During the Nintendo Switch presentation that was broadcast live to all corners of the globe, Suda51 announced plans for a brand new project on the new system that would feature Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes. Probably due to high levels of excitement, Suda51 didn’t stick to the script and resulted in some uncomfortable viewing where the translator was left stumbling over their words.

Since then Suda51 has apologised and even offered to fly the translator to Seattle to treat them to dinner.

“There was a prompter, but I stuck to about 80% of the script. On the other hand, Nintendo praised me and said it was a great presentation. Foreign people over here probably didn’t understand much of what was going on.” Suda51 said.




    • I don’t feel bad at all, he’s still a horrible translator. I mean is this actually news to anyone? I already knew Suda went off script. The translator could have easily went off script too. Why wouldnt he say something like… ” there goes Suda again going off script”. He could have joked around and made light out of the situation and even made a joke or two himself… instead he was like, uhmm… uhhh.. uhmm… errrr.. uhmm

      He could have even just been honest and said,” Suda’s gone off script and it’s hard to translate his words. I apologize for that, but I will try and do my best” It would have gotten rid of the awkwardness, and made things much better.

      And it wasn’t just Suda’s translation that was bad anyways. The entire translation was lackluster and hard to listen too. He never changed tones in his voice and had zero emotion. Dude needs to get into a new line of work.


  1. Not a great excuse. The translator should have been given a script. Who cares if he mistranslated? It would have been better than long gaps of awkward silence and “um” every other word.


      • We posted the full interview, in case you want to get the full statement :D http://www.dualshockers.com/2017/02/17/suda51-interview-silver-case/

        Hope all is well over at MNN!

        DS: With new hardware on the horizon like the Nintendo Switch, do you feel that you will utilize these new tools during development of future games?

        GS: With the Nintendo Switch, I feel that it is really appealing. There’s so many cool things that are unique about it. I’d like to use the Switch hardware to create something unique.

        DS: Speaking of the Switch, during your time on stage at the presentation a translator had trouble doing his job. Do you believe that it is difficult to be your translator?

        GS: There was a prompter, but I stuck to about 80% of the script.

        Grasshopper Manufacture developer Kazuyuki Kumagai interrupts: no no no, it wasn’t even close to 80%.

        GS: Okay, I added a little.

        I would like to apologize to the translator. I’d also like to go to Seattle and take the guy out to dinner. We could even take a picture together so I could put it on Twitter and show everyone that I apologized. I really hope people don’t give that guy grief.

        On the other hand, Nintendo praised me and said it was a great presentation. Foreign people over here probably didn’t understand much of what was going on.

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  2. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    Ah. So it wasn’t that Suda51 was talking fast & the translator couldn’t keep up or that the translator was terrible at his job but that Suda51 simply went off script & the translator wasn’t prepared for such a thing. I guess someone could make the argument that if the guy was very good at translating Japanese that he could have easily translated what Suda51 was saying in spite of it going off script. *shrug*


    • If you were supposed to translate for someone and they went off script, you would be saying “um” too, because for a brief moment you would have to consider whether to follow the script, or what he was saying. He probably felt a great deal of pressure and wasnt sure which would be worse, ignoring the words on the prompter, or ignoring the words of the person he was translating. Both his options were bad, so I dont blame him for being indecisive and unconfident. No one should blame the translator.

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  3. Yeah I remember thinking it was strange that the translator was having such a hard time. Must have been very frustrating for him to be hearing words that Are different than what he was suppose to translate.

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  4. It doesn’t help that he went off script to make obscure untranslated obscure 80s japanese pro wrestling jokes. Poor translator did all he could.


  5. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have panicked myself, but I think if I had to translate, there was a script, and the guy on stage went off script, I’d just stick to the script and let the guy on stage be the guy that was the only one not sticking to the program. But under the pressure of just a few billion measly people listening to your every word, I can see where you might just soil your shorts instead.
    Hey, at least he gets a nice dinner in Seattle!


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