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Bethesda “Can’t Say” Whether The Switch Version Of Skyrim Is The Original Or Remake

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but it seems Bethesda doesn’t want to say whether it is the original version from 2011 or the remake from last year. Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently spoke with Polygon about Skyrim and Fallout 4, as they were the two most recent releases in a pair of franchises that have become very well received. In fact, they’re a significant contributor to Todd Howard being inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame tomorrow night. However, Todd Howard also touched upon future projects, including the Nintendo Switch version of Skyrim. The only thing he said? The company “can’t say” which version it will be.


67 thoughts on “Bethesda “Can’t Say” Whether The Switch Version Of Skyrim Is The Original Or Remake”

  1. sucks if its the ps360 version. original pc version drops as low as $5 during steam sales so I wouldnt expect much sales if the former

    1. It’s always the same game, but it’s not about price. It got converted, it got some retouching on it, it’s playable on the go and we all hope we can swing the sword with the Joy-Cons. Also it’s new to Nintendo’s audience.
      I already bought it on Steam years ago but if it does bring some good changes I’m tempted to re-buy it. Though I’m sure I would choose Mario Odissey over it. Maybe at a later time (not much money nor time and like to enjoy no more than one game per month).

    1. Why though?
      They bragged about how they got it working on the Switch, plus, Todd Howard mentioned once that if the Switch was weaker than Xbox One then they would make games for the system… Also, someone made a comparison and it’s a fully custom version but it’s basically the Remake.

      1. Strange that he doesn’t say what you say here. The only explanation that comes to mind is that they tried making the remake, but now sees that they can’t and don’t know if they can’t push more than the original.

        1. You’re making the most sense out of everyone here, but the fanboys don’t want to hear you say the Switch is too weak to run a game built for the PS4/Xbox One lol It’s only obvious they “can’t say” because it’s something that may deter people from buying the game.

          1. Thank you, I appreciate it.
            But anyway, if we get the original (PC-port or console) on the go, it should be good enough, right? People need to embrace that Switch won’t be a beast.

    2. Taking into consideration the Switches (Switch’s?) drop in power when ‘switching’ out of docked mode, tjey may be building a custom version in order to handle that. If that is the case, then of course he wouldn’t be able to tell us which version it is.

      1. Then he could say that instead of hiding it. Nothing to be ashamed of if what you’re saying is the case. But we can argue all day, but in the end we’re all guessing and speculating.

    3. Not necessarily. The remake isn’t a traditional remake after all and also just based on the original. I mean sure, it uses a different engine (at least as far as I remember) but in the end if the Switch version would just be something like a modded PS360 version with better textures, physics, lightning and so on, most ppl, especially those who want to play Skyrim on the go (which still is a massive USP) won’t care too much. And if they include all DLC, it won’t matter either. And I believe this might just be how it’s going to be done. The remaster was just made to make use of the power of a XBox One and PS4 just like Wind Waker HD was made to fit to the WiiU and even though WWHD was a 10 year old game by the time, it didn’t mean that it would’ve been possible to port it just like that on any system that’s not as fast as the WiiU. Same goes with Skyrim here and I believe it’s OK. I mean I still play the original Skyrim here and then and think it looks pretty nice. Just being able to play it on the go, with some advanced graphics and more content … why not.

      I’m just wondering how many Zelda-references and easter eggs they’re gonna include.

      BTW it might be quite something special this year as Bethesda might mention the Switch on their E3 keynote. Just saying, it’s somehow a funny thing to happen.

  2. Jesuzzz, Why not just say it’s the remastered version?? Sell more switches, sell more games? I can’t think of one, far-stretching reason to hold back the truth. Can anyone??

        1. I’m glad you asked that question.
          For the same reason Nintendo announced Bayonetta, and Xenoblade X. To sell consoles and instil faith of strong 3rd party support.

          I’m getting off this topic with this: I can think of a half dozen reasons to Tell switch owners they are getting a Nintendo Port of Skyrim, and not one reason to be secretive about it. How is there even a logical defense to this? All the forums and foil hat conversations are totally unnecessary. Mismanaged communication is a pet peev of mine.

          Well, I hope it’s just stupid PR, and Switch owners get something for supporting a 3rd party game, paying full price. They deserve it IMO for taking another leap of faith.

          1. Bethesda is not ready to say it. It is that simple. The game is not out. If people are buying the Switch for just that game the will wait til release date announced or e3 to buy a switch. It isn’t a big deal. They may want to do something at e3. This is why it is not good for publishers to announce games early. People get excited and want to know everything. I’ve seen people talk about sequels or the next game to games that haven’t even been released yet for an example Zelda breath of the wild.

            1. I agree. Like Announcing Xenoblade X, Bayonetta and Zelda to get people excited, sell consoles then have very little for people to play for over a year, releasing the titles you used to sell the system with at the end of said systems life. #WiiU.

              If they weren’t ready to talk Skyrim, they should have kept their mouth shut, like you said. But they didn’t, so people want to know.

                1. Yeah. That ranks up there with a “Sorry, Life’s not fair” answer, but it’s true. And not my problem anyway, so I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for friends of mine getting a switch and move on! :)

  3. that’s a little… unsettling… either they “can’t say” because they’re afraid saying it’s the original version only ported will cause almost everyone to lose interest… OR (and this is stretching it pretty damn much) it is a custom build of either versions that is made to take advantage of, say, the HD Rumble and motion controls… I highly doubt it though…

        1. They could still tell Switch buyers it’s a unique switch port or something. All this hiding info feels wrong. Monster Hunter told us it was getting Nintendo IP crossovers way before it launched. I just think all this negative speculation could be avoided with a little less secrecy by Bethesda and/or Nintendo.

          Goes back to my theory, maybe Nintendo is deliberately throttling sales to help make it easier to manage volume? Keeping Good news back to actually sell less on purpose? Seems kinda crazy, but what else could they be up to?

  4. At this point, they might as well do the remaster- it makes no sense to put the remaster on competing systems and the original on a new one. Or do they *want* to pull an EA and Mass Effect debacle?

  5. Considering the differences of the Switch hardware compared to the platforms the special edition was designed for, and the way things like this go when Nintendo is involved, I suspect it is neither.

    Rather, it will be a unique Nintendo version, built off of the original with ‘some’ (but not all) of the improvements learned from making the remaster, and surely some Nintendo exclusive references, quests, items and NPCs. Someone will be waiting in a cave with a magic, wooden sword who thinks it’s “dangerous to go alone”. Something will be “A secret to Everyone”. Someone will bare a striking resemblance to certain overalls wearing individuals we all know. … I don’t know any Fire Emblem references, but I imagine those would be easy to slip in as well.

    (I suspect) It will look and run better than the original, but not actually be the Special Edition remaster available elsewhere. … but you’ll be able to equip Links Tunic, and Fire Emblem inspired armor (pure speculation), and perhaps rare flowers purchased in obscure shops may grant single use fire spells, etc. Whatever they do, surely there will be some exclusive content in there to create reasons to play the game again. (or for the first time if You’ve not played it yet, like me)

  6. Currently playing through Skyrim SE on XB1 and I haven’t downloaded a single mod yet. I’m currently 150 hours in and there’s still PLENTLY of content in the game. Don’t worry if there aren’t any mods. It’s a great game without them.

    The updated visuals aren’t really anything to worry about either, mostly just the lighting effects outside were updated along with snowfall nothing that’s needed to enjoy the game. They’re not THAT much better than vanilla Skyrims visuals.

  7. The Elder Scrolls V: Switchrim (:

    But yea I’m guessing a *slightly* downgraded Special Edition. I’m thinking most current-gen ports to the Switch will have some slight downgrades in the visuals. I don’t know about most people but I can make that trade in order to be able to play these games on a handheld console.. and a Nintendo console.

    1. More than ‘slight’, but all other points are very important ones. I don’t have any console as now (playing on PC) and definitely looking to have the Switch for all my console needs, so I’m monitoring everything is offered for the platform.

  8. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||If it’s not the remastered edition or similar, it only proves that the Bethesdians are enemies of Nintendo like they’ve always been…||

    1. And what if they can’t say because it is a special Nintendo Switch version of the game that they are still working on? Just because he didn’t confirm which version it was does not mean it has to be one of those two versions. If they won’t admit what it is, they may have a nice surprise in store for us ‘loyal followers’ later.

      1. A little communication would be nice. If they had said what it was when announced, this conversation wouldn’t be necessary. Nintendo is hiding too much, and the non disclosure agreement signed seem more damaging than helpful at this point.

        The Switch is close to launching. people want to know what they are investing in. why all the hush-hush?. This could be an important title to some buyers

      1. The controversy is Some people may not care if Switch is portable, and don’t want to buy the exact same game again.
        Others may want to support Nintendo, but would purchase the definitive version on their 3rd party box for less $$$ rather than an old version for full price.

        It’s Watch Dogs and Mass Effect, Effect. And there doesn’t have to be any controversy, that’s my point. Just tell people what it is.

  9. I’m going to guess, that Nintendo has requested for third party publishers to be silent and reclusive of their games and support until E3.
    They are going to want to make as much impact on the show as possible now that they already revealed the Switch.
    Early adopters will keep the system alive until that.

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  11. The question is, is the remake just a graphical overhaul or does it add content. I don’t care if the graphics are from 2011 as long as all the content and improvements of the remake are present. Otherwise the port would be nothing but a scam!

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