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Source Gaming: Sakurai Likes The Switch’s Price & That It’s Region-Free

The crew at Source Gaming have done it again with translating the latest Famitsu column from Sakurai. Sakurai talked about the Nintendo Switch in his column, which he wrote on the eve of the day of the Nintendo Switch presentation. Sakurai said that “I think that this price, when you consider that the Switch has a capacitive LCD touchscreen, and comes with a dock, an adapter, various cables, and more, is very reasonable. The controllers have a lot of transmitters and receivers, which makes them expensive, but the Switch comes with two”. He mentioned that he’s “very pleased” that the console is region-free and says that the release date was “much earlier than I had anticipated”. As for the paid online service, he does see it as a benefit in the long run, but he admits that “getting people to understand the benefits of paid online will take a long time”.


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  1. Who wouldn’t like the region free feature? Region lock only helps companies know how many games they should produce in certain regions, it was never consumer friendly.

    1. Actually, it affects more people than just publishers. It actually affects stores, and very badly. It’s better for us as gamers, but in the end, region free consoles affect the relation that Nintendo has with brick and mortar stores. If (as an example) Australian folks bought a switch and it was region locked they would be forced to pay the (and I believe this is the price) $470AU, but now that its region free, they can actually just ignore that price and import it for cheaper. The same with games, now for everyone that does that, a B&M store just lost a sale on product and taxes that wont go to the state. At least thats one of the biggest reason why Region Lock is a thing.

    1. Nintendo do online service cause they cant afford a free one. the Wii sold LOTS so they had the money to have a free service. but the Wii u sold nothing so they don’t have the money to do a free service thus making the switch a paid service not to complicated

  2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:


  3. “getting people to understand the benefits of paid online will take a long time”, that’s because there isn’t anything consoles offer over PC gaming for that pay. On PC it is free and you’re free to pick servers you connect to and everything runs fine usually. Consoles with paid online combined have more problems with their services than anything I’ve experienced gaming on PC.

    1. There are huge disadvantages to PC. To the point where it is completely irrelevant to compare PC Online to Switch Online. It’d be just as irrelevant to compare a Switch to a PC.

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