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Nintendo Working Closely With Indie Developers, More Info To Come Prior To GDC 17

Nintendo is well-known for its high quality first party titles but without the help of ‘Nindies’, the eShop probably wouldn’t be as vibrant as it is today. Engadget recently spoke to a Nintendo rep who reiterated that they know the importance of independent developers saying:

“Nintendo greatly values its collaborations with indie developers across the world, and is working closely with them on a wide range of content,” the representative says. “We look forward to discussing more as we approach GDC 2017.”

Nintendo have over the recent years tended to embrace smaller studios and often hold annual events to show just that. With the Nintendo Switch launch just a few weeks away, it’s good to see that their goals are still set on providing a good amount of games to play on their new system. Let’s just hope that quality prevails over quantity.

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      1. Concurring with what FRed Opt said, and do you seriously think indies are going the sell the Switch? If you’ve ever heard someone say they were going to get a console for an indie game, let me know, because I’m pretty sure that person doesn’t exist or is pretty ignorant.

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      2. And they’re all multi-platform indie titles. I’ll agree they’re popular indie games but at best, they’re bonuses for buying a console or a gaming PC.


  1. And still no Undertale because Game Maker is literally impossible to program on a Nintendo console.

    Those poor fans might as well accept the fact that age will be PC exclusive forever.


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