll be the day they stop making games… Who knows whether this still holds true today.

  12. Sega decided to stop making consoles… How’d that work out for them? Oh? Really fucking terrible? Hmm… Yeah Nintendo should just give up on Consoles. You know What else? McDonalds should stop making burgers. Apple should stop making computers and just focus on apple music and the cloud. The lesson to learn here kids, is always let your competition win! Life hacks!

    1. No, the real lesson here is companies should cop-out after one failure, ignore all suggestions on how to improve, and we’re not allowed to have nice things.

      But hey, the only games we need are Pac-Man and Super Mario Bros. for all eternity.

    2. That’s what I’ve been saying is that we don’t even know if Nintendo would want to go third party. The argument made by MatPat that Sega was more profitable after going third party is ridiculous. Their dedicated console games have been doing terrible and their only major profits have been coming from crappy mobile games. Is that what people what is for Nintendo to only make games like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes? That sounds like a miserable option to me!

      Plus we are only assuming they would go third party and put their games on other platforms. Who’s to say that they wouldn’t want to abandon gaming all together and focus on their Quality of Life platform? I know it’s not fully developed yet but you never know what they may decide to do if gaming just doesn’t work out for them. Or they could look into putting their IP into TV shows, movies, etc. There is no guarantee that if Nintendo stops making consoles that their precious IP will appear on Steam, Playstation, or Xbox. The thought of no one being able to play Nintendo games again scares me.

      Plus look at what Nintendo has done with its consoles in terms of innovation. They made touchscreens mainstream with the Nintendo DS. Sure not all of their innovations and gimmicks stick but we need them for the ones that do. This whole debate seems ridiculous to me.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I have no idea why people want Nintendo to fail and quit making consoles. Basic rules of economics goes that competition causes companies to produce better products at better prices for consumers. Why in the world do we want less competition? I personally don’t want Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft to fail. It takes away variety and buying power from the consumer. I saw an article that PC sales are down and that has me worried too. I don’t want the market to be oversaturated but I don’t want to see any of the current companies fail.

  13. From a debate perspective, there were a lot of missed opportunities. Reggie should’ve elaborated more on the comparison with Sega. Sega left the console business after years of financial distress. Nintendo on the other hand has generally made a profit. 2012 was the first year Nintendo posted an annual loss since getting into the console market. They posted another loss in 2014 and have been up since. Every main Nintendo console, with the exception of the Wii U has been a financial success.

    People like to act like Nintendo’s been floundering for years, but in actuality, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that they need to get out of the console business.

  14. I don’t want to buy a new console that is basically exactly like the last one with just a little better performance ( *cough* PS3 -> PS4 ).
    If Nintendo drops out of console business, it would probably be the day I drop out of console gaming.

    I do have a PC that is better in every way than those boring standard consoles. In the long run the PC can even be cheaper… (Yes, cheaper!)

    Besides, Nintendo is overall a successful and healthy company, despite of what the doomsayers want to believe. In fact the Wii U was the first and only system to not be a commercial success.
    They have no reason to drop out.

  15. n’t think Nintendo could make the games they’re makign right now without their own console, to be quite honest. People might be laughing at the new Mario, but this new Mario is going to be the most core-gamer friendly ever since Mario 64. We all saw the amazing Switch reveal Zelda trailer and there are still people out there complaining about yet another Zelda rehash, even though the last console Zelda was released 5 1/2 years ago and had an entirely different gameplay concept.

    People love to hate and NIntendo is easy to hate on. We have an entire generation of gamers grown up on the Playstation and Xbox, who only played a Nintendo system when there were children – if they ever touched a Nintendo system at all.
    Right now, Nintendo is trying to be different. They could have made another pseudo-PC and try to compete with Sony and MS for the best 4k next gen gamining console, but they didn’t. Instead they went for a unique concept of a hybrid console, that can’t possibly compare to either PS4 or XboxOne. People need to get the console wars out of their minds, because the Switch is NOT competing with PS4 & X1.

    By being able to create such a unique console, Nintendo is also more free to develop unique games. I don’t think Xenoblade Chonicles X would’ve been as great as it is, if it would’ve been on Playstation, neighter would Splatoon have been. Both some of the best games of their generation.

    Right now, Sony and MS are simply trying to outpower each other. MS with their 4k console in the making, that adds absolutely nothing to the gaming landscape besides being 4k (Microsoft admitted themselves you gain nothing from that machiene, if you don’t have a 4k TV), it not bringing us anywhere. We already have a gaming macheine that will always be more powerful than any console and that’s the PC. If we want to keep having diverse experiences, we need diverse consoles. People were lauging at the Wii for motion controls, now VR is the next hot thing.
    People are lauging at the Switch, even though their own favorite console is nothing but a sorry excuse for a pseudo gaming PC. In all honestly, console gaming is at a point where you might as well just get a decent gaming PC, buy the controller of your choice and hook it up to your TV: same experience, slightly better graphics. Most MS games come to PC anyway and the PS4 is only worth something, if you care about the few exclusives that don’t make it to PC. Consoles are nothing more than small gaming PC boxes today.

    I think Nintendo should absolutely stay in console business. I want that difference, I want that cartoony and art-y graphics and quirky controls, because I have enough realism all around me. I’m sick of playing the same game over and over in slightly better graphics after long hours of work every day. I don’t need 10 AAA games at launch, because I don’t have time to play them anyway. I know what I want and I know I want that new Zelda and I’m willing to buy a console for that game, because in all honestly it looks more attractive to me than anything on the gaming horizon right now. Pun intended, Horizon looks like a glorified Monster Hunter clone.

  16. They haven’t been making traditional consoles since the Wii. The emphasis is always on the gimmick. Yes the Wii was successful at first but turned out to be a fad that came and went. Since then they haven’t stopped chasing the success of the Wii. Wii U and Switch are just an evolution of the original Wii. They should go back to basics. A console. A gamepad controller and focus on games. We wanna play great Nintendo games not change the way we play them.

    1. What are you talking about? Nintendo has always made new controllers with their new consoles. Some more outlandish and other’s more in a traditional sense.

      Before the NES, controllers in the traditional sense as we know them today, didn’t exist. Nintendo invented the traditional layout even todays controllers are still based on. Nintendo invented the shoulder buttons with the SNES and don’t try to convince me the N64 controller was a classic design, that thing looks like a weird spaceship even after so many years. Jump ahead to Gamecube and you have yet again a very different controller design, an awesome one that resembles modern pro controllers the most, but still a very different design from the N64 controller. And even though Wii, Wii U and Switch offer a very different approach to controllers once again, at least you have the chance to play with a pro controller, if you care to buy one. Just like the Wii U, you will be able to play the vast majority of games with the pro controller.

      It may come as a shock to you, but controllers didn’t always look like the ones we’re used seeing from Microsoft and Sony for their systems with little to no change over the last 4 generations of video games. Their controllers are already the product of a long evolution, that they didn’t care so much in taking further.
      Traditionally, controllers have always massively changed their apperance, just as consoles used to massively changed what they could do. Sega controllers used to have 3 buttons in a line. Crazy, if you think about it today.
      That’s exactly what I meant when I wrote “console gaming is at a point where you might as well just get a decent gaming PC, buy the controller of your choice and hook it up to your TV”. Everyone’s doing the same, people just cry for more of the same and Sony is so very successful, because they’re giving gamers what they want: more of the same, just in slighty better graphics.

      Nintendo is trying to give gamers what they didn’t know they wanted. Reinventing controllers to reinvent gaming experiences is a crucial part in taking the industry further ahead into a future that consists of more than just better specs.
      If you’re fine with just more of traditional classic gaming experiences, you can just get yourself a pro controller and use the Switch as a home console.

  17. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Unless this puppet is gonna clarify some things about Switch, why should I watch this exactly? Because Reggie is in it? Bleh! I’d rather watch a video of a monkey scratching it’s butt. lol

    This subject itself is irrelevant. Whether Nintendo continues making consoles or goes 3rd party, I’m good either way.

  18. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    I wasn’t gonna personally respond on this, but since people seem to be bringing up Sega going 3rd party didn’t work well for them so it wouldn’t work for Nintendo, ye of little faith in Nintendo’s awesome IPs! So Nintendo’s IPs aren’t good enough to hang with other 3rd parties on Sony, Microsoft, PC, etc? s/ And here I was under the impression that Nintendo’s games is what sells their consoles. Huh! This is some very troubling news! D: /s

    Nintendo isn’t Sega. Sega has only suffered the last decade or so because most of their IPs were buried by them for some reason & they were making mistake after mistake after mistake with Sonic at nearly every turn. Essentially people saying Nintendo won’t do well going 3rd party because Sega didn’t do well are saying Nintendo is worse than Sega. *shrug*

    This is most likely a moot point regardless since I don’t see Nintendo going 3rd party right now, anyway.

    1. Let me try to explain this to you in a way you can understand:

      A.) No one is using the argument that Nintendo has weak IP. No where on this forum or on the YouTube video did I see that. You are building a strawman argument since you don’t have a good enough argument with facts to back up your point of view. Now let me explain why you’re wrong with facts.

      B.) There is this simple mathematical concept called statistics. Perhaps you have heard it in passing at some point in your life. In statistics we collect data and use it to predict likely outcomes. Out of all the available data of videogame developers we have, 100% have them that have went under are now irrelevant to major gaming. Sega, Atari, 3DO, Coleco Vision, Hudson,….all of them are so out touch and flailing in the gaming industry that their only successes now are in the mobile market which is based solely on flash trends. 100% of the data so far. What does that mean to you? If you were a statistician what would be your likely outcome prediction of Nintendo going third party based on ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the available data correlating the same answer. This is factual, quantitative evidence to support my claim. Your whole argument is based on the assumption that going third party wouldn’t cripple the spirit and integrity of Nintendo’s ethics and methodology. It has nothing to do with the strength of their IP. It’s all about what it would do to the company’s pride and integrity.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Still, it’s Nintendo, not Sega. They’d do just as good as a 3rd party developer as they do as a console & video game developer, maybe even better. So using Sega is pointless as they are better than them.

        But like I said, this entire subject is moot right now since Nintendo isn’t going 3rd party any time soon anyway.

  19. You base your opinion entirely on assumptions. I’m basing mine purely on statistical data. Never has a first party developer been able to pull off being a major third party player in the modern generation cycles of consoles. I notice you keep bringing up Sega but I also brought up several other console developers besides Sega that had an even worse fate than Sega. But we’re splitting hairs here since I see you base your decisions entirely on emotion and assumptions rather than concrete data.

    This is one thing I can agree with you on. This whole debate is moot because if Nintendo can woo the third party and deliver platinum status first party games, the entire thought of Nintendo becoming a third party would be ridiculous. I personally hope the Switch will get a $50 price cut and kill it over in Japan since it’s catered more for that audience. Whether it will win the west over will be interesting to watch but my prediction is that it will sell very well in Japan and keep Nintendo afloat into the next generation.

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