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Alan Stone, Co-Founder Of Nintendo America, Has Passed Away

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We have some sad news to report to you tonight. Alan “Al” Stone has passed away at the age of 71 due to cancer. Stone was one of the co-founders of Nintendo America back in 1981. He played a significant role in Nintendo’s early efforts to distribute its coin-op games in America. Among those games were Donkey Kong and Radar Scope. He would leave Nintendo in 1994 to join SEGA, where he served as President and CEO of SEGA Enterprises. SEGA Enterprises is now SEGA Entertainment, the company’s arcade division. Stone left SEGA in 2003, and would later become Board Member and Chief Operating Officer of Nanotech Media.


50 thoughts on “Alan Stone, Co-Founder Of Nintendo America, Has Passed Away”

    1. Alan Stone is a real person. Alan (along with Ron Judy) transported the original Donkey Kong cabs in America. And without him, Nintendo would probably never be apart of US because Nintendo would have a hard time finding someone to transport Donkey Kong, and that game made Nintendo started being a successful company here in the US.

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||The story takes place even before that though…||

        ||Donkey Kong was our first successful weapon to appeal to the masses after several failed prototypes that were not Donkey Kong…||

        ||Lord Miyamoto was the one that invaded the USA territory successfully after desperate measures, today unfortunately known as the Xbot wastelands…||

        ||But ancient allies like Lord Stone made it possible for us in the first place as we of course had no bases there at that time…||

    1. I work as the US Sales Manager currently at Sega and trust me Alan Stone is known by many. I am 53 years old and he was my mentor and a great man. He did recently pass after losing his battle with Cancer. He was an awesome kind man who loved the video game world and helped form it into what it is today.

  1. Leave luck up to heaven. Hope he rests well and best wishes to his family.

    (btw mods, i’d recommend maybe blocking out blazerman2001)

  2. Cancer fucking sucks I swear….RIP And thank you Mr. Stone for help bringing the greatest gaming company ever to the states

  3. I still remember reading an email about the death of Mr. Iwata. It was just a typical ordinary day, I was going to McDonalds to use their WiFi, cause we didn’t have money to pay for internet at my house. When I was skimming through news that I missed, I stumbled upon what really hit me right in the heart…and that was news that Mr. Satoru Iwata has died from cancer at 55. I was just completely blown away. I’m respecting Mr Iwata’s legacy, by making a Mii of him tomorrow, just so I can honor his legacy for years to come. So Mr. Stone, hope you can read this in Heaven from Earth, you are safe in the hands of the Lord and Mr. Iwata himself. God, and Jesus, you have yet another great Leader of Nintendo on your sides. Please take good care of them. God speed!! *salutes with trumpet soundings*

  4. Terrible news; another one lost to cancer. If cancer was a person, it wouldn’t look like one by the time I was done with it.

    Rest well Alan, and thank you for your part in bringing Nintendo to America.

  5. If I could get my hands on this fucking moron Blazerman, I would gladly choke this bastard with my own hands, Alan Stone was a great human being, if it was not for Alan there would be no Nintendo in the U.S I should know I built their first coin operated video game in the U.K under license, for somebody to comment on such a great man, must have a mental problem, I only wish it was this Blazerman character that had died, only with a much more severe and painful disease

    Freddy Bailey-President
    The Game World Group LLC

  6. King Kalas X3 {Greatness Awaits at Sony PlayStation 4! Hopefully it will also await us at Nintendo Switch if Nintendo doesn't FUCK things up again!}

    So he left long before NoA’s fall from grace? Good, good. RIP, mate!

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