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Capcom Is Looking Into Bringing Resident Evil 7 To The Switch

Capcom has often supported Nintendo over the years, especially on their older consoles. This seems to be a trend that is continuing, Capcom revealing that they are looking into bringing Resident Evil 7 to Nintendo’s upcoming system. This certainly shouldn’t be taken as a confirmation though, Capcom unsure whether the RE engine would even run on the Switch. The news comes from the Japanese Game Creators Conference, Nintendo and Capcom holding a joint session. Capcom’s Masaru Ijuin mentioned that the company is looking into bringing several AAA titles to the platform. Would you like to see Resident Evil 7 come to the Switch? Tell us below.

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Thanks to Mike S and paidenthusiast for the tip.



      1. Nintynate… I like your thinkin’. It would be a whole lot wiser for CAPCOM to make a sequel to the long overdue P.N.03 and have it on the Switch.


      1. AGREED!! Super SFV wasn’t really awful in my opinion. But it was “mediocre at best” not warranting a $60 purchase (more like $40 or below).
        I would love to see…..
        *Resident Evil 7
        *MvsC INFINITE
        *Monster Hunter
        *Tech Romancer
        *Dark Stalkers- some of y’all talking about pn03. But give me a fresh D.S. game instead!
        *Viewtiful Joe
        *Dino Crisis- Without those screwy camera angles of course.

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    1. Just like how nintendo fans told sony and xbox fans to buy a wii u if they really wanted bayonetta 2….ya can do the same and buy a ps4 so no point asking for something that ya not gonna get due to it being funded by sony.

      Also as someone who own’s a ps4 and has played SFV quite alot on it; You really don’t want SFV on the switch anyway cause the game is still a cluster fuck of a mess a year later.

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      1. Lol I have a ps4 and yea I didn’t buy street fighter V on it.The only way I would buy it would be if it came out on switch and was portable. I didn’t even know it was funded by Sony since I don’t really care about the game much.


  1. Great news! Let’s just hope they bring RE7 and those other “several AAA titles” to Switch before it’s too late and it’s irrelevant like all those Wii U ports in 2012 and early 2013.

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  2. Wow. I sent this in and that’s not even what the article says. It says that they’re looking into bringing over the RE engine which will likely be used with future titles. There is no specific mention of Resident Evil 7.

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    1. Well if the resident evil engine runs the resident evil game then common sense would tell you they’d be up for porting the game if the switch runs the engine…


      1. Says the person with no reading comprehension and can’t tell the difference between porting a game and just porting an engine.


      2. Lol so can you read?
        This was my first comment “Well if the resident evil engine runs the resident evil game then common sense would tell you they’d be up for porting the game if the switch runs the engine…”… I fail to see why you can’t understand…


      3. Lol yes we have been talking about the articles all this time, I’m not sure why it’s taken you this long to understand that one part of the conversation, but I can assume that because it took you that long to understand one simple point then it will take you far longer to understand my point lol


      4. I know your point. You’re trying to say the article confirms the game is coming when’s in reality it does no such thing.


      5. Lol no that’s not my point XD at all. I’m not stating up right that because of this interview RE7 is confirmed for switch. What I’m saying is that there’s a likelyhood that they might port it. Why? Well look at at the resoning, it’s the first game they made for that engine, to test the engine they have to use a game and porting RE7 to the switch is the best idea. This is my speculation, it’s not a confirmation, you’d know that if you understood my point, I instead of arguing lol


  3. Lets also think about this, Capcom kind of needs Nintendo if anything. The 3DS is giving Monster Hunter huge life to Capcom in the West. Plus, RE4 which was once a GameCube exclusive for awhile before coming to PlayStation 2. Then eventually to XboxOne many years later, plus bringing out again on PlayStation 4, then not even considering bringing it to WiiU. Probably because they also re-did it again on the Wii with RE4 Wii Edition, but, who knows the real reason y’know. So why not bring RE7? Nintendo did get RE Revelations for both 3DS and WiiU with some pretty good success. Even tho Nintendo did miss out both RE5 and RE6 (probably for best interest). So why not, I also like the idea of Ultra Street Fighter II to the Switch. But, they did port Super Street Fighter IV to the 3DS at launch back in 2011. So how come the Switch can’t get Street Fighter V? I sometimes see Capcom having a “sometimey” relationship with Nintendo with some of their Key franchises (Street Fighter, Monster Hunter & Resident Evil) to their console.


  4. “About main memory space, Capcom had told Nintendo that the initially planned space wasn’t enough. If you are comparing to what’s inside other current-gen systems, it definitely wouldn’t be enough. In the end, Capcom’s request was accepted and the memory capacity became as per to their expectation.”

    What ever where they initially planning to have for main memory?

    But as for the clickbait speculation.
    I would wait for it to release on Switch if it is announced in timely fashion.


  5. It’s awesome that they ported MT Framework to the Switch in a month with two people.
    That really shows a lot. Also, I ever knew Nintendo and Capcom worked together on the hardware.


  6. I hope they do. I want Resident Evil to return to Nintendo platforms. That hasn’t happened since the Revelations Wii U port. I’d love to see RE7 and an RE2 remake be made for the Switch.


    1. re7 yeah i could see happening but revelations 2 was boring as fuck the only good thing on that was moira’s death felt so satisfying she pissed me off to no end.


  7. I just finished this game. It is worth the wait if you have no other choice but I’m sure that you will have to get this on PC or another console as I doubt very much that it will come to the Switch. The Nintendo Switch is disappointing spec wise and when developers see these specs they assume that their games wont run on it. Can’t blame them for that. Would you downgrade your AAA games that you spent a fortune on to make look beautiful just to run it on a console that is targeted to children, mommies, grandmas and grandpas?


  8. resident evil 7 was nothing but pointless jump scares on a visually impressive backdrop, which after somebody has played games that use that mechanic heavily on alot the point of jump scares falls a little flat while aa games would be nice for the switch even though i’m not buying it games that actually sell well will help keep a console afloat.


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