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Nintendo Confirms No Internet Browser For Nintendo Switch At Least At Launch

Nintendo is committed to making the Nintendo Switch a dedicated games console which means no internet browser or apps, at least at launch. The news was delivered by none other than Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima who revealed the news to TIME.

“And in terms of the Internet browser, since all of our efforts have gone toward making Switch an amazing dedicated video game platform, it will not support it, at least at launch.”



      1. Chromecast is also.
        Used to watch Nintendo Directs with my Wii U Browser, that worked really good, but not better than Chromecast.
        Don’t get me wrong, it was a good browser, but unnecessary in my opinion.

        1. I can see it being unused if you have Chromecast. I don’t have Chromecast, and I used the internet browser every day to watch videos/streams, and it was pretty great. Spent so many hours with it, really. I seriously hope they will add the browser later on, and that I’ll have access to it by the time I buy a Switch.

      2. I love watching Nintendo Directs on the Wii U Browser because I could have the stream going on my TV and I could update Neogaf on the gamepad screen to see peoples reactions and here about things on the Japanese and European streams.

        If you think about, it was kind of like TVii but…you know… not lol

        Also makes me think a Twitch app could be pretty cool on the Wii U.

  1. I get it, but still, you don’t have time to work on a simple browser that could then be updated? Even something similar to the wiiU would be enough as long as it could be updated ….

    1. Nintendo should have had plenty of time to put in many apps, including a browser. This either proves that Nintendo cant keep up or they are very selfish. Hopefully, they just need to do some hiring.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Or Nintendo is rushing out the Switch before it’s fully ready so they can release Breath of the Wild on both Switch & Wii U at the same time since the game itself is ready. :/

      2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

        Of course, all three of these are equally bad for business.

    2. A browser is by now means a simple piece of software in today’s internet, far from it. Though porting the WiiU browser shouldn’t have been too much of an issue o~o

  2. I thought the browser on the wiiu was a pleasure to use. Though it wasn’t my go to it certainly came in handy sometimes. I appreciate the effort and commitment to games first but I’d love to see the switch get all sorts of apps including a browser eventually.

  3. Although the WiiU was a flop in a lot of people’s minds, I absolutely loved the few games that came out on it, and I think one of the best things about it is the internet browser. Being able to watch just on the tablet, or to pop it up to the tv and control it from the couch is really fun.

    Hope the Switch eventually gets some kind of an internet browser. In a perfect world, with some kind of plan that enables one to go on the internet on the go.

    1. In a perfect world:

      -Nintendo wouldn’t have killed Swapnote
      -We would had over 100 new Pokemon in X/Y
      -Sonic Lost World would have been a good game, instead of the gimmicky, clunky, poorly-written mess it is today.
      -The Wii U would’ve had more storage space and allowed you to back up your digital games, as well as access your save file fom the system, while playing the game off an external HDD.
      -Pink Gold Peach, Cat Peach, Tanooki Mario, and Dry Bowser would’ve just been costumes in Mario Kart 8.
      -We would’ve have had so many shallow indie games on the eShop.
      -Smash for 3DS wouldn’t exist.
      -Every last veteran in SSB (minus Snake, because Konami) would’ve returned (excluding Dr. Mario and Young Link) in SSB for Wii U, complete with a new adventure mode/plot, and the ability to port over custom stages from Brawl.
      -Sonic Boom never would’ve have existed (in any shape or form) and caused Sonic to lie dormant for 3 years.
      -Pokemon Shuffle and Nintendo Badge Arcade wouldn’t have been such freemium hell. Where did all that money go anyway?
      -Splatoon would have a better 1-player mode, where you can battle CPU’s offline in the same splat stages, use any weapon/gear you want in Octo Valley, and DJ Octavio wouldn’t be such a cheap marathon boss.
      -We would’ve had a big 3D Mario game like Super Mario 64 or Super Mario Odyssey, instead of the linear lack of hub world Super Mario 3D World.
      -Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon would’ve left out the hunger mechanic, and Gate to Infinity would’ve have existed before this game.
      -Pokken Tournament would’ve had an arcade mode instead of the repetitive Ferrum League, as well as ALL the playable Pokemon from the arcade version (plus the extras (Darkrai, Scizor, Croagunk, etc.), and Meowth).
      -Star Fox would’ve had a brand new sequel instead of a reimagining of the N64 game (already available as a port of the original (N64 eShop) and the remake (3DS)), and no gyro controls.
      -Pokemon Sun would’ve had over 100 new Pokemon, new evolutions FROM Alolan forms, an actual Hall of Fame, wild Audino, a battle restaurant (like Le Wow) and Pass/O-Powers to grind experience.
      -Amiibo Festival wouldn’t have existed. Nuff said.

      This is what I think of Nintendo and all games associate with their system during the 8th generation.

    2. It seems like they want you to use your existing hardware (phones) for voice chat, so I don’t see why they would implement anything for mobile internet, when they can just let you use your phone as a hot-spot as well.

  4. I’m starting to think the OS might not be so beefy which will leave more RAM for games. Tbh, I’d much prefer it.

  5. I actually really enjoyed using the Wii U Internet Browser, it was responsive and most of the sites I often visited worked pretty well. It’ll definitely be a feature I will miss.

  6. It might sell better with an internet browser and Netflix. But then again, I browse the internet with my laptop and phone now. I don’t even use my Wii U’s internet browser.

    1. That seems to be part of their new philosophy, we all have half a dozen devices for these things already, so why spend time, money, and effort on them? Makes sense to a degree, as long as you don’t expect to be able to do everything on one machine.

    1. Lol yea I agree. This is the last straw Nintendo how could you not put a web browser in your device. That was the only reason I was buying the switch for so I can surf the internet !!

      1. Well the fact is i dont have my own computer/tablet/phone and honestly i use the wii u and new 3ds browser constantly and not having an internet browser is so stupid. even my Xbox has an internet browser, its very inconvenient to use with a controller but it still has it. Also this isnt the only reason, not having enough money to get it and a game. I would atleast consider buying one at launch if it had something as basic as internet but if i buy it I cant do anything with it because it doesnt even come with a game. You now have to spend another 60$ more now to just to use the damn system

        1. Sounds to me like you should consider investing in one of the other options and then maybe consider the switch after. I mean a phone is pretty essential these days. Lots of cheap tablets in the market as well way below the price of the switch. The switch is a game console first and foremost

          1. well I am still 16. I dont get a lot of money but when i do i save up for video games. iI do have a school laptop but it blocks a ton of stuff but its good for now.

  7. What I’m wondering is if the switch will have multitasking functions. Can I leave a game suspended in the back and visit the eshop? Will it have a sleep function and allow me to resume a game quickly like portable devices. I also think they should implement a web browser given that it is basically a tablet.

  8. NOOOOO!!!!!!!
    I hope it does EVENTUALLY get an internet browser. That’s like the only thing I use on my Wii U lately (which I’m doing right now). I was hoping the Switch would have a stronger, more reliable browser. I’ll have to keep my Wii U hooked up forever if the Switch doesn’t eventually get an internet browser. And I don’t have anymore HDMI plugs on my already filled HUB. : /

    1. Yes. Since I don’t have a laptop, it’s VERY convenient to have an internet browser on my game console (or should I say, on my Wii U/Switch, since they have the portable screen). I’m always using my Wii U internet browser to show things to my mom and brothers etc.

  9. Are you trying to tell me a portable device like the Switch doesn’t have something basic like an Internet Browser? What the actual ****.

  10. On a console as tablet-like as the Switch I think lacking a browser is frankly a major gaffe. There are signs that they have seriously rushed this thing out to market. Hopefully browser, Netflix and Youtube are all go by the end of this year.

  11. RIP NINTEN……. Hold on a minute!

    I said this with the whole “No Netflix & Youtube” thing. Now you’re telling me “No Browser at launch?”
    Well, I won’t say Rest In Peace. Or not yet anyway. But I will say…….

    *Download, Physical Copies, Demos, I want all that sh*t man!!!

  12. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!} says:

    Better be within the first damn 6 months. Better yet, better get an internet browser within the first month! Same for anything else online related. On the system or I hope the Switch fucking fails as hard as, if not harder, than Wii U. If another console failure is what it takes to wake you the fuck up, so be it. Fuck these retards that say “use your phone” or “get a different system!” They are idiots. Plain & simple.

  13. An odd thing to omit, considering how badic it is … though, I can’t say I’ve used the browser on my 3ds or WiiU in a long time. They could have been deactivated for a year and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    It seems they not only expect, but Intend for most or all users to perform all supplemenary actions on a near by smart-device, rather than set aside ram and processing cycles to allow a browser or miiverse to be run while a game is suspended.

    It makes sense, if you think about it. Just un-requiring resorces to be dedicated to Kinect allowed developers to do more with X-Box. Switch is already starting with limited resources. Might as well cut out the resource diversions and free up ALL available tools and power at launch default.

  14. For everyone freaking out over this calm down!
    it will probably be added in the first month or the first week like the 3DS the same will go to youtube and netflix would probably be in the summer. Now you can relax! :)

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