Since the Nintendo 3DS was launched, it hasn’t been possible to use non-American credit or debit cards on the US eShop until now. It has recently come to light that this is now possible, and that the restriction has been listed after confirming it via testing on the 3DS.

This is good news for those using US accounts outside of the US to add credit and purchase games, themes and in-game purchases. Check out the Facebook post from the Singapore 3DS community page below:

It’s worth mentioning that this hasn’t been tested on the Wii U eShop yet, but it is likely that this would be the same. Let us know if you have the option to try it.

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  1. It doesnt’ work for Wii U eshop (I’m in Argentina). Just tried it a few minutes ago. After completing the credit card info, the page ask you for a 5 digit code area to complete the purchase, but in my country we have 4 digits area codes. So the eshop notifies error.


    • I have a Japanese 3DS and I use my US credit card on it. Like the article says it seems that the US eshop didn’t like foreign credit/debit cards. But since it’s fixed all good in the gaming world.


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