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51 Questions And Answers With Miyamoto And Aonuma: Game Informer Discusses Zelda Breath Of The Wild, The ‘NX’ Name, Tingle And More

It’s no secret that Game Informer stuck gold recently as they not only got given the opportunity to trawl through a Zelda Breath Of The Wild dungeon but they also got to sit down with the legendary Mr Miyamoto and Mr Aounma in the process. They fired 51 questions their way and it makes for some interesting reading (and viewing), of which some of the points raised are listed below.

The full video can be found on their website here.

  •  Aonuma and Miyamoto have played through BotW start to finish
  • the strangest thing Link can eat is ‘dubious food’ which happens when you mess up cooking
  •  “it’s a secret” as to whether the Master Sword can break
  •  Switch TV mode will have better resolution/sound than Wii U
  •  Link can wear green, but it wasn’t specified if this was his iconic green tunic
  •  Link does no speak a full sentence
  •  Link does not have a family
  •  Breath of the Wild was the toughest Zelda game to create
  •  companions outside of your horse include a wolf, but this was most likely referencing the wolf Link amiibo
  •  the stamina meter can be upgraded
  •  Link’s last name is the same as Mario’s according to Miyamoto, meaning it’s Link  Link
  •  Link is not human
  •  Breath of the Wild takes place after Ocarina of Time
  •  Aonuma/Miyamoto are unsure what NX stood for, but they say it was probably for  Nintendo X
  •  you can eventually get a snowboard for a shield (this may be a joke)
  •  you cannot eat horses
  •  the game does have big surprises
  •  Miyamoto thinks that Pauline lives in New Donk City
  •  Aonuma/Miyamoto say that Tingle is always happy and the devs love him
  •  While there are multiple Links in games, it’s always the same Mario in his adventure
  •  the idea of Paper Zelda is discussed, and while the convo does seem playful, Aonuma says they’re working on it. Again, this could just be a playful answer
  • Miyamoto says the first Zelda is still a lot of fun, but Aonuma can’t handle it
  • the first Zelda design docs were titled Adventure Mario
  • neither know what planet Hyrule is on, but they’re just going with Earth

Remember guys and girls – you won’t be able to eat the horses…

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35 thoughts on “51 Questions And Answers With Miyamoto And Aonuma: Game Informer Discusses Zelda Breath Of The Wild, The ‘NX’ Name, Tingle And More”

    1. Definitely watch the video interview. For one, it’s actually very funny. But reading the text makes it seem like serious answers, but the whole interview had a sarcastic spin on it. In this case, the Mario Mario comparison was exactly the joke that Miyamoto was making.

  1. I’ve wondered if the “Great Gonzales” name that Mario got in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door could be based on his actual last name lol Is it absolutely canon that he’s Italian because Mario can be a Latino name like Mario Lopez. I mean he was delivered by a stork so he could be anything. He could have even been Italian and raised by a Hispanic family or vice-versa. Food for thought lol

      1. Ha. My point is it’s not a big enough difference to keep people from playing the game, like the the person I responded to. And personally, I do like the lighting better on WiiU, assuming it wasn’t changed. Sure the enhanced sound on switch will be nice to have, but hardly worth putting the game off until you can pay $360 to play it.

        1. Yeah… if I never knew the difference, I wouldn’t care. I will be slightly bummed I am not getting the best experience if I put off buying the Switch, but the game sounds so full of content, what’s the big deal? It is kind of like having a PC game where you can’t maxed out all the graphics but are still get the awesome game

          1. My thoughts exactly. The WiiU version has the entire game, including Wolf Link Amiibo support. If RE7 was a launch title, and I new the new Mass Effect was coming to Switch, (That releases in March also,) I would have been more likely to spend the money on the upgrade, but I’m Loving RE7 (so far anyway) on my 3rd party box, I know I’ll be clocking some time in Mass Effect, and will be playing Zelda on my WiiU. It’s just not worth the investment for people like me, and if someone can’t afford the switch right now, I don’t think they should worry about playing an “inferior” game by playing the WiiU version. Nintendo doesn’t publish shitty quality games. Sometimes they publish games no one wants, but quality is almost never an issue.

              1. Holiday 2017 will be a great time for Mario and Splatoon fans to jump on board for sure. Still nothing announced that I would be biting at the bit for, unless there is a game nearing completion Nintendo is waiting for E3 to announce.

        2. That’s for sure, and if you plan on keeping the Wii U it’s wise, otherwise when you are gonna change the system you lose that Zelda (and still you would have not benefitted from the upgrades, even if small). Anyway you will be forced to buy the Switch because you know it will get so nice games… so better before than later. I wouldn’t invest a penny on the Wii U at this time (except I would like to ditch the Switch altogether).

          1. That’s a good point. I do plan on keeping my WiiU, I have too many games I don’t want to give up on it. :)

            If someone knew they were going to trade in their WiiU for a switch and didn’t want to lose their progress, then I can understand wanting to start on switch. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision. If I get a switch, I’ll probably be ready for another play through anyway, and I’ll probably download it so I have Zelda with me all the time, regardless which game I have plugged in. :)

            1. And why would you get rid of the Wii U? It is just another system to play… one good thing about Nintendo in the HD era, is the games won’t appear as dated. Your rationale has been consistent for a year or so… Wait for the drop and more game releases before upgrading. Makes perfect sense.

  2. “Link does no speak a full sentence” and he can also no speak properly. also there are a lot of typos and bullet point that make no sense or just confusing like “While there are multiple Links in games, it’s always the same Mario in his adventure” and “Miyamoto thinks that Pauline lives in New Donk City” (this one im not sure if the city is in botw or it is his way of saying nyc). anyways i think its great that they can be trolls yet somehow be serious.

      1. And Pauline is the girl you have to rescue in the original Donkey Kong. I guess it’s the first time in a very long while they are bringing back that character. Wonder what she looks like and what she’s doing in Odyssey. Nice!

  3. The Master Sword better not break but it also shouldn’t be immediately available if that’s the case.

    Make us work for it.

    1. Agreed and agreed! It would also be fun if they brought back that huge sword… the one you had to jump through a lot of hoops for in…was it OoT, or MM?

  4. I knew BotW would be after OoT, for one big reason:

    -Ganon (specifically, the Calamity Ganon) is mentioned- Ganon is not a thing until after Skyward Sword.

    It is my theory that BotW is the immediate story after the “Hero is defeated” alternate universe branch of Ocarina, immediate being the next part of this branch’s timeline. Link wakes up in a crypt-like setting. Ganon already has control of Hyrule Castle. The goddesses have done all they can to imprison Ganon/change his form to Calamity, but without Link, he cannot be defeated, therefore his body has been kept safe until he could be revived through some unknown means but possibly something through the Sheikah Tribe due to the tome he carries at all times.

    We’ll see if I’m right.

    1. Immediatly after OoT in the “hero is defeated” timeline Ganon get trapped in the Sacred Realm by 7 wise men and for what we know he was trapped until ALttP (the imprisoning war). Your theory will work only if they throw a huge retcon on that story.

      1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

        It wouldn’t be the first time they retconned something in the Zelda games, though. In a sense, the wise men were retconned to be sages when they did the GBA remake of Link to the Past. So ya never know.

        Besides, I don’t recall if it’s ever been officially stated how much time passed between Link, the Hero of Time, failed & Ganon’s imprisonment into the Dark Realm. Not to mention they called it the Imprisoning War so I can’t help but feel there is some time between these two events. If it was a short period between them, Imprisoning Battle would have made much more sense.

        Anyway, like Brisk said, we’ll be finding out soon enough.

  5. When people say Nintendo always completes their games when it’s released to the public and you cant eat horses in botw

    0/10 not open world enough


  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    How about we just say Hyrule is on a different planet all together, hm!?

    Good about not being able to eat horses. It honestly doesn’t sit right with me to eat an animal that use to be a companion for many back in the day when they were used for traveling or for even carrying supplies. That’s like eating your pet or best friend or even a significant other! WHY WOULD YOU BE SO HEARTLESS!?! D:

    Since they don’t say RIGHT after Ocarina of Time, this could take place at any point in time after it since this could just be a general statement. If it is right after Ocarina, it has to be in the Hero Fails timeline unless they intend to retcon a big part of why & how Wind Waker occurs. Or, worst case scenario, they are retconning an entire timeline which could make this a reboot of sorts. If it’s the hero fails timeline, could this Link in BotW actually be THE Hero of Time? Hyrule Historia simply states the Hero of Time fails which doesn’t necessarily mean he died as he could have ended up in a coma. Since this Link IS waking up from some kind of sleep, this theory could very well end up being true. In a way, this is a nice little homage to Adventure of Link where it’s revealed there was a second Zelda asleep in a temple somewhere during the events of the original Zelda. Link doesn’t have a family in this game, either. That could be another hint since Hero of Time Link WAS an orphan. Or it could just mean he’s been asleep for so long that any family he did have is long dead. *shivers* So many possibilities! Ugh! I WANT MY LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD NOW!!! D:<

    1. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

      It’s also possible it could be in the same timeline as Twilight Princess & before that game. Of course, they would have to keep the fact he has the Triforce of Power a secret since the sages were shocked to see him survive his execution & seeing the Triforce mark appear on his hand. Although, that’s less likely unless, of course, Aonuma changed his mind about Twilight Princess taking place several decades after Ocarina of Time since it’s never actually stated in-game how much time passed between games, unlike with Spirit Tracks where we are specifically told right from the beginning of the game that it’s 100 years after Wind Waker & Phantom Hourglass.

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