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Japan: Dragon Quest X Launching Between Summer And Fall For Nintendo Switch

While the Wii U version of Dragon Quest X is ending, the game will launch on Nintendo Switch between the summer and fall according to Square Enix. The MMORPG will also launch on the PlayStation 4 and will be available this summer. Wii U owners will easily be able to migrate their characters from the older platform to the new one.



  1. I remember playing Dragon Quest 9 and I easily put 100 hours into that game. One of the things that it excelled at was local multiplayer. it would be really cool if this which version allowed local multiplayer as well as online multiplayer.

    Seems to be with the switches all about so I don’t see why they wouldn’t

    1. It’s a MMO ROG. how do you expect that to have local multilayer? You will have to pay a monthly fee to be able to play this game and it’s exclusively online. It’s like Final Fantasy 14.

      1. OK Mr smarty pants. Why don’t you go Google Dragon Quest 9 and tell me how it was so rediculous that Local was possible. I didn’t do a fucking thesis on Dragon Quest 10 and what the game is about, I only played 9 and gave my opinion.

        If you have something to say about 10, then say it. But you could be a bit more constructive and informative so those of us that haven’t played it know what your talking about.

        yeah, now that you mention it, 10+11 are online MMO. I don’t know how they are going to port it. and lots of online games allow a local co-op to join. the switch adverts seem to make it look capable of both.

        1. lol, calm down. What’s all the hostility about? I was simply letting you know that Dragon Quest 10 is a MMO RPG and by that nature it cannot have local multilayer. MMO RPGs sre not like normal RPGs. They’re played exclusively online and are either free-to-play with micro transactions or you pay a montly subscription fee to play the game. Dragon Quest 9 was a standard RPG with local and online multiplayer.

          1. Well. I didn’t realize there was so much inconsistency between Dragon Quest Installments. To the point you can’t even claim to like the series due to it being a different game each time it’s released? x.x Awesome.

            1. Actually, Dragon Quest 10 was the first time the main line numbered installments stepped away from the standard RPG formula. Dragon Quest 10 is the first time the series took the MMO route.

              1. Well I hope our conversations have been educational for anyone coming here for info on Dragon Quest. ;D

  2. I can’t wait to play this game. I really want to get into the Dragon Quest series. To try it I might pick up one for my DS like either 6 or 9 and try it out. But, this also give me time to get through BOTW and mayb I am Setsuna.

    1. Starry Skies for the DS was a really fun RPG. If they incorporate multiplayer into Dragon Quest 10 then I imagine it will do well. Hopefully gets a bump and Graphics … obviously, as this is not a DS game – but the gameplay should be really fun.

        1. Based on the guy who commented on my post, looks like it could be a bigger game than I originally thought. (mostly a good thing!)

      1. Dragon Quest games seem to be a bit iffy when it comes to localization, so that makes sense. Not knowing the difference between 10 and 11, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that 11 is the one confirmed to be localized, but I would guess that Switch owners would be glad to hear the most current one is coming to switch!

  3. How stupid to make an online game from a traditional serie and naming it like if it was the continuation of that serie. ‘Dragon Quest Online’ was already taken? -.-

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