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Nintendo Thinks Their Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Will Sell The Switch

Nintendo is obviously trying to get the Switch to as many people as possible before its launch. With the console’s release less than a month away, the company has been hosting loads of Switch demo events and attending various conventions with the device. In an interview with Time, Nintendo’s President emphasised how important this was for them at the moment. Kimishima seems to be believe that this ‘guerrilla marketing program’ will really help the Switch sell. The full interview has loads more on the Switch and Nintendo in general.

I do believe that career gamers are going to need extra time to understand that we’re doing something different [with Switch]. They really need to get the opportunity to play. We need to get this into people’s hands. And so we are really, as you said, running a guerrilla marketing program where we’re just dashing around and trying to have as many events as possible and get it in the hands of players so they can experience the difference.

Now they’re going to be saying to each other, “Hey, this is a different gaming experience. This is something we haven’t seen before. I just played it, I did it, and I’m going to tell my friends and they’re going to tell their friends, and then the next person’s going to play it.” And if you’re watching the Super Bowl, you’re saying, “Wow, look, Nintendo really is going all out.” We’ve been trying all kinds of different ways to get that message out, so that people understand it is different.


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  1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||Yes, the master plan Lord Kimishima has created will not only put us back in power, it will also slowly, painfully and surely destroy Xbot abominations in every corner of this wretched planet…||

    ||While the Sonyans and Xbots battle, we will consume everything in our path…||

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