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“Soon You Will Hear A Lot More Announcements From Third-Party Partners” Says Nintendo On Nintendo Switch Software

Nintendo consoles are home to great first-party titles, some of which earn public praise from many competitors and their high-ranked employees. Some may argue that Nintendo’s desire to house more third-party titles has dwindled but this isn’t the case for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo recently clarified their focus on getting titles on-board from third-party developers with Yoshiaki Koizumi, Deputy General Manager of Entertainment Planning and Development from Nintendo stating to The Telegraph:

“As you know we’ve been focussed on development on first party games, but with Nintendo Switch we’ve also put a lot of energy into making third-party cooperation possible, and that includes a lot of attention paid to the development environment that we are provided to these partners as well as the middleware we create for them. Soon you will a lot more announcements from third-party partners.”



  1. It’ll either be a Direct around launch or E3. I think some other ports of big games, even if they’re old, should be announced like they have Skyrim coming. Imagine Grand Theft Auto 5. They’ve already made so much money off that game that a Switch port could only be beneficial.

    1. They could be speaking of when third parties make their announcements. For example the next COD will be announced in May. GDC may have some new announcements. New fiscal year starts in April for many if not all of them, so new announcements will be made from that time to E3/ EAPlay to press release, special directs, and etc. to the end of the year.

      1. They started working on GTA 5 in 2008, right after GTA 4 ended and released in 2013.
        5 years to make GTA 5 but it was only announced in 2011, 3 years after they started working on it.
        We didn’t get any DLC outside GTA Online (except for the Xbone,PS4 and PC port) so its a big maybe if they
        started working on it yet or not (I’d say yes) but it should take 5-6 years to make, problem is knowing when they start working on it.

      2. Waiting on Red Dead Redemption 2 then I’d like a new Midnight Club before GTA VI. Different studios but that’s how Rockstar works. They space out releases and take their time on development.

      3. 1. when GTAV/Online isn’t generating any profits anymore
        2. when ppl are sick of playing GTA online
        3. when they came up with something that wouldn’t immediately be overshadowed by GTAV
        4. When they got enough ressources available who aren’t working on RDR2 anymore.

        so yeah, it might not be around for a while.

    1. third party means third party

      if our talking SHITE AS FOOPK INDUSTRY GARBAGE its not nintendos fault its thedre fult stop blaming nintendo for a industry that dispices them



      1. sure retard cause these games are all bad right :

        The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV, Grand Theft Auto V, Overwatch, Fifa 16, Fallout 4, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Batman: Arkham Knight, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Assassin’s Creed, Titanfall 2, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Star Wars Battlefront, Darksiders II: Deathinitive

        And who cares about 20 year old controlls, no need to fix something that isn’t broken. The Snes controller was the best controller ever made others just improved on it.

        1. Making list depends on the taste of the person. Out of your whole list, I only like GTA V, Assassin’s Creed, and Darksiders II. So to me that is a worthless list. Now to you or someone else that may be a great list. I look at that list and say his point stand. Next person with your taste and look at that list and say your point stand.

          1. That might be but pretty much all those games are highly rated for whats its worth. I don’t care about cars but can see why Gran turismo is a amazing game. It doesn’t matter what taste you and I got if the majority of people agree that a game is great. Thats why 65 million people bought a ps4 and xbox ( more will follow) and 13 million bought a Wii U. Sure the 3ds sold 60 million aswell but even my girlfiend and mother play on those, they never touched a playstation or xbox, so that doesn’t mean much to a guy thats been playing triple A titles for 27 years.

            1. The thing is not everyone just play AAA title. People play games. They see what they like and they play it. What’s popular is not good to everyone. The popular genre right now is FPS. For the Switch, what seems to be popular is JRPG or RPG because that so far has the most games on the Switch. My brother in law is one of those 65 million. He has one game for the PS4 and that’s MLB the Show and not the recent version. He stopped playing video games. So while 65 million console between 2 consoles sounds great to compare against 1 console, it doesn’t indicate anything. My wife plays on any system if there is a game she like mostly horror or Nintendo games, that’s what gaming has always been. People play what they like and buy what is popular. You been playing Triple AAA titles for 27 years and that’s great. I’ve been playing games for 35 years. That means nothing.

  2. This could be extremely good news for switch buyers possibly the best news I’ve heard yet. But without details it’s really no better than any other rumor.

    It’s a waiting game. I’m a little surprised if there if there’s really that much additional third-party content why wouldn’t Nintendo go ahead and release it, unless they know they can’t keep up with the pre-orders even in the switches current condition so maybe they’re holding off another volley of games to deliberately slow down switch pre-orders.

    1. If third parties haven’t announced or reveal their games then Nintendo won’t be announcing them. This is just that weird time of year when nothing is really announced yet as they are still completing their fiscal year. Once fiscal year is over starting April more will be known.

  3. 1) This is the same Nintendo that said they weren’t going to end Wii U production lol
    2) If by third parties you mean indies, then no thanks.

    1. 1) They did say, that they would continue the Wii U, but not for how long. That is standard corporate talk.

      2) I seriously doubt that.

  4. People are automatically assuming they mean indies. and make fun of it. Yet people make fun of Yoka not being on the Switch (even though it is) and that’s an indie game. Not to mention the fact we don’t know if they’re indie games or not. If multiple huge AAA games are announced, I am going to laugha t these people so hard.

    1. ||High Command don’t concern themselves with their insignificant rants, I don’t concern myself with it either, maybe you should evolve…||

      ||Leave luck to heaven…||

  5. We’d better. Lets see announcements of more AAA games besides sports games, Ultra Street Fighter 2 and RPGs (not discounting RPGs or Street Fighter but the Switch needs more than that)


      Release a full Pokemon RPG within the first year and the Switch will be flying off shelves – guaranteed. With it in the hands of more people, developers are going to be more open to making games for it.

  6. Red Dead, Mass Effect, EA Sports Start with those and hurry your asses up…

    If they could get Civilization onto the Switch that would be something…

    All lies…

    Nothing but shovelware by In Dee’s comin.

    Some good Nintendo games are coming for it though.

    Nintendo is the “On the Side” console…which is exactly where they want to be….

  7. When the switch has a Animal crossing online rpg and Pokemon rpg the machine will be selling like hot cakes. Third parties will be falling over themselves to release their games on the switch should it do well. I can’t wait to get a switch, but, the price of it’s games and the cost of it’s sd cards may put consumers and developers off and we’ll have an N64 situation all over again.

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