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Kimishima Says That He Expects The Switch To Sell About As Well As The Wii

The Nintendo Switch releases in a little more than a month from now, and Nintendo has high expectations for the console’s sales. In fact, Kimishima said in a Nikkei interview that he expects the Switch to sell about as well as the Wii. Kimishima’s reasoning is that the Switch offers a unique way of playing games, just like the Wii.

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  1. I’m still hoping that the sells is gonna get more higher like the Wii. Besides the Wii was a good console to me. The Wii U was pretty bad and it had rough storage.

  2. Coming from one of the few people at Nintendo who called the Wii U’s struggles, that’s a pretty bold statement.

  3. Good luck with that one.

    The Wii was selling at the time there was a newbie boom. I doubt they would achieve the same levels of success with the Switch. Not with those highly expensive accessories.

    1. well its not completely out of the question but it will be pretty damn impressive if they do. I hope it sells better than the wii then niintendo could be seen as serious competition to sony and Microsoft

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                You’ve been warned by SEVERAL users, you don’t learn. Time to make you learn.

                  1. Says the guy defending the other guy who has amnesia and won’t remember that the collective community dislikes his attempts at censorship, if one can call it that. I’m not the pathetic one.

        1. What does it matter what people asked for? Nobody asked for motion controls either. Nobody asked for a hanheld with two screens. The console doesn’t need to fulfill every fan’s request to be successful. People often don’t know what they want until you give it to them.

        1. Just going to put this out here, but the Switch is likely going to support VR from the recent statements and patents. So, having the Joycons use motion controls would assist in that experience. Also, the motion controls this time around are completely optional. You don’t need them to play most games. For example, you could play ARMS with standard controls if you heavily dislike having to move your arms.

    1. Yep. I think they are going to be disappointed. Nintendo brand is a “wait and see” for almost everyone now. Someone will buy it though , then throw a party, everyone will have fun with 1-2 switch for about an hr and then its over…nothing left to do with it. They will then be reminded of the Wii and it’s 95% shovelware library. The Wii is Nintendo’s cancer. It’s because of the Wii that Nintendo are in this miss right now.

  4. If his earlier statement is true, that he predicted doom for Wii U, he might be on to something. Even though I don’t agree with all of the latest moves from Nintendo, I respect Kimishima. He has a head between his shoulders — and he is using it quite well. That’s not necessarily a good thing for us consumers, because he’s ONLY there for the money, but that’s for an another discussion.

    Switch might sell 4 millions or 200. It’s a good consept, but the exicution is somewhat… hmm… lets just say not every single consumer is overjoyed by Switch. Personally I don’t think it would end up like Wii nor Wii U. Something in between.

      1. 40 mill was a “not doing so well”-prediction from some analysts. I think around 50, like you’re saying, is quite plausibel. I just hope Switch gains momentum FAST so Nintendo can quit saying it’s mainly a home-console and embrace it like a hybrid and get 3DS-developers over to it instead.

              1. There are a lot of better arguments against switch besides the $26 a year. Consoles have paid infrastructures now. It sucks, but such is life if you want the convenience of console gaming. \(o.o)/

  5. I wouldn’t hold my breath. I can see the thing being very popular, but not Wii level popular.

  6. Lofty expectations but then again it does have great eye catching ads and if modern life taught us anything it’s that you could sell complete dog shit if you marketed it correctly. Just look at the Transformers movies.

  7. Now it does have the potential to, im not writing it off but please hold your expectations until beginning of next year. I feel like the switch will sell 60-80 million in its life time but thats based off of the uniqueness of it but i would be careful calling it a wii success

    1. But really, it isn’t that unique. I have a tablet that allows me to play, for example, Minecraft online and locally with others. It also allows me to stream the image to my TV through an Android box. Aside from the joycon, I don’t see the Switch doing much more than this. Again, we are left buying the system primarily for Nintendo’s 1st party games. I think the truth is that this is Nintendo’s least innovative console to date. And not including a pack in game, USB 3 support, basic apps like Hulu and Netflix, and Nvidia’s updated X2 chip was just retarded. Subtract all the hype, and try to tell me that this system still has a lot to offer. The Switch will move units, to be sure, because the Nintendo brand still means something. If any other company had introduced this product, it would have been DOA.

      1. Its unique in the scene that this is the simplistic. Its as easy as pluging the system into the dock. while you CAN do that with your tablet this is a console. You can now play games like rime, skyrim, just dance, breath of the wild, splatoon, and a open world 3d mario game on the go and you cant do any of that on any tablet. Sure you can play candy crush on your tv but not big AAA games and from a company like nintendo

  8. It can sell like crazy, because it caters to both, console gamers and handheld gamers. Or it can sell like the Wii U, because it’s neither a proper home console nor a proper handheld. Only time will tell.

    1. It’s true. It isn’t very good at being either. As a console, you’re taking a step back to something resembling a PS4; and as a handheld, you’re dealing with poor battery life and limited portability due to its size and additional components. I kinda think they got the size wrong. It should be either smaller or bigger. In fact, I sincerely believe we will see different sizes at some point, perhaps with folding components like a 3/DS.

  9. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    If you can use online without an app on a smartphone or tablet & if they move development of handheld games to Switch while leaving the 3DS in the dust, maybe. Otherwise, not a chance.

    1. I also don’t think Nintendo fully understands what made the Wii a success, which unfortunately for a serious gamer, was the “active” component. I don’t mean so much the simple click of the wrist or and whatnot, but I think the literal getting up to move around and play was something casual gamers felt good about. It lacked the negative stigma many people associate with gaming (it was 1) active, 2) simple, 3) and social). I don’t ever want to see it come back, but I truly think that was the recipe for the Wii’s success. What I would like to see, and what I think the Switch proposes, is an emphasis on local multiplayer–the social aspect. Unfortunately, Nintendo seems to be selling the damn thing on the basis of the overpriced joycon.

  10. I can maybe see the Switch being popular because of Nintendo players taking it out and showing their friends, but I don’t think it will be as popular as the Wii. Wii had motion controls that was hardly explored in being sold to the public eye, so it of course took the market by storm.

  11. They would have gotten a way better head start for sure if they had enough switches available for pre-order as after only one day the pre-orders were closed. I do have a good feeling about the switch though and think it will succeed.

  12. Kill 3Ds, and it has a chance.
    Make the 3ds type games, handheld pick up and play experiences for switch, for lower price point, like with 3ds.
    That will win Japan for them.

  13. 100 Million Switch units? … eeeeeehhhh. No.

    If the Switch goes like the DS line and has a Switch Lite, a Switch Pro HD, and a Switch Pocket S, released as incrimental upgrades over the next 6 years, and you add up the sales of the whole hardware family combined, I could imagine just under 80 million total … maybe.

    More realistically, I think 50 million (half of Wii) would be a tremendous success for Switch. With only 13 million WiiU sold, I’d say shoot for 30 million reasonably as a goal, and if it explodes beyond that … Yay!

  14. I will be waiting at least a year to purchase a Nintendo Switch, because I purchase a Wii U day one and had nothing but problems out of that console, and had to finally send it in for repairs and nintendo sent me a different console back that was covered over in scratchs while mine was in mint condition with no scratchs at all on the case and it took them for ever to get back to me. I will never purchase anymore consoles day more will wait until the iron out the bugs.

  15. ||It doesn’t matter how much it sells in the end compared to the deletion of the Xbots in Japan…||

    ||Once they are gone forever, we will reclaim our power…||

    1. Nintendo also thought the WiiU would sell that good. Microsoft believed they could sell 200 Mio units (!!!) of the XBox One. I guess it’s common sense to aim for the skys.
      But in case of the Switch I believe it’s far more realistic, as it’s also something for the 3DS community. So we will see. As I said below, 100 Mio might be too much, but I really got the feeling it will sell pretty good.

  16. If the Switch would go in the direction of 40Mio units, I’d be totally fine and I somehow got the feeling this might be as good as it gets.

    BUT then again we shouldn’t underestimate that the Switch
    – might see a pricedrop far earlier
    – will have one helluva XMas-Lineup with Hype-Zelda, Open-World-Mario, Splatoon 2, the biggest & best Mario Kart package ever and probably Xenoblade
    – could really become the one console ppl are always carrying with them and alone the effect of playing with other ppl could increase sales like crazy as it’s like the best possible way to promote a system
    – if successful could see other iterations like a Switch XL with bigger screen and bigger Joycons and especially more battery or just a New Switch with more power

    But by now I definitely don’t see it becoming a second WiiU. I’d even say buy Nintendo stocks as long as you can, that stock might be go for the stars within the next 2 years.

  17. Not without that pack-in, you cheap fucks. Otherwise, Nintendo seems to have a clearer idea of who it wants to market to on this outing, and whether Nintendo wants to admit it or not, the 3DS is dead because 3rd parties are going to flock to the Switch instead to develop for it. The marketing for the Wii U was beyond atrocious, whereas the marketing for the Wii was inspired. Marketing really is the determining factor here, and I’m happy to hear Nintendo is putting out for a Super Bowl ad. That shows tremendous promise. I don’t give a shit about Nintendo’s “innovations” (read: gimmicks), but if the system has good games–even matching that of the Wii U, tbh–I’ll be a happy customer. I predict the Switch will be a modest success, matching that of the N64. I say that because the price is a little too high for what I consider a toy, it is a little too underpowered (yes, power does matter; it may not be the only thing, but it is a factor), the games library will be only decent at best, but so far, the marketing is top notch.

  18. Switch only needs to go Viral to reach those numbers..
    It only needs to sell twice as much as PS4 to get those numbers.
    SWITCH does something that PS4 doesn’t.
    It could happen! :)

  19. If it sells even half of Wii, then that would be great. If they can get near 3DS Numbers, then that’s great. They should work their way up from sales of past Consoles, so start by wanting to sell more than Wii U, then GameCube, then N64 and so on.

  20. The Wii captured families, nursing homes, was purchased for rehabilitation facilities.
    I think there is close to no chance it will sell like the Wii. The Wii was also backwards compatible with GC games. (Originally)
    I admit that it will probably sell better than I initially thought, maybe, but it’s not selling like the Wii.
    Unless, like several stated above, they ditch the 3DS and start developing pick-up-and-play games for the Switch. If they can pull the 3DS gamers over, then it might have a shot. – but then that would canabalize their handheld sales and only consolodate numbers, not increase total hardware sales.

  21. Doubting it’ll sell like the Wii, but Kimishima is up to something. Besides, he’s one of the few people at Nintendo who correctly predicted the Wii U’s failure.

    I just pray for the Switch to be a success. The Switch just looks amazing!

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