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Nintendo Switch Game Downloads Can’t Be Shared Across Multiple Consoles

It looks like Nintendo Switch game downloads won’t be shareable across multiple consoles. Purchases made via the Nintendo eShop can only be accessed on a single system at a time, based on comments made by Shinya Takahashi – Nintendo’s General Manager of Entertainment Planning & Development. The dialogue between Takahashi and a consumer in regard to this matter is as follows:

Consumer: “If I want to take my system with me… if I were to buy a digital game, could I buy it once, or would I have to buy it multiple times so they can use those games?”

Takahashi: “Currently we don’t have a system like that in place for Nintendo Switch, but we haven’t made any final decisions about how we would approach that going forward in the future, so unfortunately I can’t provide any concrete answer for you right now.”

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    1. Seconded. Why can’t anyone just ask the question that matters:

      “If I bought a Virtual Console game on Wii U, do I have to buy it again on Switch?”

      To the media people covering the Switch: It’s not rocket science. You’re a journalist. Start acting like one.

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      1. But… There is no Virtual Console on the Switch, so your question is not really relevant – at least not yet. I would like to know the same thing though, when & if Nintendo ever makes the move to make Virtual Console available on the Switch. Based on the post however, they may force you to transfer it so that you can only actually have the games on one system or the other – who knows.


      2. When I posted my comment last night, Nintendo hadn’t announced yet that VC wouldn’t be available on Switch.

        Glad somebody finally asked the question.


  1. I believe you guys are missing the point! the question is, if have this game on my switch and my friend doesn’t can he play with me on his switch? the answer is no…he would have to own a copy too


  2. Nintendo doesn’t find value in selling digital downloads at the same price as retail obviously or they would have given us a bigger internal memory. Once again they work against logic.


  3. I would think that it’s obvious, as you can use a cartridge on one system per time. Obviously one account per time, not just the system, otherwise would be old broken way.


  4. So if I bought a game for my Nintendo Switch, it will be assigned to that particular console? Not to my account? What if I have two Switches – will I be able to buy a game and download it to both consoles? Right now I have two PS4s – one in the living room, and one in my mancave. I can buy a game and have it downloaded and available for both systems. The same goes for Xbox. I hope Nintendo will follow this route as well.

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  5. Breaking news: With the analog stick you can move your character in all directions!
    I hate the clickbait tabloid that MNN has become!


  6. Switch seems like a very good single person console. Not as much a party console (although some games work very well in that manner).


  7. Nintendo Switch Game Downloads Can’t Be Shared Across Multiple Consoles
    then the article starts with It looks like…
    so, it is a rumor or a fact?


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