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Here’s Various eShop Software Download Sizes For Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch will soon be upon us and many of you are wondering what the file sizes are like for the various games on the system. As you know, the Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of internal memory so you may want to think about investing in an SD Card.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 13.4 GB
  • Puyo Puyo Tetris 1.09 GB
  • I Am Setsuna 1.40 GB
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition 5 GB
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 7 GB
  • Snipperclips 1.60 GB
  • Dragon Quest Heroes I·II 32 GB (SD card required)



  1. Any info on the size of Bomberman R? A lot of people will be getting that game from the eshop as well…

  2. Yeah… I still don’t understand which pencil pushers in nintendo thought it was acceptable to put only 32gb internal storage for a console. That’s passable for mobile phones these days

      1. Yup, it’s quite low. I think it can be more justified than the Wii U, seeing as the Wii U could have used an HDD, but still, it’s way too small for anything.

      1. Maybe it has something to do with the contract with the cartridge producer or retailers. If you keep the HD low, it encourages people to buy the physical copy instead. It is enough storage for saved games.

        Now I don’t agree, a 128gb version would have been perfect, and still low.

        Does it have something to do with battery life, heat and power? I don’t know. I would LOVE a real, no BS explanation from Nintendo… which we will likely never get

        1. 128GB on one chip still costs a considerably more than 32GB.
          And having 4 x 32GB chips would take too much space and would indeed take more power.

          1. Well, then it makes sense. I don’t think anyone wanted a $400 console, when you can get away with no micro SD card at first or for a while if you get mostly physical copies

            1. Physical carts might be even faster than microSD cards, so I’m going physical for everything except some eShop titles.

                1. Well, I don’t think it will be faster than pro cards, but might be about 90mbps or higher read speed.
                  I won’t be sacrificing too much on a SD card yet though, since we do not know how fast of an card it actually supports.

        2. It’s about margins for smartphones too, so I would think it would be just that.
          I don’t understand why people think only digitally. Cartridges are more resellable and sturdy than a digital license that can eventually expire. People do possess the cartridge.
          Let’s not make old school ‘rights’ disappear.
          I will use digital only for small and cheap games like Snipperclips.
          I refuse to pay full price on Steam content too (definitely I do not pay more than 20 bucks per game there).

          1. Mr Agato, one word: Convenience.
            I have a 3DS with almost every major game on it. do I need to carry carts around? Nay. just the unit in my pocket. All the great games at my finger tips, all the time.

            My WiiU. Do I need to swap discs out to change what game I’m playing? Nay. I just go to the menu and start.

            My X1. I can play DOOM, and if my bro and dad want to jump online to play something, or if the game needs an update, no plugging the disc in and getting a surprise update keeping me from playing.

            Truly my 3DS has So so so many games, and I don’t have to worry about losing my carts. I was in a bad car accident once. I have Nintendo a police report, and I retrieved all my games. if I had a bag of game carts with me, I could have been Shit outta luck.

            To each his own, but since you were wondering, that’s the opinion of a digital gamer. :)

            1. I too only buy digital because of Steam, though I don’t mind buying cartaridges for games over 5 gigs. And I will do that. I like packaging, and I like to go to a retailer and pick up the game, have the chance to sell it and possess it, even lend it or exchange it.
              Spending 60$ on a digital game for me it’s foolish. It’s too much for that kind of conveniece in my opinion.

              1. And I’m certainly not against buying physical. Honestly… I think digital gamers get ripped off often. Digital gamers many times pay more, and are committed to keeping it. so yup. advantages both ways for sure!

        3. 128 gig wouldn’t have affected heat or power consumption so long as it was solid state or flash memory.

          Nintendo just did everything they could to knock as many dollars off the price as they could. it would have saved consumers more money in the long run to include more space, as they could have got it cheaper in bulk.

          1. Yes, but it isn’t necessary to start with so, I think less money up front makes sense. I am not knowledgeable on costs on those HDDs and such… solid state would have been too expensive I imagine though

            1. On the contrary good sir, I think some of the game sizes have proved unless you are only gaming with cartridges, it is indeed necessary to have more than 32 gigs! It’s like with the WiiU. Nintendo is perfectly aware 32 gigs is not a feasible amount of space, and have told us to add our own. It’s all about keeping the initial price below $300. that’s the focal point of their decisions it seems. maybe for good reason, soon it will be live and we will see how it fares!

              1. But like I said, to start and with buying physical games mostly (at least besides the small indies) then you can do without upgrading the memory for a while. I did not upgrade my Wii U ever and downloaded a few full games (Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors, along with some small ones like Art of balance.)

                But yes, we will see

                1. Ah. I plugged a 128 gig jump drive into the back of my WiiU and don’t know if I’ll have space should I download Zelda. we are a perfect example of the two different game purchasing types! :)

                  1. For sure… I do like all digital though because then your games are right there without having to change cartridges or discs or whatever else… Takes all kinds

  3. Interesting about Dragonquest needing an SD card, I assume it is physical too? I remember Nintendo denying a game for their eShop on the Wii U because it was too big for the basic version…

  4. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 13.4 GB?. Heh yeah I’m cool with that. I have a 8GB Marco SD card. Because the console is Launching next week. Better get ready to buy myself one.

    1. The man from deClan was a gamering man,
      He was a Nintendo fan who hated digital scams!
      With so little Switch space,
      He put on a tough face,
      And only physical releases he ran!

  5. It is simply a cutting corners tactic. A 32gb chip can be had for a few bucks retail, and a 128gb can be had for like $30. It adds up but the Switch should only cost like $150 compared to other similar devices. So their markup for profit is almost close or over 100%. It is a cash grab.

    Petty bad when ONE game exceeds the limit. Any decent game will be close to filling it up. Both zelda and mario kart are taking a huge chunk. At least they use microSDs but 32gb is just not enough these days. Thats basic operating with Apps.

    Honestly the only people they hurt are themselves. So people will end up buying the karts instead of eshop because you literally can’t install and play multiple games at a time.

  6. I was burned by buying Digital Downloads only on my WiiU. It is great to have them all at my fingertips and Im saving alot of shelf space BUT they were the same price as retail and they are tied to the WiiU and I can’t trade them in towards my Switch. Fuck downloads. At the same time if Nintendo wanted to dominate the console wars they would have put decent memory in the system, made it backwards compatible and make it affordable for everyone. They should take a loss on it to gain market share. Its what Sony did/does. If you sell twice the systems at a fraction less you make more money. They are making the same mistakes as the WiiU and it’s painful to watch.

  7. I just checked how much flash chips cost: A 32GB chip costs $20, a 64GB chip costs $40. However, a good 32GB microSD with adapter only costs $10!
    Sorry to say, but all of you who criticize Nintendo for not installing more flash memory are idiots!

    1. I believe it’s you who is not aware of business economics. There’s no doubt Nintendo is walking away with healthy profit margins off the Switch and components therein. Hey it’s their perogative, they don’t operate as a charity. What I believe most people are saying is Nintendo could’ve have provided a little more value to the consumer up front to gain that back in the long run. Also if you think Nintendo would pay retail price on flash memory while also procuring on bulk then you sir should be directing the idiot response as your looking in the mirror.

      1. Even if you calculate an upcharge of only $10 for 64GB flash it still makes more sense to buy a SD card! Also there’s no way anyone can calculate the cost to produce one Switch unit as the R&D expenses from both Nintendo and NVidia also have to be taken into account! YOU are exactly one of those idiots I was referring to!

        1. What the fuck are you talking about? We’re talking about the consumer not what Nintendo. Nintendo isn’t buying a card, rather making a decision. And to follow on there’s no need to calculate the cost of one Switch unit, in fact that goes against the case of what you just stated about the upcharge in fact you cannot ascertain what a reasonable cost would be without analysis, but don’t sit there and play dumb as if the fact a net positive margin hasn’t been stated and trust it’s not mere pennies on the unit. So in fact you aren’t only just one of those idiots but pure dogshit for brains. Me, if you knew what was going on would know I already have a 128gb ready to roll so I have neutral feelings in the matter

        2. I doubt my last reply will get approved through since i was tearing into your clueless bird brain, so I’ll soften up. Regardless there’s no need to do a per unit calculation businesses have no need since they tend to buy en masse at wholesale. Even the guy below says your numbers are off. Besides that fact though I believe most consumers would appreciate getting enough on board memory for at least one download of any game of their choosing, i.e. DQ Heroes I+II without having to drop additional funds on a memory card day one. You obviously are talking out the side of your neck when the very upcharge amount you claim can’t be narrowed down without you having access to the so called r &d costs as you mention, so stop contradicting yourself. If you want to be a sheep by all means be a sheep and take whatever is thrown at you without question, as for myself I’m neutral since i have a 128gb ready to roll but it doesn’t mean it’s ok to not come about the box with enough memory to download a 32gb game.

          1. I don’t read this bullshit I just say that you are the clueless bird brain idiot here, because you think you know better than the 100+ engineers that worked on the Nintendo Switch. This outrageous arrogance speaks for itself! I don’t even have to argue with you, because I have all those engineers supporting me who decided that 32GB is the right choice! Go crawl back into your mommy’s basement little troll!

            1. Where are these engineers that you say back you that 32gb is the right choice?? You sound as retarded as I thought l. Oh please present them oh wise one. Bet i won’t hear a peep. That’s because you drink acid which rots your non existent brain talking out the side of your neck and making no sense what so ever. Figures not sure how the 10 year olds get let out of daycare to type on the computer go put your mental hat back on clown.

  8. After seeing how big Dragon Quest is, I hope Square Enix does a physical release for Dragon Quest Heroes I & II. Looks like I am going to try and do a good balance of physcial and digital this time around.

    1. There is a physical release. Now if you mean in the West I don’t know yet. The Switch is region free so…it depend on the person if they want to wait for it to come the West.

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