Nintendo Shares Up 6.33% After Release Of Fire Emblem Heroes

It looks like Nintendo’s investors are pleased with the release of Fire Emblem Heroes, the company’s stocks rising 6.33% today. This is certainly a good sign for the mobile game, investors recognising its potential. Considering that Heroes has risen to third place in the App Store’s Japanese charts, they are right to be positive. Are you enjoying the game? Tell us below.



    1. again, the church of sasori mastah race exposed the hipocrisy of the one called “Quadraxis”.
      just accept defeat or go to play your dead horse known as metroid.
      nintendo will always please casuals as sasori told us, a disgusting practice if you ask me…

      – Church of Sasori

      1. I’m cool.
        I don’t pay to get advantage or anything, just to support the makers of a fine free to play game when I come across one.

      2. Better this game rather than that pink rabbit fucker on the 3DS that tries to sell digital badges and poison candy to kids! D;<

        I'd rather spend a couple bucks on Fire Emblem having fun than support that ridiculous nonsense.

        If I could DOWNLOAD the game. I am getting the 89% error. And as I have limited data, it was kinda pissing me off. Lost a gig before deciding to wait a while for them to work out the bugs and get a handle on the servers.

        1. It has a few updates after The initial download. They arent big. Combine they might be about 300mb but youre better off getting pn Wifi to download the game.

  1. I tried it up. But it’s as addicting as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. And I did spend about more than 400+ Euros in the game before I quit. No game is worth that much money. But EUIV with all DLC is over 100+ Bucks, too.

  2. No big surprise for me here… I can’t get it to finish installing the larger 300mb update. Spent the last 24 hrs trying.

    Really looking forward to playing, but I’m going to wait forever server loads to even out. The first week of Pokemon Go was frustrating as hell. Not doing it again!

    Can’t wait to play though. What little I played was fun.

      1. Really? My iphone 6 downloaded that in about 15 seconds. Idk what your problem is. But i did get the game about 30 min after it launched so maybe that has something to do with it?

        1. IDK what Your problem is! D;

          Anyway. It’s not just me. People are logging the 89% error with Nintendo. Hopefully there’s a fix soon. I could try re-installing it… I don’t know.

            1. Hmm, well, I appreciate the trouble shooting. I tend to get hit by whatever the popular glitch is.

              I’m also on limited data speeds until the 5th. Where I live, there is no internet, it’s all on my phone, so when my data runs out, my speeds get throttled. I’m running on 2G data speed until it resets. Still… that just slows things. I hit 89% and it crashed. I google it, sure enough, there are a bunch of people crashing at 89%.

              Bah. I’ll just keep trying! Can’t wait to play! :)

              1. It did just come out so it may have a bug. It doesn’t seem to be extremely widespread, but certainly i hope they fix it. Good luck cause its a great game!

                1. I just spent an hour on the phone with Sprint customer service and paid $15 for 1 gig of high speed internet so I could download this game today. Ugh… I hope it was worth the effort! Haha

                  1. Bro i am like unhealthily addicted to this game. I was having a church youth hangout today and i was too busy playing FE Heroes to do anything but listen to the sermon, lol. So maybe its good that its not working for you. Then during my workouts i was playing FE with one hand, and lifting weights with the other, lol. Efficiency at its best;)

                    1. Oh… I got it working last night. I’m also addicted. X.x ;D The stamina regens quick, so when you do have to break, I feel like you can pick it back up without waiting too long. Very sporting of Nintendo to not make us wait longer for stamina in an effort to force us into microtransactions.

                      It’s really well done. FE fans will be pleased! Honestly… since I’m focusing on training two teams, I don’t really feel the need to summon very often, and at least for now… they are being generous with the orbs as you play through the story.

                      FEA is no longer “Fire Emblem Awakwning.” Now it’s “Fire Emblem Anonymous” :p

                    2. Well have fun having this game slowly kill your social life;) Yeah micro transactions really aren’t needed if you don’t care about getting specific characters.

  3. This game is SO GOOD! I’m not even a hardcore FE fan, never finished a single FE game in my life. But this game has me hooked! Now excuse me while i go train up my fighters…

  4. I’m super glad that they stuck to the original FE formula. I’ve been playing DBZ Dokkan Battle and love that I have another game similar to it to play. They did a good job with the energy cost of battles being super low and the way they do the summons. I would like to see the summons tweaked a bit but that’s it. Also would be nice to have some more My Nintendo Rewards to choose from for the game. Overall it’s really fun. I pulled Lucina on my 3rd summon which is amazing.

  5. It was a very solid release vs let’s say Miitomo, Pokémon GO or Duel. The always online isn’t a bummer like the others because there’s no load times nor lag. I love this game, and the stamina aspect works great with no issue.

    Meanwhile I’m going to quit GO. Duel will be next when I finish the single player, the multiplayer pretty much if you pour resources into it you’ll win not much strategy.

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