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Swords and Sorcery Miitomo Drop Is Returning With Latest Update


Nintendo’s social application Miitomo has just had a new update, bringing new content and also bringing back some of the previous Miitomo Drop stages.

The Swords and Sorcery Miitomo drop is being added back in starting on 14th February, which will see the return of the following items:

  • Wandering Swordsman Outfit
  • Hero T-Shirt
  • Dancer’s Top / Pants
  • Noble Knight’s Armour
  • Queen’s Sword
  • Mage’s Robe
  • Mage’s Hood
  • Mage’s Staff
  • Evil King Tee
  • Battle Scarred Sword
  • Villager Outfit


Along with the return of this Drop, the new update has added the ability to attach images to your answers, along with various other features such as now being able to customise your Bio in your Profile.

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