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FAST RMX Will Be Available At Nintendo Switch Launch For $20/€20

One game that many of you will head to the Nintendo Switch eShop at launch for is the fast-paced FAST RMX. The developers have confirmed that the racer will be available for $20/€20 and will be available on March 3rd.

“First of all we were able to drop all the tricks that we needed to make FAST Racing Neo run at 60fps at all. So the image quality of FAST RMX is much higher then FAST Racing Neo. We also improved the rendering resolution from 720p to 1080p. We also took this chance to create a complete new user interface to make better use of the higher resolution.”

“HD Rumble is really cool. I think FAST RMX is one of the first games at all that makes use of it. HD Rumble gives you the impression you are really ‘on the track’. You feel when you bump into something, and you really feel ‘where’ it happened in regard to your vehicle. You could even try to close you eyes and play blind just by that feedback. You also recognize just by HD Rumble feedback if you drive over a jump-pad or if you get propelled by a boost-pad. We think its really something novel and thats a lot to get more immersed.”

“Our goal was to deliver always 60fps, no matter if console or mobile mode, and no matter how many players in splitscreen. To achieve that we render in 1080p @ 60fps with dynamic resolution scaling. So we always have the perfect balance of high frame rate and maximum graphics quality.”

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22 thoughts on “FAST RMX Will Be Available At Nintendo Switch Launch For $20/€20”

  1. Nice. I’m getting this and snipperclips along with Zelda at launch. That is already more then enough to last me a couple of months and then I might buy Bomberman too so it ain’t looking too good for my money right about now lol

  2. Oh my lord! As the Switch comes closer to release all the games that were coming in March are now coming to launch. Lol this is exciting I love FAST Racing NEO this will be amazing

    1. Possibly, but they didnt do a physical release on Wii U, and since its only 20 dollars they wouldnt be able to recoop much of the packaging costs if they sold the retail version for that much. Maybe they could do a physical version later on with extra content to justify a price hike. But its unlikely.

    1. I’ve only heard good things about the Wii U game’s gameplay, though it’s online wasn’t the most stable at first.

      1. Yes, I’ve just seen that in Metacritic the previous chapter is highly rated. I didn’t played it, but this one with all the added stuff seems a no-brainer. I like very much the HD Rumble utilization too.
        Eventually they fixed online too, I hope so.
        I think that I’m in. ;)

  3. Didn’t get to play Fast Racing Neo too much so it’ll be cool to experience all that the game has to offer on Switch. Looking forward to it since most of it will be new to me!

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