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Pokémon GO Valentine’s Event Fails To Match Halloween

The team over at Niantic ran a special Valentine’s Day event in Pokémon GO to entice players to participate once again in the mobile game. Sadly it has been reported that the Valentine’s event, which ran from February 7th to 15th, wasn’t as big a success for the company as the Halloween event. Apptopia reports that players spent $5.75m on the game during the nine-day promotional period which was a 16% rise compared to the previous nine days, however Valentine’s Day itself was the least popular day for trainers to catch Pokémon. In comparison the Halloween event brought in $13.35m which was a 47% increase over the previous week.

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  1. As much as I hate Pokémon go $5million in a little over a week is hardly a failure.

    I’m surprised people are actually still playing this garbage let alone paying for it.

  2. Maybe if Niantic fuck those GPS hackers up I’ll be willing to put money in to it again. Met a guy with a Tyranitar he caught in Hong Kong yesterday, the smug bastard thought he was amazing. Ugh.

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