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Splatoon 2 Story Mode Takes Place Two Years After The First Game

Nintendo has yet to announce details regarding Splatoon 2‘s story mode, but a company representative recently revealed that the upcoming sequel’s single-player campaign is set two years after the events that happened in the first game. Splatoon 2 will be among the first Nintendo Switch exclusives that will support voice chat using a new smart device app. The game is scheduled to debut this summer. It will add new stages, fashions and weapons after launch, as the original did on Wii U.




  1. Personally, I hope we get some variety in missions instead of “shoot these while making your way from A to B.” Like, missions where you defend an objective from Octolings for 4 minutes or have to ink only specific areas (too much excess ink in places it shouldn’t be and you lose). And of course, keep the great boss fights.

  2. Looking forward to this big time. Im hoping for tons of new fashions and weapons as that’s what kept me so addicted to the first game. Hopefully Splatfests make a return but add something unique and diffrent from the first game. Either way I’ll be hooked once this comes out .

      1. You couldn’t beat Octavio? I didn’t use any Splattershot outside of the story mode and I did it in two attempts. The only way I could see the fight being too hard for someone would be if they were using two sticks instead of the gyro to aim.

        1. 1. He SPAMS that 1-hit kill beam, in a game where there’s not invincibility frames each time you get hit. Plus you ONLY get three chances before returned to Octo Valley.

          2. The battle is long as hell, too many sequences to memorize.

          3. Near the Squid Sisters song stretch, the battle turns into platforming hell (and that’s as far as I got).

          4. You CANNOT skip any of the cutscenes, and you will die a lot and revisit them a lot. That throws off your focus if you have to wait for something you already saw. HarmoKnight has a similar issue with its boss battles (in a rhythm game).

  3. Currently finishing off challenges from amiibo.
    More than story mode, I hope they have some amiibo functionalities for existing ones.
    And, how are they going to approach mini games. That squid jump has kept me entertained while waiting for match, even though you do not have to wait that long in the first place.

          1. That was mostly satire, mostly.
            But I wouldn’t say no, I have a capable phone, and it’s not like it is away from the experience.if you do not have one.

            1. Yeah, i have an iphone 6 so yeah. I’m also one of the few people who like that voice chat is available through the phone since my apple headphones have a nice mic in them already.

  4. I just hope this game treats the single-player like they matter. The means, no more cheap final bosses, and being able to use ALL types of weapons and wear any gear you want.

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