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Nintendo President Says Switch Online Service Costs 2-3,000 yen ($17.50 – $26.50) Yearly

We all know that we will eventually have to pay to play online with the Nintendo Switch. Initially the service will be free but then towards the autumn Nintendo will start charging for the pleasure of online play. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima says that the service will be priced at 2-3,000 yen which is around $17.50 – $26.50 a year.

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    1. I think you mean inexpensive and not cheap. However, it could be both. Not sure if its even worth it. Is there cross game chat? Have to go through your phone even at home? They need to clarify these things and others. The fact that they are beating around the bush usually means disappointing news. Speculation indeed, but what else can you do?

  1. well given playstation network is something around $60 a year this is significantly less demanding, Nintendo is being more than reasonable with the pricing.

    1. Yeah but they give you tons of free games including a bunch of triple A titles a year , and amazing discounts. January 60% off I got 6 games for 43 euro’s all triple A titles. I’m not to familier with the nintendo shop but I don’t believe its that great. And the free games are Nes, Snes as far as I know.

      1. Xbox gave me a lot of really “good” games (there were also turds) for free. I also got crazy discounts on AAA games. I feel like I get my $60 worth every year in software alone.
        Given Nintendo is giving out ancient stuff, and very little of it, and can’t support proper online features… I feel like this is still a fair price. If it was over $30, there’s no way I’d pay it, but this price seems about right.

    2. You really don’t know what kinds of features this new Nintendo online service will have to say their offering ” is significantly less demanding ” than PSN. To my understanding PS4’s PSN is running on the same online infrastructure as the PS3’s only with a few more features added. There could be a lot more features added and now with DeNA helping with the servers and whatnot is could be light years better than what the Wii U online service offered. Let’s wait until we’ve actually been on the Switch’s online service to judge if it will be less demanding than what the competition offers

      1. Just from a price perspective, and as a ps4 owner, I am not willing to fork out $60 for online when I can get 2-3 decent used games for the same price. I also prefer physical games to downloaded so I wouldn’t really take advantage of online sales so much either. But this is simply my preference – I don’t play too many games that use extensive online multiplayer, I mostly play RPG or adventure style games, so It has less value for me than for someone who would potentially make constant use of the online. The value varies from person to person. I’m not saying that PSN is not being reasonable – in fact I think that it delivers enough value over the course of the year to justify the cost – just that for someone (like me) who doesn’t use online extensively, the $20 Nintendo lower price point is simply more appealing.

  2. Good thing I held my breath before complaining, I thought they had to compensate by making the service cheap and they delivered, whew.

  3. Cincinnati tenders online if it’s truck sure isn’t even half as good as anyone else’s … I say that’s fair.

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  4. Fine for me, better if they divide it in multiple tranches, this would be better with children that usually don’t have much money. At least having the option should be nice. ^^

  5. There’s been a bunch of good news today now. If this service had been $60 for their online, then I would’ve been very uncertain of Nintendo’s thinking process. I’m assuming a year of the online service will be around $20 given the price range given, which is definitely a nice price. The limited-time free VC game is a lot less worrying now.

  6. ok i will consider it now. just as long as Nintendo doesn’t make the app required for online then i will probably get it yearly

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    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

      First Vigo the Carpathian & now Agent Smith! When you find a nice quote from Saruman to use, don’t hesitate to use it. lol

  8. Well that’s not that bad I guess lol I mean if were gna have to pay for it at least it isn’t going to cost as much as PSN and xbl given that it’s looking to be inferior

      1. How? An online service that is allocated to a smartphone and not the console itself, old NES games that will be deleted after a month… Thanks but i won’t be sharing that Nintendo cock with you.

    1. Well seeing as that we now have to pay for the service I’m absolutely certain it will be a much better online experience than the Wii U’s. You see now by us having to pay them Nintendo can make drastic changes to the service to make it even more robust. They can also acquire more servers to the make the experience more enjoyable. I really hope they start doing what PSN and XBLA does and that give gamers more VC games and at least a AAA every month

  9. I don’t know how I feel about this. Yeah – the price is great! but I’m wondering then if it means the service will be severely lacking features. C’mon achievements

  10. I really thought it was gonna be $60, thank God I was wrong. This price is more than fair, $2.50 per month.

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  11. This is a price point I can get behind. If it was $50-$60 it would not be worth it especially if everything was confined to an app.

      1. Paying $60 to an online experience confined to a separate device does not seem worth it to me. Sure it would be nice to play Smash, Mario Kart, and Splatoon online but that’s a lot to ask for us to rely on another device. Plus Nintendo’s online experience is still unproven. This generation will certainly be interesting to watch.

  12. Keep this in mind: PS+ costs roughly $41 in Japan but $60 here. A similar $20 difference could result in NoA charging $40/year.

  13. $30 not bad for it, but I will still try and find better deals online for it just like I do xbox live and psn. I don’t really play that much online anyways.

  14. That’s a pleasant surprise for my wallet. Hopefully, the experience for that price is still solid and stable.

  15. They could easily go for $1.99 a month and $19.99 yearly and have no problems. The monthly price looks like nothing and the yearly price takes off two months cost for your dedication up front. Looks like an all around win to me.

  16. I dunno. I think it should be free if you have to go through your phone but I guess we have no choice. After reading the Splatoon post though, It sounded to me like there isn’t even cross game chat. If that’s the case…its over for Nintendo’s hopes to bring back gamers and not just casuals. Going through your phone is already an enormous set back. I will estimate that 75% of gamers thinking about buying the switch just said “meh” after finding that out and never looked back to the Switch. If there is no option for cross game chat then I think thats it, I think 70% grows to 99%.

  17. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    This price, though good, still doesn’t alleviate my woes of having to probably pay for a damn smartphone/tablet app because the Switch itself doesn’t have the features standard on the system. Besides, this still doesn’t tell us the price of the online in other regions. Just because the yen spent equals around 20 USD doesn’t mean that’s gonna be the price in the US. Remember how we thought the Switch’s price in America would be below 299$ because some other store in another region’s price was converted into USD showing a cheaper than 300 buck price tag? Yeah. I’m a buzzkill but that’s not my problem.

    1. You’re justified in being skeptical- I too am worried that this app will be the only means of communicating in-game, as I have several friends who have not upgraded to smart devices for various reasons. I do not wish for them to be ostracized. This is one of the few times I wish Ninty would copy right from Sony and Microsoft- they have pretty much optimized voice chat.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Dumbtendo at it’s finest! Making Nintendo try & be unique from the competition no matter how detrimental it’ll be! If they could have, I bet they would have done some unique spin on region free, too!

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        The app for online features is utterly useless if you aren’t paying for the online. It’s just a nice little digital paperweight taking up space in your smartphone or tablet otherwise. Now if the app can do things unrelated to online, sure but then it’s only half free since the other part of the app is locked behind a paywall.

          1. What we’re really worried about is Nintendo’s possible total dependence on this app for all social aspects of Switch. I have friends who don’t yet have smart devices. If you can’t have basic voice chat unless you have a corresponding app, it’s an extremely flawed notion considering PS4, XBOne, and even their predecessors had VC and other social aspects down-pat.

            The *only* scenario I see the app working is if the Switch dock is out of immediate access, and even then I don’t have a lot of faith in it.

            1. Actually I came across a nintendo video that sort of DID say that the app isn’t going to run everything of the switch and tells that its an option for on the go. Here, have a look and put the worries to rest.

    1. It’s still a scam, you’re already paying for the internet service and the system, this is like buying a PC and being told by Microsoft/Apple that you have to pay an extra fee or you can’t connect to the internet, it’s ridiculous.

      1. All three of the gaming companies do it now and I hate it. It’s so freaking dumb. That is the one thing I really loved about my Wii U is that I did not have to pay for online.

        Guess I can always play online for free on Steam smh….

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