The wait is finally over as Fire Emblem Heroes is now available to download on Android and iOS. The game is free-to-play unlike Super Mario Run but it does feature a variety of in-game purchases which are bound to be tempting. Fire Emblem Heroes ditches perma-death to make the game more accessible to newcomers. The game is currently available in Japan, Australia, and Europe but I’m not sure about North America.




  1. I want to like this and in truth I haven’t started playing it yet. It’s nice to have it there and for free (to an extent) but I don’t play mobile titles and I’m having trouble getting past that mobile game gloss and simplicity. Feels closer to a mobile game than a Nintendo game, which I guess is the point. Hopefully it’ll sucker me in like Super Mario Run


  2. Playing it now. Pretty cool for smart phone game.
    One thing I noticed was google achievements, perhaps Nintendo will embrace Switch with achievements as well?


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