The Nintendo Switch may only be a few weeks away from launch but Nintendo’s dedicated handheld the Nintendo 3DS doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. The Telegraph recently had the chance to chat to Shinya Takahashi, Director at Nintendo, General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development and Yoshiaki Koizumi, Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development, about the system and how they’re planning to support the popular handheld device while the Switch is available.

You’ve mentioned the 3DS there. Will you continue to support the dedicated handheld given Switch could potentially replace it?

Certainly I think 3DS from a price perspective is quite a bit lower, and it’s a system we’ve released a very large library for. So I think from that perspective it’s a very good system for kids to have as their first system. We still see a lot of potential for 3DS in that area. And with that in mind we’re thinking of games to release for 3DS not just in 2017, but in 2018 as well. And the hope there also is that kids playing on 3DS will also shift over to Switch at some point in the future.




  1. For anyone thinking they will release a direct 3DS successor besides the Switch:
    “And the hope there also is that kids playing on 3DS will also shift over to Switch at some point in the future.” Wouldn’t make much sense then.
    Only a Switch mini still seems possible to me, but only in at least a few years.

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  2. They’d better not make any more main series Pokemon games for the 3DS. Sun and Moon ran awfully and had a bunch of content cut out that was in generation 6. I don’t know about the New version, but the standard 3DS is no longer suitable for Pokemon. And with the touchscreen reduced to a barely functional map outside of battles, I think they’ll move it onto the Switch to get rid of that second screen for good. A sequel to Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Switch could be amazing if they gave us that missing content and updated the graphics (as well as fill in those numerous squares of empty map dotted around Alola).


    • Safe bet; the 4th gen remake is New 3DS exclusive, especially at $99 for a New 3DS, and discontinuing the 2DS along with the original 3DS & 3DS XL. At least I hope it’s exclusive to the New 3DS.

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