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Shin’en Announces F-Zero Voice Actor Jack Merluzzi Will Feature In FAST RMX

Shin’en has tweeted the more than welcome news that F-Zero voice actor Jack Merluzzi will be providing his vocal talents in the futuristic racer, FAST RMX on the Nintendo Switch. FAST RMX is headed to the Nintendo Switch in March and includes a wealth of tracks from FAST Racing NEO as well as some brand new ones.

13 thoughts on “Shin’en Announces F-Zero Voice Actor Jack Merluzzi Will Feature In FAST RMX”

  1. It feels like Nintendo has just abandoned F-Zero is is just letting these guys make the indie successors

    1. Because Nintendo feels this need to shoehorn in new gameplay ideas.. they think that they have to come up with gimmicky gameplay mechanics all the time.. and some times the best thing you can do in a series is to just make a solid game.. a fun solid game can be just as good if not better than a game with some new “hook” to it.
      But that is Miyamotos thought process.. they did that with Star Fox Zero.. and look how well that sold … here is a hint.. not as well as Nintendo hoped.
      It’s all fine to come up with new things when it works and makes sense…. but i don’t feel that you need new gameplay hooks all the time when making a new installment to a game.
      So for now, this is the best we can get… inspired games by games from Nintendo.
      I mean, look how well Axiom Verge worked out, pretty damn good.
      Maybe one day Nintendo will wise up.. but there is no telling.

  2. I’m hoping the new Steamworld game comes out for the 3DS, WiiU or both. If not, this game will be the second Indie game I’ll be jealous I can’t play. Fast Racing Neo was very cool… but it did have very slight Jagger’s and I’m sure this game will put the extra layer of polish on.

    These devs kick ass!

  3. This is an upgraded port of FAST RACING NEO with additional content added to it, (you know, like going from Street Fighter IV to SUPER Street Fighter IV).

    He did the announcer there, so obviously they keep his voice lines for the existing stuff in this game.
    I’m happy they’re saying here he also announces this extra content, his presence gives you an instant arcade feel.
    (Am I just imagining being surrounded by machines like Daytona and SEGA Rally when I hear him? Who knows)

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