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Rumor: A Shortage Of Neon Switch Consoles May Be On The Horizon

A NeoGAF user has reported on information that has been relayed to them from a Target employee. The employee at Target told them that they got 17 Switch units today. Of those 17 consoles, 3 cases of 5 greys came in. However, the Target store only received 2 “loose neons”. Another NeoGAF user reported in the thread that they “have heard from different places that there are a lot more gray Switch consoles”. A third user said “I was up at 10 AM on the day preorders released to try to get a Neon set. But the only ones available were gray”. We’re considering this a rumor for now, but it’s possible that those who want a Neon Switch console will have a difficult time doing so.



    1. that was actually my first thought! I got to gamestop a little late to preorder a Switch and by the time I got there, all they had were the neon colors available. I decided to wait until launch to see if I can find one in gray.

    2. preordered it for 3 reasons:
      1. I’m grown enough to not feel the need to buy stuff that makes me feel any more mature and the neon-edition expresses a more Nintendoy fun-approach to me
      2. I got two kids and with the colors they got something to fight about (I call it battle-parenting)
      3. with the neon-version you have the option to do something funny(silly): if you buy the additional neon joycons their colors are inverted which means that you can create one complete blue set and one complete red one.

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised, when I preordered it at GameStop they were very adamant about how few they were, and how that they were gonna get pretty rare. So glad I preordered mine colored. Goes well with my Zelda and Splatoon preorders since those are very colorful games.

        1. lol you’re joking, right? is this another poor attempt at sarcasm? or do you actually think it’s negative to point out that it may cost some people an extra $70 to get the color controllers they want? what we don’t need here is fanboys who don’t have any logic of their own and can’t think for themselves.

          1. Wow. How quaint of you to use terminoligy from your screen name in your rebutle. Your so edgy and cool, talking shit. You should troll for a living. Oh wait, you cant, because it it isnt a gift anybody cares about or pays for. I guess since thats your only talent you should just give up on life. After all, your on a Nintendo fan news site, talking shit to Nintendo fans. Do you imagine there is much of a purpose to your living and breathing? Is this what you always wanted to do with your life? If so, I feel really sorry for you. To answer your question, no, I dont really give a shit if you have to pay 70 dollars for neon controllers. I dont think anyone should give a shit that you have to do that. In fact, you DONT have to do that. The only reason you would have to do that, was if you were what you are accusing me of being, a fucking fanboy, who cant live without a specific color controller. Do you know how pathetic it is that you would consider paying 70 extra dollars to get a few ugly neon controllers? The answer is: extremely. But go on, keep talking shit. Everyone is very impressed.

            1. Edgy? Cool? Look at your lame ass profile pic trying to look hard. I see from your choker necklace you suck a mean dick. The 90s are over and want their style back. Lol did the little teen fanboy get put in his place and wet his pants in anger? Lol learn what trolling is you fucking idiot. And I have the neon preordered stupid fuck I’m talking about others cause unlike you I’m not a selfish little bitch. Lol and I wouldn’t be living up to my profile name if I didn’t keep losers like you in check. In ten years when you’re over your teenage angst, reread your comments and see what an obvious fanboy you are. Oh and I got a masters edition Zelda preordered you jealous bitch? And I guarantee you’d want my job you broke ass bitch hahaha

                1. And by the way you’re probably not old enough to watch the cartoon that my avatar is of, I don’t think your mommy would let you have it, and if she caught you watching it, she’d probably cancel your switch preorder (cause we all know your broke ass didn’t pay for it if you even have one lol).

              1. Let me go down to your level: LOL you have a stupid bitch ass avatar of a fucking cartoon horse lol your a cartoon horse fanboy lol. You wish you had my job cus Im so rich and important I hang around on Nintendo fansites to troll people lol I ordered the neon colors and Im butt hurt no one else likes them lol I dont know how to say anything besides lol LOL. (Quit horsin around. Do your research. The neon colors are far less popular, making my original statement true and valid. You’re just offended because you’re part of the minority that does want them, and while that in and of itself is okay, you being a dumb troll fuck is not. So Leave.)

                1. Lol you literally make no sense an just make shit up you dumbass. How is standing up for people not fortunate enough to get something considered trolling? And a fanboy of horse cartoon? Are you like 15 kid? HAHA you’re attempts to come back at me are the worst I’ve seen on my years in this site. Your statement was that nobody wanted the neon colors which is not true. More than one person commented on your post saying they were getting it. You’re just a selfish little bitch get over it lol. And a salty one who can’t afford the goods so he attempts to make fun of people who can actually afford them. You broke ass bitch hahaha. Learn what trolling is, learn what being a fanboy is, and learn what reality is cause you’re obviously living in another one, you delusion dipshit. I will run circles around you so come at me any way you like, you’re not even intelligent enough to make a good comeback that doesn’t make yourself look even stupider. And offended? Lol how am I offended by the fact that other people want the grey? You’re reaching hard to make yourself feel like you won lol. Meanwhile I’m here at work getting paid to make you look stupid. You’re stupider than the most pathetic trolls, the most annoying fanboys. At least they all have some sort of logic or reason to what they say. You just grasp at things to try and make your argument not sound completely idiotic, and you’re only making it worse in your attempts. I’m at work all day and can sit here getting paid to school your little ass and have plenty of laughs at your pathetic comebacks, so come at me with some more gems. Come on. Bring it. Fanboy :)

  2. When I pre-ordered my Switch at Gamestop the employee said they had 40 pre-orderes available total, 20 grey, and 20 neon. I do think neon joycons look weird and little ugly with the black screen, IMHO. Nintendo might have assumed their would be a higher demand for the grey edition? Regardless, it’s not like neon is limited or anything. Curious to see what other colors/designs they bring to the table.

  3. Yea neon is too flashy for me that’s why I just preordered the regular gray. Anyways you can buy rubber casings in different colors which I’m going to be buying so the joycons don’t get damaged.

  4. Didn’t think anyone would want these ones. Kinda ugly colors tbh. Wish they were Iroc blue and Striking red. Something better then neon anyways.

  5. I have the grey pre-ordered, but have wanted to change it to the Neon version ever since I saw hands on videos of it. The Nintendo produced videos didn’t make the colors look that good. I’m going to try and snag a Neon one at my local Wal-mart if they have any and just resell my grey one if I can. But if not, it’s no big deal.

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